When The Signs Are Third And Stubborn But Each In His Way

Stubbornness everyone associates with Taurus, and later with the rest of the earth signs. But stubbornness or stubbornness has many faces, and each sign is stubborn in its own way, depending on how you are and what interests you in life. If you want to know how stubborn each sign is and how it shows, read on. When the signs are stubborn and stubborn but each in their own way:


Aries, you can be stubborn but as a consequence of other characteristics of yours. The first is that you are not afraid of confrontation to defend what you think or do, and you do not back down because it seems to you that fear makes you lose battles. Nor do you give in for fear of losing, because you have a lot of self-esteem to think that you are going to win yes or yes. And you are competitive, which leads you to want to impose yourself on the other above all else. And then comes your famous impulsiveness: you are very fast adopting positions or thinking, so much so that when the other person arrives with their opposite idea to you, you already consider yourself a winner, because whoever arrives first wins and nobody wins you. Your power of decision is pure stubbornness not to give in, and if you do, you will have fought it to the point of exhaustion first and you will have given a good blow to the contrary.


Your famous stubbornness, Taurus, many know it, endorse it but have no idea where it comes from. It seems that you were born with it, and it is a bit like that, but there is another less known facet: you are a person who has a hard time creating the right environment to be well. An environment of well-being, couple, family and home according to your tastes, a job that gives you to live and not too many headaches … Well, to achieve all that you invest effort, time and money, so when someone arrives and pay attention Against all that, you cling like a mountain to the ground where it rises and does not move you or god. And being so, you keep a partner, friends and work for centuries, and as the most precious treasure of your life. With ideas or leaving your comfort zone the same thing happens: Whoever insists on pushing you to change your mind or go out on an adventure plan from your area wastes time. That you know.


The truth is that stubbornness understood as such is not something that characterizes you, Gemini. Especially if we think about that closed stubbornness, which closes people in a band and even closes their mouths and they neither move nor speak, nor admit to change in anything. You are the opposite, you speak to argue even with the sun that rises every day. Dialogue for you is essential and the perfect tool to promote relationships between people. Your “stubbornness” has more to do with the way in which you insist on getting what you want, in not giving up, and in always learning a little more about each thing, even if you already know enough about it. Perhaps you can be stubborn clinging to an idea, and fighting for it, but not to the forms, which for you are always many and admit many types of possibilities.


Your stubbornness, Cancer, is tenacity, that virtue with which you achieve everything you set your mind to. And that in the case of work, money, love or health, it is enough to make you a winner for having fought to the end in order to get what you want. In its negative version, this tenacity turns into stubbornness and stubbornness, and it is what leads you to insist on maintaining a relationship that is broken or putting up toxic jobs. In those moments, a tremendous energy takes you where you want, and there is no way to make you change course, no matter how much you take a step back, or two to the sides, but you go to the bottom (and you come out badly stopped and with the wounded heart). And you know you could change it if you wanted, because when you want you can. Just like when you give someone the reason to shut up once, But inside you know that you are going to do what you want. The triumph of the strategy is your thing, Cancer, regardless of who it weighs.


Leo, you are stubborn as a good fixed sign that you are. Your ideas are fixed, with all the good and all the bad that they imply. And you cling to them no matter how much it sometimes means facing those you love. And that if there is something you love in this life is pleasing others. But if it is at the cost of giving in where you think you are right, to hell with others. You are first. The truth is that it is superior to you that they want to impose something on you with which you do not agree. And in this war you push yourself to the limit in order to get what you want. And as in the dispute something that has to do with your way of being, with your achievements, with your values, with your defects, with something that goes against you personally, is in question in any way (or you will if it is absolutely necessary but with the consequent displeasure).


Virgo, you are stubborn, quite stubborn, very stubborn. You carry it a bit in essence, in your veins, but there is another very important part of your stubbornness that is based on a deep reflection on any situation on which you have to define yourself. And if it is thought out, if you have enough arguments, you present your position (your idea or your way of acting) with all those of the law. And you do not admit changes because you are 200% sure that you are right. There are times when you allow yourself to be flexible, and you can even give in, but because you are not completely sure of something, and you recognize that the other person may be right. But even in those situations, they will have to give you good arguments first, and they will have to give you the opportunity to discuss anything that you disagree on.


