When Signs Are Able To Repair What Others Break

When Signs Are Able To Repair What Others Break

One of the most real things in life is that you never know with certainty the story of who is in front of you. There are people who have gone through so many storms, but have the courage to keep a smile. They know that the fact that they have been hurt is no justification for hurting others. That is why their company becomes a shelter, they are not afraid of the scars, on the contrary, they caress them with subtlety. When the signs of the zodiac are able to repair what others break…


You consider that loving is a sacred act, it is falling in love from the depths. A relationship in which loyalty speaks for you, you are very honest with your emotions and you do everything in your power to not break that person’s illusions. You are aware that a broken heart cannot be given overnight, that is why you wait with a lot of patience, affection, and understanding.


The slower everything is, the better for you. You like to know the person who will hold your hand, thoroughly. You are not afraid to discover her manias, fears, and weaknesses. Yours has never been looking for something perfect, you simply focus on building something healthy. Where facts, practicality, and common sense are your main guides. You treat with softness, dedication, and romanticism. You are proof that you can always love again.


That person who has received the warmth of your heart knows that you do not fear, you let yourself go. It is your restless and unpredictable soul that decides to move forward until the adrenaline shakes your heartbeat. You are a charm, you like to melt with conversations, but also with displays of affection that remain stored in memory. When you love you are able to find harmony between the intense and the calm.


People dare to say that you are too crazy in matters of the heart, that you rarely really know the person and you give yourself like an open book. What they don’t know is that where you put your eye, you put the bullet, a long time before you analyze the person and make sure that they are someone sensitive. It is your tenderness that allows him to trust again after so many disappointments. You heal.


Your free time is very selective, you prefer to be alone than share with someone who only dulls your shine. You have an easy way to fall in love because you don’t do it with the intention of controlling the other, you genuinely seek to build something in which both of you feel safe. You are frank, authentic, the kind of love that becomes an ally. That’s when your proud side falls and you just want to indulge.


You left that fairy tale thing in the past a long time ago. You don’t want anything that is based on superficiality. If you decide to share your energy with someone it is because that person contributes to you in many ways. Of course, your logical side insists that you stick to the practical side and not get wrapped up in romanticism. However, your heart is not made of ice and if someone knocks on your door, you do not hesitate to hug them with your soul.


Your charm is not in question, you usually relate with transparency. Libra, you don’t like starting something with lies. What you want is to share all the magic that is in your heart, but also receive what the other person can give you. Inside you lives a persuader who is crazy about love and you have the kindness to put yourself in other people’s shoes. You would never dare to judge a story you don’t know. On the contrary, you have the perfect cure for a broken heart.


A mixture capable of shaking even the most hidden emotions, that’s you and you love it. You are not afraid to put passion first and leave reason aside. For you, feelings should not wait, if there is chemistry between the two it is the opportunity to get to know each other until their souls are left without a single piece of clothing. You want a real love, who cries from time to time about the past, but has the courage to keep moving forward.


As time goes by, people change physically, emotionally, and mentally. You are no longer the same as you were a few years ago and you appreciate it, there is nothing you regret. Even mistakes have made you mature and value what you have. The euphoria of love does not blind you, you may have a dreamy side, but that does not mean that you are going to give yourself away without reason. You know how to love, so much so that you are cautious, and if the other person does not feel safe, you give them space.


Although it may not seem like it, a hopeless romantic lives inside you. It’s hard for people to believe that you’re not afraid to think about a happy ending, especially when you notice the good intentions of the other person. You like things bluntly, but you know that adding a touch of fantasy doesn’t hurt anyone. You are very tolerant of the times, if that heart still doesn’t feel ready for something more formal, you don’t push and that makes them end up adoring you.


Talking about love with you is like taking a flight with no return, you really like to wrap your most beautiful part around that special soul. You definitely take the conquest process very seriously. Your personality is sweet, tender, and free, your intention will never be to dominate. You don’t want to control the person, you want them to tell you about their demons and their victories. You become the shoulder that anyone needs and they love that.


It is not as complicated as many make it out to be. The key to loving and being reciprocated is staying next to someone who is ready. You know that you are no longer here to save hearts, however, if that person shows you that they loves you, you are not afraid to accompany them in the healing process. It is not your responsibility to resolve her trauma, but if you can help make the road less difficult, don’t hesitate. Your sensitivity allows you to understand that and more.

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