Nobody likes it when good things end. We want to hold onto people, places, memories for as long as possible. We want to keep them in our life forever. We try our best not to lose them. We are afraid of change because we prefer to stay the same.

But the reality is that nothing in this world remains constant. The earth is moving. Days follow nights. Life goes on and everyone is running after it. Something ends – sometimes through your fault, but often it’s out of your control. In any case., You need to accept it.

Because the universe has the best plans for you. Maybe it sounds like a cliché. You’ve probably heard this many times. But perhaps the Universe is taking something from you because it no longer makes your life better, it has already fulfilled its purpose and now it’s time to move towards something bigger.

If the relationship is on the verge of breaking up, it may be time to end it. Maybe this person only makes you doubt yourself and your ability to love. Maybe the Universe wants to help you go in a different direction, because you deserve more. Maybe this relationship should teach you a good lesson, but it shouldn’t stay forever.

Whether it’s a city or a job that no longer inspires you to develop, whether it’s memories that hold you in the past and prevent you from moving forward, let them go. It will be better further.

Something good ends because it is not for you, because it only seems ideal at first glance. What should remain in your life will remain. People who want to be part of your story will find their place in it.

Yes, sometimes you wonder why the Universe is taking the one you love away from you. And you may never know the answer. Maybe you don’t need him. You just need to come to terms with what you have lost and open your arms to what lies ahead, hoping that it will be the best.


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