When The Signs Ask For Time In The Relationship

When The Signs Ask For Time In The Relationship

Relationships are far from the perfect story we see in the movies. There are times when you feel like not seeing your partner anymore and others when you go out of your way to show them all the love in the world. The truth is that it is very painful when you fall into this game in which today they are fine and tomorrow they are not. That’s when you have to put your cards on the table and let out everything that weighs you down. It is possible that giving yourself some time helps or is the definitive cut. The signs of the zodiac live it like this. When the signs ask for time in the relationship:


You are someone who is very familiar with what is different, you need to change your pace when the emotion is not in your favor. Hence, it is very easy for you to feel stuck and ask your partner for a time, it is not to go in search of other loves, you really want to give yourself that space and analyze how far you want to continue. You hate the very idea of ​​falling into a hole just because you’re not brave enough to say goodbye. The time is to open once and for all the true feelings if you still feel them. If that person doesn’t fill you with life, you know it’s not there.


They can’t lie to you, because you have a radar to detect betrayal. The last thing you want is to share your days with someone who has no word. In fact, you are not the type of couple who lets themselves be defeated at first, if you still feel something special for that person, you will do everything in your power to save the relationship. However, you are not naive, you know when things are going downhill and it is time to turn the page. Your love is so genuine that if during the time you don’t see each other, you discover that the flame has gone out, you let go, even if you don’t want to. You prefer a thousand times to see your love smiling with someone else than to force him to be with you when there is nothing.


You are not the type of partner who stays quiet so that the other does not feel bad. If there is something to say, you do it without fear, because the lack of communication is the first thing that drives you away. You don’t want to stay next to a person from whom you have to hide a lot of things to make them okay. Your goal is to have something healthy and that is why you are a fan of asking for a time, before letting go completely. This helps you realize if you really miss or are missing. If things don’t look as expected, it’s best to say goodbye before the separation becomes much more painful. You are a strong sign, but that does not prevent you from breaking up, even if it is you who says goodbye.


Hardly anyone can see your face. It is possible that you hide because you have a crazy habit of seeing how far a person who claims to love you is capable of going and behind your back betrays you in the worst way. However, sooner or later you will end that relationship because you hate being around people who don’t even know what honesty is. Your intuition is the best, it is the one that warns you when everything is collapsing and that is when you decide to ask for a time. You want to analyze in detail, put things on the scale, because you would be unable to break someone’s heart, without being sure of the step you are going to take. Definitely, you are not one of those who throws everything they have experienced overboard. If you have to put in a little more effort, you do it, but you don’t humiliate yourself.


Fortunately, you are someone who trusts inside, not only because of what your heart tells you but also because of your logic. You are a very intelligent sign and emotions have never been the reason for you to lose your balance, at least not for a long time. You do not usually make a decision lightly, much less if it is someone you appreciate very much. Your impulsive side is controlled when you love because you know yourself and when you get desperate you can make mistakes and be the most hurtful person. When you ask for a time it is because you want to reconnect with yourself, decide if it is good to return or not. You know that many times even if it hurts, letting go is the best thing for both of us.


Nothing escapes you, your perfectionist side is always with its eyes open, and the moment you begin to notice that things are not working as you expect, you do not hesitate to pause. For you, asking for time is not always synonymous with ending, you can also take the opportunity to focus on new projects and embrace your passions again. You like relationships where peace of mind is the one that governs, the one that does not unbalance, the one that is capable of filling you with brilliance. If you feel like it’s not working that way, Virgo, you get to a point where it’s best to let go. Because you deserve to be appreciated and the other person too. Why force something that’s already broken?


A part of you waits too long before taking time out in the relationship. You are one of those who prefer to let things flow, but there comes a time when you lose control and that’s when you get scared. You do not want to stay next to someone that you have to be justifying every time. It is not worth it that you settle for a love that does not fill you enough. When you start to feel broken and forgotten, it’s proof that you don’t have to be there anymore. When you ask for a time you take the opportunity to breathe and recover your individuality. Once you do, you realize that it wouldn’t be so bad to go back to being single. It is much better than continuing to love in a mediocre way.


Love above? what is that? When you give yourself, you do it from the heart, putting aside your fears and embracing the other in such a deep way that it even makes you want to cry. Yes, Scorpio, you are one of those who do not hide the tears of happiness, because they remind you of the purity that lives in your soul. You like to build long-term relationships, where the dreams of both are not taboo and they can support each other in everything. However, the main reason why you get to ask for time is when jealousy is present. You are a very auspicious sign by nature and if doubts enter your mind they become your worst enemy. You want to let go of that toxic side and believe again in the person who says that they love you. But, you won’t do it again overnight.


You can be a very focused person, depending on how you propose it. When you fall in love, Sagi, you focus a lot of your attention on that person, because you really try to find a way to please them. However, when weirdness knocks on your door you can forget about everything. That is, you like to pry and if the routine starts to become part of your relationship, all you want is to run away. You want a bond in which the adrenaline is not faked, honesty for you is a key piece. When you ask for a time you go to the bottom of everything, your thoughts and your intelligence join forces to find clarity. Renewal is essential for you and it is possible that you will return with all the energy to continue or that you will no longer want that person in your life.


You don’t like playing in relationships, you don’t want to be. If you decide to share your days with a person, it is with the aim of building something lasting and healthy. Feeling that the other person gives you balance is what you value most. You fall in love, but you don’t lose the floor and much less how hard you work to fulfill your dreams. If you feel that your partner is not the partner that drives you, then it is necessary to pause to find out the reasons. You are not one of those who resign without arguments nor do you seek to hurt your partner. However, you are not going to stay next to someone who turns off your light.


Without a doubt, Aquarius, you have a facility for putting final points and it is not because you are a cold person, on the contrary, your heart is enormous, but you do not like to express your emotions so lightly. You are used to limiting yourself, to prevent, because you never know what the other’s true intentions are. You may love your partner too much, but if you feel that the relationship is going awry, do not hesitate to ask for a break. What you want is to put the cards on the table and find a way to tie up all the loose ends. You don’t want to feel like you’re not moving forward, you want that person to become a partner and hold your hand through the ups and downs. If you realize that life doesn’t change for the better in that time, then why go back?


The first thing that has to be clear is that you are not a person who gives in for convenience. You don’t stay for interest or comfort, if the heart doesn’t feel the same anymore, you know you have to pause. You don’t want their love to sink, but you’re not going to pretend that everything is okay either. Sometimes, it is necessary to miss a little to reach the conclusion that you want that person in your life. You are not making a mistake, you simply deserve the opportunity to do things in a better way. If your partner is not able to understand that you need to get away for a bit, then maybe you are with the wrong person. Thinking of yourself before the other is also important, do not feel guilty about it.


When The Signs Ask For Time In The Relationship

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