When The Signs Collapse Totally But Silently

Collapse Totally But Silently

When The Signs Collapse Totally But Silently

Living through so many cruel experiences in life, you learn to deal with pain and realize that you are capable of looking up, even if you feel every piece of your heart. It is not easy to accept that someone in whom you place all your trust and give the best of you, all he does is play with your feelings. This is what happens when the signs collapse completely but silently:


You yourself already believed the idea that nothing brings you down. Of course, your strength is admirable, but that does not mean that you have to suffer within the four walls of your room. You have become an expert in hiding your true feelings. Aries, there are people who are willing to wipe your tears, let your soul open up to the people who love you.


Your defiant personality scares many, it has worked very well for you to keep your eyes high, even in the midst of a crisis. You are not afraid of dealing with manipulative people, in fact, a part of you is always prepared for the worst. However, that does not mean that bad attitudes do not hurt you. You break in silence because you don’t let those who love you be by your side. Even when? 


You’ve gotten tired of fighting and fighting for stability, and there are times when you have it and other times when it slips away like water in your hands. You like to build genuine relationships, where there are no filters, but not all people have your loyalty and you know it.   Sometimes, it hurts not to be reciprocated and you run away to be embraced by your loneliness. You don’t say anything, but you have a really bad time.


People see you with such determination, they would never think that your heart can’t always be. You have forced yourself to be there for others, protect them, listen to them and give them your love, but it is very disappointing when they pay you with indifference and even envy. That’s when sadness floods you and it’s the worst because there is no need to shed tears to experience so much pain. 


It seems that you go through life without any type of rule, your interest has never been to convince anyone, but deep down you are scared of what they think of you. You try so hard to get what you want, that it‘s very hard to accept that people you appreciate don’t value you one bit. In those moments everything falls apart because you feel that what you have invested in loving those people is worth nothing.


It is impossible for you to do things as if you don’t care. You worry a lot about everything because your thoughts are unstoppable and demanding, they don’t like things halfway, the more perfect, the better. That’s how you are in your relationships, you give yourself in a very sincere way and it hurts when the other person is not on the same channel. You also cry out of frustration and you are the proof of that. 


Libra, your character is a constant duality, there are times when you wake up with all the attitude in the world and others when you don’t want to know anything about anyone. However, hypocrisy has never been welcome in your relationships, you do not tolerate superficialities. There are many things that hurt you, but you keep quiet because you feel that no one is going to fully understand you.


Yes, part of emotional intelligence is also broken down from time to time. It is very healthy to let tears flow, it is useless to hide emotions because you only fill your soul with knots that make you sick over time. You are strong and impetuous, but give yourself the opportunity to say that you are tired, it is okay. Don’t hide to cry, better seek refuge in the right arms.


Of course, Sagi, you are not an angel fallen from heaven, it has never been your intention to feel better than anyone else, there are many of your actions that have led you to make serious mistakes. However, you strive every day to give your best. Although, there are times when stress pushes you so hard that you end up crying. Sagi, don’t minimize your emotions, talk to your people, the ones who never let you go.


The face of your intelligent, disciplined, and persevering personality does not cost you any work. At least, it seems that way compared to the rest, but you really push yourself to such a hard level that it is impossible for you to remain stable all the time. It hurts you to know that you have no right to be wrong because people often judge you for something bad and leave aside all the good you have achieved.


Give yourself a break Aquarius, not all the time do you have to pretend that your emotional state is good and that does not mean that you are weak, simply that you need a break. There are people who fill you with energy and others who turn you off, you have already realized that you should not continue giving second chances. You are suffering for those who do not even love themselves and it is not worth it. 


Sometimes, you don’t feel like doing anything, all you want is to disappear for a while, escape from all that workload, the problems at home, and the indifference of your partner. However, it does not mean that you do not commit, but you prefer to dump your energy on people who are not worth it. Set limits Pisces, that’s the key to everything so you don’t end up crying in silence. 

When The Signs Collapse Totally But Silently

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