Do you prefer calm or ever-changing cities? Do you choose a city for its activities or its architectural beauty? Are you rather northern cities or southern cities? Discover all the answers to these questions thanks to the Zodiac! So, for which city, are you made according to your Astro sign?

1. Aries: Seoul

With fire as an element, you are a sign of action. Of course, you need a city where you will never be bored. Mixing traditionalism and modernism, urban landscape and mountainous environment, Seoul is THE city that you need!

2. Taurus: Montreal

Even if you like the heat of summer, you enjoy the cocooning atmosphere of winter. That’s good, Montreal offers spectacular seasonal changes! Not to mention the incredible kindness of the inhabitants … You will be charmed, it’s certain!

3. Gemini: San Francisco

Head to California in the United States World City: San Francisco! A colourful, lively and cosmopolitan city, San Francisco is also a model of sustainable development! In short, a city as positive and open as you are! What more?

4. Cancer: Paris

What’s better than the city of light to fill your artist’s soul? And yes, dear Cancer, it is in Paris that you will find your happiness! Between historical heritage, museums and exhibitions … Let yourself be rocked by all the magic of Paris!

5. Leo: Los Angeles

You are the star of the Zodiac. And like many celebrities, you like to find refuge in the city of angels. And if you particularly like this city, it’s because it has everything you need: the beach, the city, social evenings and glitter!

6. Virgo: Stockholm

Designated as the first green capital in Europe, the city of Stockholm should please you. It must be said, she has everything for her: parks and forests in the city, design galore and good mood! All you have to do is adopt Lagom, the Swedish way of life to be happy!

7. Libra: Milan

Renowned for being one of the leading capitals of fashion (and design) in the world, Milan is dreaming all fashionistas! And since you’re a sign of elegance, it’s no wonder it’s your city! To you the parades and the posh Italian life …

8. Scorpio: Tokyo

Impossible to deny it, you are the sign of all the extremes. And what’s better than the city of Tokyo to jostle you? You will like the contrast between a lifestyle of both futuristic and traditionalist. No doubt, Tokyo will not leave you indifferent to all its mysteries …

9. Sagittarius: Rio de Janeiro

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, you are the one who lives the most from day today. We appreciate you for your joy of living and your spontaneity. Not to mention your taste for the party! No doubt, you will find your happiness in Rio de Janeiro! On the program: heat, samba and cocktails …

10. Capricorn: Rome

Generally, you are a pretty homebody sign. Beyond your work, you spend most of your time educating yourself. Knowing this, we can only imagine you in a city steeped in history. And since Rome was not made in a day, you will have something to occupy yourself …

11. Aquarius: Berlin

If the sign of Aquarius would be a city, it would be Berlin. And we quickly understand why! An avant-garde destination par excellence, the capital of Germany is fascinating for its cultural and artistic effervescence! What to fill your eccentric and unconventional temperament …

12. Pisces: Venice

A floating city with unique architecture and which, also, gives pride to all lovers? It does not take less to convince you, is it? Remember that you are the sign of love and romance and that water is your element … No wonder you are in love with this city …


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