When The Signs Fail Themselves By Not Failing The Rest

Signs Fail Themselves

When The Signs Fail Themselves By Not Failing The Rest

Today we have to toast, yes, we are going to take the drama out of the situation. No one is perfect, at some point most people have been with those who do not reciprocate in the same way. So, Cheers! Because despite everything you are here and you have the courage to smile. The pain of the soul has not brought you down, it has made you stronger. Your worst mistake was failing yourself a thousand times by not failing that person. You put his well-being above yours and it’s not worth it. Don’t allow it again.


Look at you, you went from being a bold, brave, and ready person for challenges to becoming the puppet of someone who all he did was unload his traumas on you. Today, you are able to recognize that you forgot about yourself and that you will never see yourself in that situation again. You were sad, but you pretended it wasn’t like that, for what? You pleased someone who doesn’t know what love is and who only trampled on your essence.


It is good that you are patient and loyal, but never to the point of putting your peace of mind at risk. If you are going to be with a friend, partner, or family member, it is to feel good, not to make fun of your weaknesses. You ran too far after someone who never wanted to be with you and it hurt you a lot to realize that this was the case, but now you don’t plan to take a step back. It’s over, you don’t want to see yourself torn to pieces again. You failed yourself, but you can still ask for forgiveness.


Without a doubt, you are always one step ahead, you like to feel that you are in control, but at the same time, you allow life to play its cards as it pleases. This fun duality has led you to understand that everything is about moments, a small time that, when shared with the wrong person, can sink you. You freed yourself and that was your first breakthrough, now it’s your turn to recharge your energy and recover who you are.


There is no doubt that there are many bad people in the world, who only take advantage of your intuitive side, who tell you that everything will be fine, but in reality, hurt you every chance they get. You got tired of being there, of listening, of supporting, of inspiring, and in the end, the only thing you received was contempt. It’s not worth taking time away from yourself, from doing what you like to solve the life of someone who doesn’t even know what emotional responsibility is. Cancer, you know that’s not where it is.


Your power is so evident that emotional parasites don’t miss an opportunity to get hooked on you. They arrive with a pretty face, they promise you the sky and the stars, but don’t blame yourself for believing them. The thing is that your level of evil is not as high as that person’s. You gave yourself until you ended up crying alone in your room. Now, you are not going to allow them to extinguish your smile so cruelly again.


You are a lively sign, you are not used to people coming and doing things for you. However, Virgo, that attitude has cost you a lot, because it is perceived by abusive people, who only seek to make you feel guilty for things that are not even your responsibility. You cried you looked down, and you forced yourself to do what you didn’t want in order to please someone who has never taken into account your physical, mental, and emotional state. Now, you know it’s not worth it.


When did Libra happen? You became that person’s escape valve and when you least realized it, your world was forgotten, because you focused on pleasing them in everything. You are a very empathetic being, always willing to help and that is why they trust you so much. However, you let your light go out, you became so frustrated that you acquired a version of yourself that you didn’t know, the sad and bitter one. The one who is always at the feet of others is not fair.


You failed Scorpio, I know it hurts a lot to accept it, but at least you have the guts to do something different. Suddenly, you looked at your life and you had become someone you don’t like, all because you were too loyal. There are those who do not deserve the best from you because they take it at their convenience and look for a way to fill your head with lies with the sole objective of manipulating you. You didn’t fail that person, because you showed them that you were there in good times and bad. Tell me, what did she do for you?


There will always be a drop of courage in your soul, no matter how much life shakes you. There are those who want to see you on your knees, but you are not going to agree with them. You still have many things to live through and it is not fair for you to let your guard down for someone who is only with you to use you. You got lost to the point that you forgot the way you laughed until your stomach hurt. However, that is over. In the past it was, you were not weak, you just trusted.


You used to be fun, and focused on your own thing, but always had a chance for a smile. However, when that person came into your life everything began to change, you went from being charming to always being frustrated. He became your burden and you didn’t realize it, because your heart is too noble and managed to deceive him. You believed him because at first, his actions showed you that he truly loved you and not to take advantage of your good feelings. Fortunately, you opened your eyes.


Maybe it’s your intellectual side that you should thank for never letting you down. You realize at first glance when things are going to end badly, but you have a sentimental side that few people know about and that makes you give in when you really don’t want to. You stayed next to someone who didn’t make you happy, who stressed you out and filled you with insecurities, but you finally took off the blindfold. You just needed to trust yourself again to get out of that vicious circle.


People see your heart as so compassionate that they are immediately attracted to you. Some do it because they have never known such genuine love and others because they are bothered by your brilliance and want to enter your life in disguise, to hurt you at any moment. Just as that person did, he showed you what disloyalty, lies, and deception are, but there came a time when you decided to shake off his presence and return to yourself. Good for that, Pisces!

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