When Will You Become Maverick According To Your Sign

The time comes for all of us when the body asks us to leave the comfort of the family home, the home of our parents, to embark on the adventure of living alone (or accompanied) in a place that really is for us. Everyone has their time, sometimes our partner’s does not coincide with ours, or even that of a friend, and we wonder why. As always, the star’s tilt, and their sign can give us a clue as to when they will make the decision to become independent. We show you when they will become independent according to their sign:


If you’re wondering when Aries will become independent, it’s probably already underway. Aries is not going to stay stagnant for a second. He may even jump into the void before he is ready, with his enthusiasm and his desire to take on the world. If you are in a relationship with Aries be prepared for when he asks you to take the plunge with him. Perhaps he needs you to make him consider a little if it is the best moment, or if he can really face everything that this big step implies. Also convince him to look at more than one place to live, because he is able to enter the first one he finds ready to make the contract.


Taurus will take his time, he has to look at all the houses in his favorite neighborhood and find the one that best suits his price. You will need a terrace and proximity to a place to shop. As you look at all the app posts, you’ll get an idea of ​​what you can afford. Do not think that Taurus will become independent without taking into account the economics. What’s more, if you find a better place, and you can’t afford it, you can try to convince your whole family to move to that new place. Living alone and on your own can wait.


Gemini is one of those who are quick to get excited about the idea of ​​becoming independent. For them it means freedom, the opportunity to invite friends over, to have fun, and, why not, to meet people. Moving into a shared flat, going out to look for a job, being independent in deciding how much time they spend at home and how much time they travel. All this tempts Gemini to be, if all goes well, one of the signs that independence costs the least. So much so that they may not feel comfortable sharing it with a partner, unless they need someone to help pay the rent… Geminis also like movement once they leave their nest, they can change houses and partners several times.


Cancer is longing for its independence, to start life but without necessarily forgetting where it comes from. He surely wants to start his own path next to someone, not necessarily his partner. Maybe when he finishes his studies he wants to move in with his best friends, until he finds the love of his life and they start a life together. He may tighten his belt a bit at first, or even ask his parents for money to get started, but he’ll soon find a way to support himself, and when the right person comes into his life, he’ll be ready to take the next step…


He will never become independent to go to a worse place, he will not let his standard of living drop. Also, if you feel comfortable in a place, why leave it? For Leo, it is easier to perfect it. Redecorate his room, until he finds his dream job. This does not mean that, due to his character, it is difficult for him to live with his family and his discomfort forces him to become independent. But for that, he needs a good job that supports all his whims, including a flat that is not far from the city center. You could also be tempted by a partner with a good bank account, offering you all the good things about becoming independent, but without having to lift a finger. It’s not lazy, it’s a matter of priorities.


Virgo is not going to stay in a place that does not suit them, that is not perfectly suited to their needs. And the life with which we find ourselves when we arrive in the world, the one that our family offers us, does not have to be the one that best suits our personality. That is why Virgo if he is not as comfortable as he would like in the family home, will not hesitate for a second to look for his own. For this, he will need to be independent at all levels. And he will make sure of it. Surely he will easily find a way to earn a living and be able to search for the perfect place for him. He will change as many times as necessary, but yes, with his head and weighing each pro and cons.


Libra is one of those who become independent youngsters. At the slightest opportunity, they are making their lives, without giving explanations to anyone. Although for other things they are the eternal doubt, to leave the nest their pulse does not tremble. Sure, they will always have a bond with their family or where they come from, but Libra has enough drive to even leave their home country and start a new life in the place of her dreams. But beware, they can change your mind. And now, financially independent, they can return to the comfort of their parent’s home. If you are thinking of getting on the ship of life of a Libra, going to live with him, keep in mind that you may have to spend some seasons returning to his childhood nest.


There are two reasons for Scorpio to leave the family home. The first is if he does not have a good relationship with one of the parents. Feels that one of them is blocking his progress and evolution. Scorpio stays even if he already has some income to become independent because he thinks that it is better to live well and save, than precariously and spend everything he earns. But if at any time he stops being comfortable, he will not shake his hand to make a clean slate. Seek his own place even though he is still very young. Even buy a house to close any possibility of returning. The other reason for leaving is to pursue a dream that is really important to him.


Sagittarius becomes independent in his own way, it is not difficult for him to leave the nest but he will probably go to a shared apartment. He won’t give it much thought, as long as he doesn’t have to spend all his savings on it. For her/him I would live in a van …

If you are determined to move in with him, don’t be surprised that you end up living with as many people as there are rooms in the house, and also people of all kinds and cultures. You really have no idea how multicultural their new home can be. Some of his friends will not get along very well with our dear Sagi, since he has no filters when it comes to saying what he thinks, but others will love spending time with a person with such a good vibe.


Capri needs her space, and although changes cost her, becoming independent is a must for a person of her character. He will soon realize this, so as soon as he has enough money he will start his life alone. Capri knows that he will be much more productive if he doesn’t have to depend on anyone if he can organize himself, and most importantly if he doesn’t have to put up with people who continually require his attention, who bother him more than necessary. Since we are talking about that if your intention is to start a stage of coexistence with Capri, try to leave him his space. And don’t touch anything, he has his order.


Aquarius doesn’t care much about meeting social expectations. Age is not a barometer that tells you when you have to start living on your own, or so he thinks. If there is any reason to leave your first home and fly, such as a job in another city, you will. Of course, his house, in his heart, will continue to be the same as always. And if there’s no reason to go out, he won’t. You will buy a Netflix card for the whole family, you will make changes that improve your room, but to leave there… For what?

If you’re dating an Aquarius and wondering when you’ll move in together, be patient. First, he has to become independent, and then he will think about sharing that independence.


Pisces knows how to be guided by his heart, and when his heart tells him that it’s time to change, he gets going. If his first home can no longer offer him growth, or simply doesn’t vibrate with him, he will fly to the place he needs. Pisces is not one of those who get stuck, he does not burn anywhere. It may be a bit difficult for him to focus on something to achieve economic stability that allows him to be more comfortable living on his own, but Pisces is not one of those who need many material things to be happy, so this does not have to be a hindrance. . He knows how to flow, and the transition to independence will be simple, pleasant and with little conflict.


When Will You Become Maverick According To Your Sign

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