When The Signs Of The Zodiac Get Angry

When The Signs Of The Zodiac Get Angry

Although our way of behaving depends on education and the principles received in childhood according to experts, both our personality and our reactions are defined, among many other things, by our Zodiac sign and as a whole by our Astral Chart. Since not everyone is happy or sad about the same things, not everyone is angry in the same way. Let’s analyze what happens when the signs of the zodiac get very angry :


The good times a piece of bread, the bad times … the bad times better not look for him. Aries has a lot of stamina as long as they don’t touch their morals, this sign prefers to get along with everyone. But if they betray him or if they put his name and his person in question, he may turn into a beast capable of putting in his place whoever tries to pass.

Angry Aries will yell and repeat over and over again how things should be, as they do not tolerate injustice, they will defend their interests tooth and nail … And they will curse you. Come on, you can expect everything to come out of his mouth and only, only when he is totally sure that his words and cries have had an effect, only then will he remain calm. Meanwhile, let Troy burn!


Taurus is peaceful, calm, kind, dedicated … and all the good and beautiful that a person can be, but what happens when the Bull gets angry? It happens that there is no place and person in the world who can appease him. If someone dares to oppose you or to step on your arguments over and over again when you are completely sure of what you are saying and what you are doing. Then Taurus gets angry and closes in on a band so as not to give a choice to those who want to be smart.

It is not that they like conflicts, it is that they cannot bear to be generated by anyone. And when this happens, he may lose his role and amaze those who have never seen him like this before … Taurus has a lot of stamina but explodes when he can’t take it anymore. And there, it gets messy, because it goes blind and does not see the damage it can do, but you were the one who caused it, do not forget it.


Oh! Gemini with his character are so cool as long as they don’t annoy him with inappropriate comments or actions. Gemini gets angry with injustices, with inconsiderate people, with those who believe they are superior. And in short, with those who try to be clever with someone they love or with themselves, they do not tolerate one thing or the other.

This sign does not mince words, it will sing the forty to whoever is necessary if its inner well-being depends on it, Gemini does not want to get along with anyone, but so that this does not happen it is better that no one wants to get along with this sign … As simple as that. Otherwise, they will know what it is to be embarrassed. No one told them to mess with Geminis!


It is not that the Crab has much patience, but what it does have is a lot, but a lot of stamina … Of course, when it sees them coming, it prepares itself mentally and physically for the attack.

The Cancer sign can put up with certain injustices, it can bear the defects of others well, it can even put up with things that simply he or she would not do … turn the tables and throw things in his face. Not that, Cancer does not happen there. And if on top of that you have to listen to stupid things from someone who has already failed or bothered you in any way, then you reach the limit of your patience and stop your feet with clear truths and face those who dare to get there, to mess with them. … His words can be the most hurtful and his actions can even drive you crazy so think before upsetting Cancer if something like this is worth it.


Leo’s vein swells directly, just as when he is good, he is very good, when he is bad it is better not to run into them, or the lion, or the lioness. It is a true beast capable of destroying everything, it will not measure its words and it will be one of those who will spout everything that passes through its head without thinking about the consequences later … what consequences? Leo would say with huge anger. Because he doesn’t care eight or eighty what comes after if he considers that he does not have to put up with certain things. The consequences will be assumed later with the same courage that he had to show the day someone dared to exceed him or her. Leo is a lot of Leo.


Virgo contains his fury until it overtakes him and releases everything that he has stored for a long time through his mouth. This sign knows how to control its emotions, but if there is something that gets it out of hand, it is the lack of consideration. When they notice that someone is being selfish or offensive, they may hold back their anger and become angry with themselves. But later they will have to take out what they have inside so as not to hurt themselves. What happens then? It happens that the tantrum may be such that it has to break the relationship forever with the person who has exceeded their moral and ethical limits.

Virgo is not served by apologies or justifications. The only thing that can help you is a good clarification of the matter and even then, you will have to think about whether it is worth giving a second chance. When he puts an end to something, it is usually forever.


