For our marriage proposal, we all dream of the ideal ring. That which corresponds perfectly to our personality and which we will never tire of. Find out which engagement ring matches your astrological sign! Because a woman Cancer does not have the same expectations as a woman Aquarius …

1. The Aries woman:

To mark her engagement, the Aries woman usually cracks for a gemstone delicately placed on a ring. And the bigger the stone, the better! As long as the ring is bold, it will only crack!

2. The Taurus woman:

Attached to tradition, the Taurus woman rather prefers a classic ring for her engagement. A solitary ring will fill it! Simple and effective, it always has an effect. And the good news is that she will not get bored!

3. The Gemini woman:

To capsize the heart of a Gemini woman, you have to bet on originality. Her engagement ring should not go unnoticed. The ideal? A ring whose shape changes from ordinary. Geometric or colorful, the important thing is to surprise her!

4. The Cancer Woman:

Unconditional romance, the Cancer woman loves simple and refined rings. But what would make him the most pleasure is to inherit a family engagement ring. Whether it is that of her mother or her grandmother, she can only be touched by this sentimental transfer …

5. The Leo Woman:

For this extraordinary woman, an engagement ring worthy of the name must be extravagant. Whether it is a diamond or other precious stones, his ring must shine brightly. The ideal? A ring made to measure and unique in the world!

6. The Virgo woman:

Unlike the Lion woman, the Virgin hates flashy accessories. Of course, his engagement ring must be in his image: discreet and minimalist. A ring crowned with a few small diamonds will please him for sure.

7. The Libra woman:

Even if the traditional solitaire ring makes her totally crazy, the Libra woman can also set her sights on more fanciful rings. Feminine and coquettish, she will be filled with model flowers with soft and pastel colors.

8. The Scorpion woman:

Mysterious, passionate, and sensual to perfection, the Scorpion woman does not want to be given any ring finger! For her engagement, she wants to be hypnotized. A large diamond will be perfect to take your breath away!

9. The Sagittarius woman:

To be sure to mark the woman Sagittarius during her engagement, just make her travel! And to do this, all you have to do is give him a precious stone from the other side of the world. And if this stone comes from a country she discovered with her half, it’s even better!

10. The Capricorn Woman:

A ring adorned with small diamonds? This is the perfect engagement ring for the Capricorn woman. And for good reason, it is one of the most conventional astrological signs. For her, her ring must be simple and traditional, a point that’s all!

11. The Aquarius woman:

The Aquarian woman has an artist’s soul. What is certain is that she hates to do like everyone else. Naturally, her engagement ring must be in her own image: atypical and creative. To stand out, it can easily crack for a colorful ring and original shapes …

12. The Pisces woman:

For this dreamy woman and blue flower, the ideal engagement ring must be simple but classy. Model vintage tunes might well crack. For the Poisson woman, all that matters is that her ring reminds her of her eternal love …



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