Although astrology is sometimes a subject taken lightly, the choice of a dog should not be! Because when we adopt a dog, we adopt it for life. Hence the importance of choosing a breed of dog adapted to your temperament and your way of life. To help you see more clearly, we give you the ideal dog breed according to your Astro sign! So, are you going to fall for a Pug or a Dalmatian?

1. Aries: a Jack Russel

The ideal four-legged partner of Aries? Without hesitation, Jack Russel! This dog is as dynamic as Aries! It’s simple, we could nickname them: the indefatigable. Together, they will be able to indulge their passion: to run without ever stopping!

2. Taurus: a Bernese Mountain Dog

Taurus is a calm and caring sign whose family values ​​are exemplary. His dog must be a big teddy bear, able to adapt to a large family! What’s better than a Bernese Mountain Dog? Robust and rustic, this dog will make it completely crack!

3. Gemini: A Cavalier King Charles

For this sign with a double personality, it takes a dog able to adapt to multiple situations. That’s good, Cavalier King Charles treats his activities to those of his master. It is an independent dog but who knows how to be very sociable if he is well educated!

4. Cancer: a Pug

Family life is the most precious thing for Cancer. Just like the Carlin, this faithful companion who sees only by his master. With him, he will be able to curl up on the sofa for privileged hugs sessions …

5. Leo: a German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a dog who lives entirely for his masters. Well educated, he is ultra-protective and benevolent. It’s a dog of temperament that everyone notices. And, it does not take more to convince the Lion …

6. Virgo: a Greyhound

One tends to say “such master, such dog”! For the Virgin, the ideal dog is in her image: calm, discreet, reserved but affectionate with her family. One thinks, for example, of the greyhound whose character is common to the Virgin!

7.Libra: an English Cocker

Libra is above all looking for a sociable dog! It must be said, it is a sign that hates solitude. His dog must be his best friend and we did not find better than the English Cocker! Sweet, affectionate and ultra player, they will be inseparable!

8. Scorpion: a Wolf Dog from Saarlouis

For the most mysterious sign of the Zodiac, the ideal dog must be as reckless as him! Even if the education of a Wolf Wolf from Saarlos requires a lot of patience and perseverance, Scorpio will be proud to have a unique bond with his companion! Because, it is this possessiveness that characterizes this breed of dog!

9. Sagittarius: a Border collie

Renowned for being an excellent sheepdog, it is above all a dog very easy to train. It is an animal that is full of energy and just waiting to wander. And since Sagittarius is the adventurer of the Zodiac, he can take him through all his adventures …

10. Capricorn: a Dalmatian

An extremely intelligent dog, the Dalmatian requires a lot of patience and pedagogy for his training. Because it is not easy to live, it makes the happiness of Capricorn. And yes, between strong heads, they understand each other …

11. Aquarius: a Shar-Pei

Anti-conventional sign par excellence, Aquarius does not like ordinary dogs. He wants a dog with a fun look and character. He will be charmed by the Shar-Pei, this dog with multiple folds! But beyond his atypical appearance, it is for his kindness and sweetness that it will crack!

12. Pisces: a Pekingese

Of a dreamy nature and home, the fish must have a calm dog and little active. The Pekingese can perfectly suit him since it does not require a lot of exercise (be careful, it still takes a minimum …)! Together, they can curl up on the couch for hours and hours!

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