Libra can be quite confusing when he is angry, this happens because of his enormous ability to convey what he feels from a peace that exasperates some. But be careful, not all that glitters is gold and if you are taken out of your boxes, if you try to express yourself over and over again and feel misunderstood, it can send you to hell itself in a few words. Then he will wish you well, perhaps in time. Libra is very polite and deep down, because it is also true that they dislike fights a lot and leave a bad taste in their mouths for a long time.

For Libra it is very important to be at peace with himself and also with the people around him. But if they manage to make you really angry, you may be surprised by this sign that represents the balance and the search for continuous balance. Although, whatever happens, you will find that way to return to that state of peace.


Angry Scorpio can be worse than a Scorpion, it can be a snake that will cautiously approach and inject its deadly venom when you no longer expect it. Scorpio knows that where they give them they take them and if they have messed with them the best that their enemy can do is to go far away if they do not want to feel the bitter taste of revenge in their own flesh.

When they hurt him, Scorpio cannot suppress his desire to give where it hurts the most to whoever dared to mess with him or her. Seriously, it is beyond your good intentions. He may regret it later, but the damage will be done, Scorpio is a fan of tit for tat because he knows that people only learn when they take their own medicine.


Sagittarius is the most explosive of the fire signs, especially at an early age. When they make him angry, he loses his papers to the point of losing himself. He has a cheerful character, he tends to empathize a lot with everyone. He wants to help others in whatever way is in his power, but if they betray him, lie to him or make him have a hard time without any need, he becomes unstoppable in his purposes. And what will be their purpose when they make you angry? Well, nothing more and nothing less than to give the displaced person who has dared to attack him or her have a hard time …

It will probably be very ironic and go to that point where it hurts, and believe me that The Centaur will shoot his arrow straight into the center of the target. And Sagittarius has good aim!


Capricorn stops, retains and contains until one fine day he lets go of everything and leaves your life, just like that … but be careful! To get there, they must have hurt him to the core of his being. An angry Capricorn will say what he has to say and settle the matter forever. He has a noble heart and it is not that he does not know how to control himself, but if they manage to make him really angry it is because something fat has been done to him.

It is not a sign that will shout to tell someone “this is where we come” no… it will simply say it and comply with it. The day you speak those words, you carry them to the end. This sign fulfills everything it says even when it seems that it forgives, for them it is of the utmost importance that the people who are by its side are loyal and good so as not to have to go to those extremes … And if you fail it, bye.


Aquarius is not about creating great fuss, or arguments, nor is it usually too off. When he gets angry he just sends the damn out of whoever it takes, period. This sign is quite deceiving when it is angry because it knows how to control its emotions very well. Aquarius will not be one of those who get angry with the rest of the world, no … he will get angry only with whoever has generated that discomfort that is pronounced when he has in front of the person who has annoyed, damaged, betrayed or simply annoyed him.

And when he closes in, he leaves no choice to forgive, if he considers that they have crossed the line, he uses his greatest weapon, indifference … And you know, there is nothing that hurts more than indifference. Because Aquarius has a lot of willpower to run away from what has not done him well. And that will destroy you, believe me, it will hurt you a lot …


Angry Pisces can even be funny, but not because his anger has no reason to be, that it does … but because he cannot help showing the most dramatic part of himself. Let’s not forget that it is one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac and therefore it will not hesitate to emphasize well what has bothered or hurt it. The prettiest words may not come out of your mouth when you are angry, but the most appropriate ones do.

When they set their mind to it, Pisceans can make the person who has hurt them feel really bad and what at first may seem funny is ultimately not so funny. With Pisces, tears and regret are surely not lacking. This sign is like the voice of the conscience of those who have ever crossed him or her. At the moment there will be drama, but in the end, Pisces will not mind that everything is at peace again.


When The Signs Of The Zodiac Get Angry

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