Where Signs Refuge When Love Hurts Them

Masks and masks, they say that what hurts the most about a betrayal is that it does not come from your enemies. It comes from people who say they love you, from those who have seen your worst moments, from those who had the cynicism to dry your tears. This is how it is, when you least think about it, you feel how those who hugged you push you . Where do the signs take refuge when love hurts them? 


Aries cannot hide when he is the victim of a betrayal, you can see it in his downcast eyes, in half plans, in the little desire he has to go out to enjoy his day to day. Suddenly , frustration becomes his best company and all he wants is to take refuge in solitude. That is where you can channel your energy, you need to know in depth what happened, how it was that you did not realize it and see if you were wrong. After a while he will begin to discharge all that energy into what he loves, he recovers his hobbies.


Did you see a Taurus face? Get ready for the confrontation of your life, it is not a sign to lower your guard, it will not beg you, but it will ask you in detail, it needs to know to be able to let go. Taurus does not keep anything and they may have a sudden change, an irritable attitude in which they simply want to talk to turn the page and not see you again for the rest of their days. Taurus does not lose himself for a betrayal, he is too smart to let his life end in nothing, for someone who is not worth it. So you will seek calm in meditation.


If you betrayed a Gemini you have to know that you are not going to leave as usual, it is a sign that needs you to learn your lesson. He has a hard time giving up his heart and when he does, he demands loyalty. Geminis can be very liberal, but if exclusivity was in their partner agreement, they do not forgive you. Where do the signs take refuge when love hurts them?  To get rid of all that pain, Geminis take refuge in their friendships, they  need to talk and talk, to begin to heal. He is the one who does not want to keep anything inside and yes, at first he can vent anger, but later he will understand that it was the best.


Cancer is the sign that even if you try to pretend you can’t, it shows in the way you handle your emotions, when someone betrays you, your temper gets out of control, it takes a lot of work to focus your energy on something else. Let’s say that at first it is inevitable that you do not feel a little resentment, but not enough to waste time doing damage. It is a sign that he is not willing to give second chances and he needs a good time, so that the wound heals, do not insist on a Cancer, do not play with his pain.


Leo is the one who does not intend to look good with anyone, when something bothers or hurts him, he just makes it very visible. For some it may be exaggerated, because he does not hide and his behavior is rapturous, if they betray him they will know his dramatic and intense part. Leo does not remain silent, he will tell you what he feels, no matter if that is synonymous with your ending up with a broken heart. The worst thing you can do to Leo is to betray him, because it damages his ego, his self-esteem and shakes off his insecurities.


Virgo is such a perfectionist that when a piece moves without warning it loses everything. He feels that life weighs on him and guilt does not let him move forward, he is very hard on himself, as if it were his fault to meet people who do not have the courage to fulfill a commitment. Virgo gets very confused when someone betrays him and needs to have awkward conversations to put an end to it. How did it happen? He wants answers and takes refuge in friendships that make him realize that the best thing is to let go and forget.


If someone breaks Libra’s heart , it’s best to keep going and don’t wait for them to stop to give them a try. Libra has a temperamental side that prevents him from listening to arguments, he does not care why, he just focuses on the fact and that says it all. Where do the signs take refuge when love hurts them? When someone betrays Libra, he moves away, puts a distance that is full of coldness, at that moment that person ceases to exist and is so decisive that he takes refuge with his friends having fun, but not talking about that person, he simply no longer exists.


Without a doubt, the worst thing you can do is betray a Scorpio, because they simply do not understand reasons, they become the most cruel. This sign forgets its sweet part, it just wants that person to feel a bit of so much pain. He is the one who can embarrass the traitor and, boy, is he very clever to make him regret it. Scorpio establishes relationships with strangers to overcome that stage, not necessarily loving, but as an escape valve, to get out of the usual places, this is how it recovers.


Although it is a sign that enjoys adrenaline, new experiences and adventure, it is not one of those who like drama, they flee from chaos because it is synonymous with affecting their dreams. Sagittarius turns the page since he finds out that this person was not loyal. Most likely, he will give you the last goodbye in a very polite way, because he does not intend to lower himself for someone who is not worth it. Where do the signs take refuge when love hurts them?  Sagittarius takes refuge in himself , he becomes very introspective, he needs to analyze himself thoroughly so as not to make the same mistake again.


Capricorn has a very proud side, he will not allow anyone to see him on his knees for love or friendship. He is extremely loyal and when betrayal is present in his life he channels it in the best way, ends that cycle and is not mentioned again. Let’s say you become a little withdrawn, youneed to be selfish in order to heal, put yourself first and see where you stand. Do you like the life you lead? Is there something else you want to do? They are questions that help you hold on to your goals and put the past behind you.


Although it seems that Aquarius is very liberal, that he does not enjoy commitment and that he can jump from love to love, when he is in a relationship he loves in a very deep way and has a hard time dealing with betrayal. Where do the signs take refuge when love hurts them?  Aquarius is an independent sign, so he takes refuge in his thoughts, in his convictions, those conversations with himself that motivate him to move on. Because that’s when he realizes that the relationship was already in decline and maybe he didn’t want to see it. Aquarius may be sad for a few days, but it has come out of worse.


Pisces is the sign that takes betrayal too cautiously, because it suffers from it in a terrible way. His life simply takes a shake from which he does not easily recover. It is a very sensitive sign and when it comes to painful things it costs you twice as much. Pisces needs to control themselves because fear and melancholy can cause them to fall into depression. However, he takes refuge in art, loses himself in painting, texts, music and everything that makes his heart beat again. Pisces may collapse, but in the hole he picks up his pieces again.


Where Signs Refuge When Love Hurts Them

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