Libra, you get stubborn defending some of your many ideas. Recognize that you love to argue, and that you are also good at because you have a privileged mind to argue, memorize and agree. Of course, you tend to adapt a lot to others, but in terms of plans, ways of managing a relationship or work issues. Because in the world of ideas and theories, the triumph is yours. You have a great experience in debating and arguing, and with all this you get enough category to get into the mud to fight because everything you believe in. For you, there is nothing better than discussing based on your own experience. And when it is like that, you go to the bottom and you can catch up with other people much more stubborn than you.


Stubbornness in your case, Scorpio Rather, it is radical and rigid. When you take a position on something, it is difficult for you to change what you think, and you push it to the limit. When someone vilely betrays you, you push them aside and you don’t care about the subsequent explanations they give you: you don’t move from your site or change your mind (almost never, although there are times when life, people or circumstances force you and you have to give in) . In your case, Scorpio, this stubborn radicalism, so called, is an extension of how rigid you usually also be when you meet people. You need your time, you need to trust. Then, when there is already a relationship and connection, if there is something that breaks the union, you break it and not a hair of your head moves. Firm and safe. And even if you suffer inside, you keep going because you think it is for the best. And even if you continue to suffer, you don’t usually regret it.


Sagittarius , you could be stubborn if we relate this facet to your dominant character. You like to impose yourself because you see yourself with the virtues, the wisdom and the experience for it. And the truth is that you are a good leader for all those virtues of your way of being. So when you want something, or think something, you want others to agree with you. You are not stubborn as such, because the very stubborn person is the one who does not change a comma of what he says, and your stubbornness is that way in which you can change the speech a thousand times (not the idea) in order to convince the others that they agree with you. You can’t play with your freedom either, and with it it could also be said that you cling to your ideas and positions so as not to lose it even a little bit. Conclusion: you are stubborn but also flexible. A luxury.


Capricorn You are stubborn and stubborn but always with thousands of reasons to be so. With these reasons knowing how to support your position but also those reasons help you to respond to whoever wants an explanation of why you behave like this. You are a person with a cold mind, so if someone thinks that you are being carried away by impulses or internal emotional issues, they are wrong. You like to be clear about where you are and where you are going, and that is why you stick to your ideas, postures, thoughts and ways of acting. To dead. And if someone insists on pushing you off your site, you will stop explaining them and turn around. You don’t like wasting time, or arguing eternally about something. You could even admit that sometimes you are not right about something, but if the person in front of you does not know how to defend his position with good arguments, you are not going to give in to please him, that’s clear. And also, you have a lot of experiences from all the times you have found that others are much more wrong than you.


Aquarius , you are stubborn by the work and grace of a personality that passes a lot of what others think. For a personality outside of any classification. And so you spend your life, maintaining your way of being above any comment from the rest of the universe. As you also believe in freedom, your arguments for not giving in and clinging to your positions and opinions are precisely those: the freedom of each one to be able to say and do whatever they want is necessary and extremely important. Always respecting others, of course, but you know a lot about that. And that’s just what you always ask, that they respect you just as you respect others. It must also be said that you put more effort into keeping your ideas, and that with your postures you tend to be more flexible. Is that being stubborn?


You may be one of the less stubborn signs of the Zodiac, Pisces. You cling to few things in life, precisely because your thing is to flow with circumstances, let yourself go with the flow and live many lives in one. What’s more, people who insist, who are stubborn and stubborn to the point of saying enough, seem to you to spend a lot of unnecessary energy, because sometimes life forces you, whether you want to or not, so why fight? Clinging to what cannot be is like wanting to move a mountain, it doesn’t go with you, really. The only thing you seem to have an air of stubbornness is when you insist on seeing love in an idealistic way, to find yourself face to face again and again with reality, which is always much uglier. But even in that you try to change, although you can’t always. It is like changing the stubborn that carries it in his veins, because you carry your idealism-romanticism the same, in your veins and to death.


When The Signs Are Third And Stubborn But Each In His Way

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