When Pisces Is About To Break Up With You

When a Pisces soul has to make the decision to break up with their partner, they need at least a football team behind them to support the decision. Seriously, Pisces is a person who needs a lot of human warmth when he is going to make a very tough decision. He needs to know that he is doing the right thing and that he will not regret it in the future, he needs to have support and thus know very well what he is doing. Pisces is a person who is characterized by having two parallel realities in his mind, the ideal life and the real-life, and in this case, both lives merge to share the same mission: rupture.

Total chaos, Pisces does not like such conflictive situations at all for life. Seriously, he hates and detests the fact that he has to choose, but in this case, it could be better.

In this case, choose between being happy or continuing with someone to follow, and there, even if you are afraid, Pisces chooses to fly. Fly and be happy again, dream and have the opportunity to find someone much better. When Pisces wants to make such a strong decision, he shows, feels, and senses it in the environment, seriously, whoever does not see it on his face is because he wears super dark sunglasses.

The Pisces face is like an open book, it tells everything that its mouth does not want to say and shows, everything that it feels and does not come to light out of fear or pure strategy (with the fish you never know) seriously when Pisces has to make that decision, he will cry, kick and scream at the mirror as many times as necessary, but the feeling of internal cleanliness that remains when he does it, he does not change for the world.


When Pisces Is About To Break Up With You

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