When The Women Of The Zodiac Do Not Forget, They Only Hide

When The Women Of The Zodiac Do Not Forget, They Only Hide

It is very easy to say that it is time to turn the page, but let go of all those memories that begin the day they met becomes much more than exhausting. Where are the laughs, those times when they wiped their tears and hugged each other saying that everything would be fine? The first time they confessed how much they loved each other or the early mornings in which they forgot about time. When zodiac women don’t forget, they only hide. 


She doesn’t plan it, it comes from her soul to be impulsive and look for new things in her day-to-day life. There are times when she puts aside her consequences, she simply allows her heart to flow, and that’s why she has a hard time getting love out of her life. Her sensitivity is not a game, she turned her world upside down for something that in the end didn’t work, she knows, but habit takes over her thoughts and that’s when the crying returns, but she doesn’t it says.


She may not notice it, but there are times when she allows her strict side to speak for her and blames herself for everything. Somehow, her thoughts deceive her, they make her believe that if she had done things differently, her relationship would not have ended, but it is not real. Sad endings exist and you have to face them, even if they hurt. Taurus is confident that one day her emotions will heal, but for now, she prefers her solitude. 


A woman who has worked very hard to keep a smile on her face, it would be absurd for her to fall for a bad love at this point. Deep down it is her optimism that she never allows herself to sink, she knows that new opportunities await her, but she needs time to repair each crack. Her pain is not a game, saying goodbye to someone who lit up her days is cruel. But be patient, because she will shine again as before.


They say that she is a complicated woman, one of those who do not let go, of those who allow their feelings to speak for them, and who do not run away from love. That’s right Cancer, she’s tired of relating to loves that she barely gives her a quarter of everything she gives. She may be shaken inside by the desire to stay, but her dignity is much greater than that. She is not the type of woman to humble herself, even though she loves with all her soul. 


A woman who doesn’t mind being called arrogant is used to dealing with people who get an idea of ​​her personality, when in fact she doesn’t dare to meet her. She is proud, feisty, and independent, but she doesn’t have a drop of coldness in her heart. When she loves she knows no brake and that is the reason why it is so hard for her to tear out the page, she does not forget, she simply learns to live with it.


She no longer has any inconvenience in being judged to be uncommitted in matters of love. Just because she doesn’t go through life with a sign screaming to the world that she’s in love with her doesn’t mean she doesn’t give it up. Her soul is as passionate as anyone, but being discreet is one of her favorite pastimes. However, forgetting a love is complicated, even if everything ended badly. You can’t erase a chapter of her life that simple.


A woman who honors what is sociable, who puts love and solidarity above. When she loves she gives herself in a thousand ways, it shows in the way she looks at her partner, the details of her, and the many times she shows her that she is not alone on this trip. Libra, more than a couple, becomes a life partner and creates bonds of friendship and that’s when she becomes very chaotic. How does she say goodbye to her confidante? 


The tenacity of a Scorpio woman when it comes to love is enviable. She is the one who does not take her finger off the line when she likes something and when it comes to couples, she is extremely rebellious. She loves to seek out those scenarios that test her adrenaline levels. Like any other human being, she has fears, but she does not allow them to control her. The bad thing is when the cloud turns gray, the story falls apart and you have to face the breakup. That is unforgettable. 


Somehow, Sagi is tired of the world seeing her as the crazy, explosive, adventure-loving one. Let’s see, it is clear that she is not a piece of furniture in a corner, she needs to feel alive, but she also loves calm and when she falls in love she is able to bet on stability. She is a woman that she loves freedom, she does not like ties, but she is very loyal. That’s the reason why it pains her to put the full stop. 


I wish she were as organized with her feelings as she is in her daily activities. There are times when everything gets out of hand in love, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to fall apart. Life goes on. Capricorn is able to say goodbye with a smile, even though her tears drown her inside. Perhaps it is because of her pride, but she rarely allows herself to be seen on the floor, although she does not forget. 


Cold as ice, that’s what they say about Aquarius. A woman who supposedly has no feelings, that the moment she feels like leaving, she does. She is intense, crazy, and daring, but there is nothing distant about her. When she loves her she is able to open the doors of her world, she is not afraid that they see her heart. She overflows with love, and that’s why she doesn’t forget so easily. How does she manage to assimilate that that special person will no longer be there? 


The kindness of a Pisces woman knows no limits, she is someone who will be with you when you need her most. It is possible that her tears appear without warning because her sensitivity does not ask permission for anything. However, she is genuine, there is no falsehood in her delivery, she is always at the foot of the canyon and leaves aside the opinion of third parties. She has a hard time forgetting because she is selective, not everyone knows her vulnerability. 

When The Women Of The Zodiac Do Not Forget, They Only Hide

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