When Aries Gets Angry

When Aries gets damn off, he can become very dangerous. Each sign gets angry and releases all its anger in its own way. Some do it silently, stealthily but dangerously. Others, on the other hand, make themselves known and when they are damn off, everything living on planet earth finds out.

When you get angry, Aries, nothing good can happen. But hey, you already know that… In a moment of rage or rage you insult, kick, curse half the world, cry like a child, even throw everything you see in your way but after all that madness, the waters return to their channel. So clear.

You get damn off by lies, even by omitting the truth, by trying to contradict you all the time when you know you’re right, by injustice, not to mention infidelity… You’re warm, yes, but you have a heart of gold. A heart that is worth millions, and although you may be the worst creature on Earth for a moment when you come to your senses and see the time you have wasted, you reconsider and ignore it completely.

If you get angry it’s because things hurt you, and they hurt a lot. When you pass the phase of “forgetting”, it’s all over. It can be dangerous when you get damn off because your impulsiveness makes you do things that you will probably regret later, but at the time you are blinded by pain, and nothing matters. If the world ends, you wouldn’t care, what’s more, you could be the one to destroy it too.

And then the Aries tears will come, tears for having spent so much time on other people, tears for having destroyed your life at times, tears for having fallen so low when deep down you didn’t want to.


When Aries Gets Angry

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