Commitment is much more than a word you use to get into a girl’s pants or to make her believe that you love her back. It is not something you use lightly, it is not a manipulation technique and it is definitely not a game.

You know, for this girl, commitment is deadly serious. It is a promise that you won’t back out on her the moment someone more suitable comes along and that you’ll stick by her side forever, no matter what.

When you commit, you take responsibility. You make a vow of being loyal and faithful and of being there at all times.

When you commit to a girl, you promise to stay by her side through good and bad days and that you won’t escape when things get rough. You swear to love her the same at her best and at her worst, with all of her imperfections and without ever trying to change her.

You promise to be her rock and her partner in crime. To be her shoulder to cry on and her teammate. To be her lover and her best friend.

You make a vow that you’ll be there, holding her hand through all the challenges, that she won’t have to go through life on her own and that you won’t abandon her when she needs you the most. That you’ll take care of her and that you’ll always make her a priority.

When you commit, you don’t do it half-heartedly. You don’t do it if you are not certain about your intentions, if you are looking for something temporary or if you aren’t sure about your feelings.

You don’t do it if you plan on cheating or hiding secrets. You don’t do it you aren’t ready to wear your heart on your sleeve for this person and to give her your undivided attention.

You don’t commit if you aren’t serious about this relationship or if you plan on playing games. You don’t commit if you aren’t one hundred percent ready or if you think about holding some parts of yourself back.

When you commit, you do it all the way in. Or you don’t do it all.

You don’t go around making empty promises you can’t fulfill and deceiving someone that you love them more than you do. You don’t pretend to be a mature man who can handle real life when you are nothing more than an immature boy who can’t keep his word.

Nevertheless, this was exactly what you turned out to be, wasn’t it? You turned out to be an a**hole who made this girl believe that you were committed and then you broke her heart.

You tried hard to make her trust you and to convince you that your intentions were honest. To make sure she believed you that you weren’t going anywhere and then you turned your back on her as if she never mattered. You promised her the world and ended up giving her nothing and that is not something you do to the one who loves you.

Once you saw that you’d gained this girl’s trust and that you’d managed to get under her skin, you backed out without ever giving her an explanation. You chickened out and showed your true face of a coward who didn’t know what he wanted.

Once you made her believe that you were everything she was looking for in a man, you took off your mask and showed her that you were never a man she could count on. You showed her that all of this time, you’d been investing just halfway, while she was giving you her entire self.

But guess what? None of this broke her and she doesn’t regret losing you for a moment. You just helped her realize that you were never who she wanted you to be and that you were never man enough.

So instead of being devastated by your betrayal, she is actually happy that she got rid of you in time. She is happy she didn’t waste more of her life on someone who obviously loved her with only half of his heart all along.


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