When The Signs See You As A Friend

If you like someone, but you still don’t know if you are reciprocated or if they only see you as a friend, don’t miss this article, each person is different, but there are always signs that indicate one thing or another. Do you want to know what each sign does when they only see you as a friend? Let’s go there!


If Aries doesn’t like you enough to start a relationship, he’ll play matchmaker and try to eyeball any of his friends. In this sense, the ram is really cheeky, it won’t take long to do it and you will also notice it quickly. Aries does not like to generate illusions about someone whom he knows he cannot reciprocate, look at him on the positive side and accept his friendship, which is very valuable.


Taurus will not cut a hair, if he only sees you as a friend he will refer to you as such, or even as a sister or brother. The bull knows how to treat others with tact and for this reason, although he shows you his affection, he will let you know in this way that friendship will not happen. What he does not want for himself, he does not want for a person he truly appreciates and will not give you a reason to think otherwise…


If Gemini only sees you as a friend, you will notice it from the moment he tells you about his connections with other people with that he might like to start a relationship. This could be very painful for you, but he does not do it because he wants to annoy you, far from it, just because he does not know what you feel or because you get jealous of his confessions. Don’t take it the wrong way, just keep that signal to see it as a friend with whom you can have fun and learn many things…


Cancer may have a thing for telling you to your face that they don’t feel anything for you and that’s why they will try not to meet you alone, to avoid confusion. If the crab of the zodiac only sees you when you are in a group and does not propose any plan to do the two of you, he assumes that he does not want anything with you and that he only sees you as a friend. Perhaps it would be easier for you if I told you things clearly, but Cancer does not do it so as not to harm you and to avoid a bad drink. If you have doubts here is the key…


If you want to know if Leo has a sentimental interest in you it is very easy, you just have to flirt with someone to see their reaction. If when you do this, he doesn’t even flinch, he takes for granted that he only sees you as a good friend, or if on the contrary, you see that his face changes and that his mood also changes, then you have him in the pot. Leo is one of the signs that is the worst at hiding, especially in aspects related to love, take this test and you will get rid of doubts.


When Virgo likes someone, the distances are shortened, and they are closer and even more extroverted. If you have noticed a native of this sign and he can only see you as a friend, he will try to keep his distance, at least until he knows that it has passed. This action-reaction gives him away, he doesn’t do it to despise you, he just gets away with acting like that, avoiding reciprocity. When you no longer like him, he will approach you and look for a way to create a beautiful friendship…


When Libra falls in love, she is aware of that person at all hours, she always has a place for her and she always looks for a way to show her intentions. Now, if she doesn’t do this and never sends you the first message, it’s because she can only see you as a friend, and as long as she notices that you like her, she won’t do anything to confuse you either. Libra is very wise and knows what steps to take to avoid creating a bad vibe and to be able to have a healthy and lasting friendship in the future.


The scorpion is not one to give compliments just like that, moreover, this will only be done at some point if he notices that someone very close and dear to him needs reinforcement. If Scorpio only sees in you a friendship, he will not say anything to you that he cannot say in the same way to any of his friends, and if he also notices that you like him, he will try to measure his words very well. This sign only shows feelings of love when he is sure of the person he likes and there he will say things in a special and different way, if he does not do it with you, it is better that you get the idea out of your head of being able to conquer him.


IF Sagittarius only sees you as a friend, you will notice it quickly because he will not hesitate to tell you, like any of his friends, all his stories, which are many and among them those that have to do with love or romance. Sagi is very natural and spontaneous, so it will be very easy to realize what his intentions are with you, and if with all this you have any doubts, ask him, even if he gets more serious than usual, he will tell you with great tact what you need to know.


Capri is very real, so much so that if he sees you as a friend he will tell you and if he hasn’t, look at the things he tells you. This sign is very frank with the people they consider, so if they know that you like them, they will have a conversation with you. Now, if you don’t already know, the way to see if there is a possibility of forming a relationship is to listen to what he says. If Capri talks to you about his crushes and love life, it is because he only sees in you a friendship that you should take advantage of when your feelings subside.


If Aquarius only considers you a good friend, you will find out sooner rather than later, he will ask you for advice on his possible relationships and will tell you almost everything that happens to him. This is not to annoy you, far from it, but if he doesn’t know that you like him, he will behave as he would with any friend. When Aquarius falls in love, even if he doesn’t show it verbally, it shows, first because he doesn’t say anything about his previous love life, and second because he blushes easily at any compliment. This is the water carrier of the zodiac!


If Pisces still does not know that you like him and only sees you as a friend, you will know by his appearance what his intentions are. When the zodiac fish is attracted to someone, they take care of their image more than usual, this sign loves to go through life with a casual style, however, when they touch their little heart, they put a lot of effort into looking good. Be careful with this, if you have doubts about Pisces, look at her outfit, her hairstyle, and her perfume and you will know what she wants from you…


When The Signs See You As A Friend


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