When You Know That Your Relationship Is Finally Healthy According To Your Sign

We can fall in love, we can be reciprocated, but perfect relationships are not always created with that. You know that your relationship is finally healthy when you have a person next to you who loves you for who you are, who forgives you when you fail and who does not stop loving you because there is a problem. Perfect relationships with a future cannot be toxic or make you suffer. Healthy relationships are with people who give a lot but because they receive the same from you. It is the chemistry of love. It is the chemistry of ideal relationships because in good and bad the couple always loves each other. Read on and learn to understand when your relationship is finally healthy according to your sign :


When your strong character comes out of your pores, the least you want is to be misunderstood and to add more fuel to the fire. If someone understands you, it is a perfect proof for you that you have someone important in front of you. When you impose yourself, and you know that it happens a lot, you want to win but you don’t want a wrestler next to you. You admire the good opponents, that your partner fight. You like fair duels because you love justice above all else. And when someone forgives you, even if you have misbehaved, all your schemes are broken. And you feel that there is a heaven here on earth. Being next to someone as strong as you makes you respect him. And when you respect, you admire, and when you admire, you love.


They will love you because you make the relationship always walk forward, step by step, firm and secure. And making every stone in the way can be pushed aside, not that it becomes encrusted there. Taurus you know how you want your relationships to be. When the person you were waiting for arrives , you will know because they will like the same type of relationship as you. He will like the same kind of quiet life as you. You don’t think opposites attract. You want someone like you. You want a love that lasts. You want a relationship that is solid, the kind that will endure through thick and thin. And the person who is next to you will be there because they love the same as you.


Nobody knows how you make it clear from the beginning of a relationship what you want, when and how. And you know that your relationship is finally healthy because that person has understood you perfectly when you have talked about what you want. And share what you think. And it also tells you what it does not agree with. Because you don’t like people who say YES to everything, either. Knowing that you can talk about everything, always, under any circumstance, makes you feel like a person in love. And when there are problems, they talk. And when there are no problems, you enjoy life in that moment. And there is talk of that happiness, of course. Whenever you have to comment on everything. It is the law of life for you.


You know that you are in a healthy relationship because finally someone understands you perfectly. With your mood swings, with your changing lunatic character … If you have fallen in love it is because you feel a special connection with that person. And if it lasts in time, the connection will be growing. You like to have a future, you like to feel that everything works. And every moment of happiness will lead to more moments of happiness. You do not want someone close to you who you love half, who you want at times, who does not love with all the intensity of your skin, your heart and everything. The person who will make you happy will be the one who understands that you cannot live without loving intensely.


Of course you like to command and dominate, Leo, but you are good at it. Who doesn’t want to get carried away by someone who knows where to go as well as you? You are good at taking care of your partners and you know that with your way of loving you get healthy, ideal relationships, with a future. But you don’t want submission, you want to admire that person next to you. Somehow, you want to compete to win. Although for you the prize is a relationship that you have dreamed of for a long time. And you both win. If there are problems, you will like each one to defend their place, although you know that you will do everything possible to maintain the relationship and that everything is done as you say, because you are rarely wrong.


Virgo, for you, relationships with the future cannot be complicated, because then you don’t want them. Life already seems complicated enough for you to complicate it more. You are looking for practical relationships, because you know that it works. You want to control the details of the relationship, because you know that you are good at it. And you also like to be praised for the way you do things, because that reaffirms you and encourages you to continue working on the relationship. Sometimes you fall for recriminations and criticism, but you do it in a constructive way. They are for the good. And you fall in love with people who understand your times to do things, your way of acting, and above all, your absences, even if they are mental.


Libra, when you are in a relationship, if there is a fight or argument you can not always avoid it. Although for you a healthy, good relationship, with a future is not one in which there are daily discussions, or continuous differences … you are not going to collaborate on that. The relationships you want for yourself, and to which you see the future, are the ones that flow without having to spend all day talking about everything, and deciding, forcing things … No. You like good vibes, and you like the people you love. they want without continually testing you. And they show it to you by not making you feel bad because you have been slow to decide. You need to verify that someone by your side will give you security, not insecurity. For that you stay alone. With your insecurities, but not carrying more because of someone.


You don’t like others gossiping about how you feel when you fall in love. That is part of that inner world of yours , so dark and so hard, but yours. When you love, you love so deeply that you defend that love tooth and nail. You will know that your relationship is finally healthy because you have found someone who corresponds to you by loving you unconditionally. This is also your way of wanting. You, Scorpio, do not like half relationships. You bet on all or nothing. And whoever wants games of other kinds, you will not want them to be your partner. And you will make it very clear from the beginning.


You like it so much as you are that when you find someone who is like you, you know that your relationship has a future. Mutual independence and sharing a taste for the same hobbies is vital for you. When someone respects that independence of yours, you die of pleasure. And if when you want company for your adventures, it follows you wherever you go, it is because you are completely dying of love. Betting on relationships in which both know what they want and where what one wants counts as much as what another wants. You love people who follow you no matter how crazy the adventure is. And they do it laughing, happy, to be by your side. Happy to accompany you in your life. Beside.


Capricorn, you know how to manage your life, how can you not know how to manage a relationship with a future! It is your field, because if you find the right person, getting the perfect relationship for the two of you is up to you. It will not be because you do not put dedication, time and whatever it takes. But first you will have to choose the person well, because you like to choose people for a future together, not to have some good times. You know that your relationship is finally healthy when the chosen person shares with you a fundamental idea: that you do not have to waste time with nonsense. That you have to organize everything well if you want continuity in the future. That whims or improvisations do not bring anything good if you want to share your life with someone.


For you, Aquarius, relationships are always a matter of two. That is why sometimes it is difficult for you to bet on a relationship, because you know that you are going to lose part of your independence, of your freedom. When you get into a relationship, you go through moments of caution, at times you relax, and at times your mind is the one that always controls everything. But you start to relax when the person shows you that being by their side does not have to detract from you. That she wants to add in your life. And it gives you the option to leave it whenever you want, without obligation. It’s about you being happy. And that person is so generous that he is capable of losing you if you are not well by his side. That is when you know that you have found someone to leave so much fear and doubt for. It is time to love. You have finally found a healthy relationship.


You fall in love many times a day, a week, a year … But you know that it is for real when that person understands what you think, knows your coming and going, and even though sometimes he does not understand them, he is still by your side. Because he loves you. Pisces, you know that your relationship is finally healthy when they understand you. You know that you are someone different and feeling understood is very important to you. You are faithful and honest. Your perfect relationships come from the hand of people whom you will respect with their way of being, but you will need them to understand that love is very important to you.


When You Know That Your Relationship Is Finally Healthy According To Your Sign

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