I was naive enough to believe that unrequited love is the worst kind of love. Is there anything more soul-destroying than putting all of your love in one person and watching them share it with someone else? Is there anything more heartbreaking than writing love letters to someone who thinks of someone else while reading?

Then I met my soul mate. Our first conversation felt like two old friends would meet again after a long time and continue where they left off. It seemed as if our souls had known each other in another life and now recognized themselves in an incredibly surreal setting.

How lucky must two people be to get involved with each other at the right time and in the right way? For a moment we were the lucky ones and I wish we were frozen over. We braved all odds.

But then we said goodbye. Our first conversation was our only personal conversation. We started to diverge slowly until we both decided that it was better to go our separate ways than to cause pain to each other.

I am wise enough now to know that the worst kind of love is actually to love with the right person at the wrong time. It is the love for the person who is called “The One Who is Away”. It is love that is mutual but transient.

When we are young, we think that we will connect with many people in our lives. It is only when we get older that we realize how rare it is to find someone who understands our mind and soul. We’ve gotten so used to wearing our masks that it feels almost strange to meet someone we don’t have to hide from.

I was always of the opinion that there is no real timing.

Either someone wants to meet you halfway across the bridge, or they find excuses to keep you waiting.

But what if this person is too scared to get on the bridge because they were pushed over the edge beforehand? What if she’s not ready to take a leap of confidence because she’s never been caught before?

It’s not your job to convince someone to meet you halfway across the bridge. Nor is it your job to wait if it affects your mental peace. You have every right to leave if the waiting becomes unbearable.

But what if you meet the right person again? What if your soul keeps recognizing your soul? What if the second farewell hurts just like the first?

You hope that the stars are right this time and that love finally falls in your favor. Maybe you will be able to sit with him and laugh at the pain you have inflicted on each other in the past. Maybe you will bring back the one who escaped.

Or maybe not.

Maybe this time you will let him go to save his own happiness. You will leave the toxicity and bitterness behind while accepting peace and acceptance. You will wish him the best for his future and remember him in your prayers.

We are not always meant to end up with our soul mates, and we can find comfort in this fact. At least we were lucky enough to meet this person. We know that it exists.

Perhaps you should meet the right person again so that your memories don’t stay clouded forever. Maybe so you can remember that this person was not an imagination. It was real.

She was the most realistic being you have ever met.


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