When The Signs Do Not Hold A Grudge But They Don’t Forget Either

For a long time, I felt guilty, deep down I believed that I had not forgiven completely, because they put that idea in my head that you have to erase and start over. However, it is not like that, it is always possible to get up again, but the wounds do not go away, they accompany you, they become your counselors and they also alert you to new emotional hunters. There comes a point in life when you want to free yourself from everything, not carry guilt and focus on what really makes you happy. When you decide not to hold a grudge there is no turning back, your zodiac sign knows it, but he doesn’t forget either. Don’t let that person make a mistake, because you won’t be his garbage bag. When the signs don’t hold a grudge but they don’t forget either:


So, you got fed up, it was a long time that you dealt with people who all they wanted was to hurt you until they left you breathless. Aries, your emotions were knotted in the throat and that person did not care to see you defeated. However, his indifference made you get up twice as strong and that’s when you promised not to fall again. You couldn’t hide the pain, it broke your soul, but you learned to keep walking with everything and your wounds. You no longer want apologies, you forgave yourself for allowing so much and that was more than enough. 


Resentment and you do not have a good relationship, because it is impossible for you to hide when it is part of your days. You can tell when you hate someone’s presence, but you also get exhausted from keeping so much negativity in your heart. That person taught you that there are things you can’t control, no matter how much you want to. Also, the fact that you are attentive, honest, and generous does not mean that you will receive the same in return. You thought about it for a long time, but you finally let go of everything that hurt you. You let that person go, but you don’t forget and you don’t want them back. 


You notice your downturns instantly because you turn off, you tend to behave distantly, and you enter your own world, overwhelming your mind with a lot of thoughts that all they do is hurt you. That hurts you a lot, but you’ve learned not to get hooked and let go. People cannot always be loyal and it is not up to you to help them change, much less if they are not willing to do their part. Today, you can proudly say that you let go of the grudge, your self-esteem is on the rise, but you do not have amnesia, you keep in your memory the damage they did to you.


There is no doubt, that you are great when it comes to storing details. Cancer, there may be times when you seem distracted, but the truth is that nothing escapes you. The bad actions of others are already done, they made you show your worst version, and you sank in the middle of courage, but it was right there when you took strength and promised yourself not to collapse again. You are a wonderful being, but you know that not everyone deserves that from you. It’s not rancor, it’s a lesson learned, now whoever wants to know your heart will have to earn it. 


How brave you are, I mean it very seriously, your strength is infinite. Perhaps there are those who decide to throw in the towel and believe that they are little in the hands of emotional vampires, but you always show that you can in every way. It has cost you a lot to regain calm and heal your heart, to pretend that nothing happened. Yes, it happened, a bad person did a lot of damage to you, filled your soul with cracks, and offend your dignity, but that Leo was in the past. Now, you know that you deserve to be with those who are worth it. 


If there is someone on this list who has a radar to detect evil in people, it is undoubtedly you. There are those who describe you as a distant soul, the one who rarely listens to his heart and puts his logical part ahead. However, what they don’t know is that your intuitive ability is superior to anyone else. You are an honest sign, you do not stay long next to someone who belittles you. You know that your transparency is unique and that is why you decided not to waste time, you have already turned the page, there is no more, and you closed the chapter. 


Perhaps one of the things that do not always point in your favor is that you are too good. This does not mean that you are free of sins, but you have so much goodness in your soul that the vultures stalk you and at the slightest distraction they attack you from behind. Libra, you are still hurt by the behavior of some who said they loved you. However, you will not spin your head with the same thing. Your heart deserves love, tranquility, and another chance. That is precisely the one that you are not going to give to that person, no matter how much he begs you, if he did not value you, let him go. 


That person who hurt you believes that he was brave, that his cynicism deserves to be celebrated. However, you understood that there are those with whom it is not worth discharging energy, because they no longer have a remedy. He broke you mercilessly, mocked you over and over again at your advance, and now he wants everything to go back to the way it was. She’s wrong, a Scorpio never forgets, but he doesn’t mean that you’re going to spend time getting revenge either. Sometimes, it’s fun to see how karma gives everyone their due and luckily you’re enjoying yourself more than ever. You are fine without his company and you appreciate it every day.


Thanks to the Universe you have an impulsive side, which does not let you stay for a long time where you feel uncomfortable. It was difficult to accept that this person had a mask to be close to you, but when he could, he showed his true self. He made you feel that you were worthless, his bad intentions were so many that you forgot about yourself, what makes you smile and what keeps you in a unique light. Currently, you recovered, that bitter pill is over and you are not going to give it another chance. The pain is gone, but the memories never will. 


It’s true, your character is neutral, you have too much class to lose control over someone insignificant. That is what that person is now to you. It was not overnight, the process of understanding that not all stories are forever, it cost you a lot of work. However, you no longer plan to let your guard down for the world. You believed his false tears, you deposited your trust, your time, your attention, and anyway, he dared to betray you. Today, he says you’re spiteful, how weird isn’t it? Now that you set limits, you became the bad guy, according to his movie. What he thinks what he wants, you don’t care.


One day you got out of bed, walked to the bathroom, and met your reflection in the mirror. That’s when you decided it was time to put a stop, turn your life around and throw out that person who only detracted from your shine. There were many nights that you fell asleep hoping it would change, but it didn’t. You have no regrets, you did your best to move on, but you will no longer torment your heart with the darkness of someone who has never wanted to work on himself. Healing became your priority, the rest does not interest you. 


On the outside, it seems that everything inside you is fine. You are usually a very kind sign, even when you are experiencing very strong moments in your life. However, your feelings are not always controlled, there are times when your sensitivity betrays you and you end up feeling terrible because of the rudeness of others. You can be tolerant, but not to the degree of putting your integrity at risk, that’s over. You know that once you close a cycle it’s an endpoint, you don’t want to hear about negative characters from your past again. You forgive them, but what they did to you is not going to go away. 


When The Signs Do Not Hold A Grudge But They Don't Forget Either


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