When The Signs Are Shaken By Gloomy

When The Signs Are Shaken By Gloomy

Sometimes, you can’t help it, that lump in your throat ends up shattering and comes out in the form of tears. There are things that hurt you, that you hide in a corner of your thoughts because with any slightest touch they come back to you and hurt you just like the first time. It is not easy to accept that the cracks do not go away, you got used to giving your best face, although inside you can no longer. I know there are times when it’s just you and your loneliness when you break down and don’t tell anyone. When the signs of the zodiac are shaken by melancholy, they are crying out for a hug.


What bothers you the most is feeling weak, you get angry with yourself as if you were not brave enough. You have overcome a lot, but because of your demands, it is difficult for you to admit it. You are the type of person who hides stress, but secretly you feel desperate as if you are not able to move forward. What you want is an emotional cleanse, to start over and make a drastic change in your life, that’s how you’re going to free yourself.


There are breaths that hurt, you feel the weight of so many things that you have silenced going through every corner of your body. You are one of those who does not know how to say no and that is the reason why your agenda is filled with a lot of responsibilities that do not even correspond to you. How long are you going to stop? As much as you love people, you can’t with everything, it’s not up to you to solve their life. What you want is a pause, stay with the people who are genuine, and say goodbye to falsehoods. 


Behind a brave, determined, and changeable soul, there are also hidden a lot of fears that most are not aware of. You know that there are times when you don’t even know where you stand, you lose your mind and faith in everything. Suddenly, you do not feel satisfied with your decisions, it seems that to your thoughts everything you do is wrong. So, you walk away, you stop living together, you want some time for yourself and embrace the depths of your pain. 


Look at you, nobody beats you when it comes to avoiding emotions, you became a fan of using that cape to cover them. You don’t want others to perceive you as a sensitive person who loses control. You have put so much pressure on yourself that there comes the point where melancholy overwhelms you without asking your permission. What you want is to evade, fake smiles, and move on. But you’re falling apart and crying is present between those four walls. 


There are many times when you have been broken, but you have learned to pick up your pieces, wipe your tears and show the world that you are capable of enduring that and more. It bothers you that nobody has compassion for you, because they are used to seeing you shine. It seems that you have no right to yell, cry or get angry. They live in their bubble of falsehoods and without realizing it you accepted it. That makes you feel very bad, there are times when all you want is for them to put themselves in your shoes. 


You are an expert at making people think that flaws are not welcome in your world. Every day you demand yourself until crying tells you to stop a little. Your heart is exhausted, you have ignored one pain after another, so your mind makes you get irritated by anything. You are sinking and you do not allow anyone to help you. It’s not okay, you also need yourself, just like how you help others. 


How complicated isn’t it? They say that you are the sign that knows what he wants, Libra, the one that makes the best decisions, because you are able to see both sides of the coin. Yet you feel confused, pressured, and tired. There are times when you don’t know where to walk and that makes you feel like the most unstable person in the world. You focus on doing so many things at the same time, that you end up leaving everything halfway. Your emotions can no longer, they are telling you. 


It’s true, your soul is rebellious, Scorpio, you don’t need to be motivated to take charge of any madness that crosses your mind. It’s not hard for you to fight for what you want, nor are you afraid of sacrifices. The bad thing is that there are times when you exaggerate, you leave your emotional, mental and physical health aside. What you want is to meet your goals and period. Is it worth losing you like that? Your light is going out. 


You are such a sensitive sign that negative emotions do not scare you, Sagittarius, when you feel that things are going wrong you stop to speak with your heart. You know that there are events in your life that will no longer be erased, they will hurt you until your last breath. However, every day you strive to deal with it and put your best face forward. You don’t do it to look good with the rest, it’s for you because you don’t like to be where it hurts. 


You are definitely an expert in running away from melancholy. It is very difficult for you to talk to your feelings, you prefer to lose yourself in one activity after another than to accept that there are issues in your heart that have not been healed. Why do you hurt yourself so much? You deserve to be heard, loved, and valued, with everything and your cracks. Your insecurities lead you to sadness and make you believe a lot of things that are not real. Speak it already Capricorn.


Even for you, it is difficult to realize that you have already reached your weakest point. You are such an intelligent sign with so many projects on the horizon, that there are times when life goes by and you don’t ask yourself if you are really happy doing something. You’ve already reached the point where you do certain things as if you were a machine. It’s okay if you need others, it’s also okay to ask for a hug or talk until you fall asleep. Say it. 


It is clear that you and melancholy have an extremely unstable relationship because it does not get along with your sensitive side at all. Let’s say that when it comes into your life everything gets worse, you feel twice as sad and apathy becomes your best companion. Bad streaks shake you to the point that you feel like you can’t take it anymore. It is hard to accept it, but it is time for you to receive what you give, do not settle for abusive and exhausting relationships.


When The Signs Are Shaken By Gloomy

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