When An Aquarius Man Loves You, He Makes You Run Your Lipstick And Not The Mascara

Multifaceted, liberal and charming, this is Aquarius. The man who makes you sigh and elevates you to heaven in the same second. When he decides to give you his heart he gives you spirituality, love and tenderness. C hen a man loves Aquarius makes you run lipstick and mascara not. 

Aquarius has Uranus on his side, the planet that keeps him on the lookout, always in search of the new, that is why they hate falling into the routine. But every now and then Saturn does his thing and keeps you in line, a way where he doesn’t lose the floor. Aquarius is a mysterious man who catches you from the first moment.

How Aquarius loves 

They have a very attractive side, but also confusing, he is not the man who makes you feel safe the first time, sometimes you have no idea what they want, because they do not like the conventional. He is a man who is always with his mind everywhere, he likes to let his thoughts fly and when it comes to love they invite his mystical side.

You can’t help it , Aquarius has a healing power, which makes you release resentments, purifies you in a deep way and that makes them have a unique emotional connection. He does not like to feel that they have him in their hands, so he escapes from time to time, to recover his independent side and feel good about himself.

Aquarius is the man who when he loves brings out the best in you, they are visionaries and have very high goals, for them the impossible do not exist, they work hard to achieve it. The more eccentric their context, the more comfortable they feel. However, they have an understanding and patient side, they do not force you to tell them, they give you the opportunity to let yourself go.

Aquarius is the man who steals laughter from you with a peculiar sense of humor, but also the one who envelops you in a kiss. He is one of those who can make the world stop just by feeling his breath, they are persuasive and they know it. They enjoy being in control and exploding their partner’s sensitivity.

Aquarius is romantic, pacifist, affectionate. It is the person who makes you analyze the meaning of love, because you have never experienced anything like it before. Aquarius cares, protects and accompanies, does not expect you to do what he tells you, but is willing to advise and guide you.

Aquarius has more of an affinity for air signs, such as Libra and Gemini. But also with those of fire, like Aries and Sagittarius. They complement each other because they are signs who like to try new things, those who listen and value their mental health. Of course, all lovers of freedom.

C hen a man loves you Aquarius runs the lip and not the mascara,becauseis fire under the sheets. If there is no emotional and passionate connection, he prefers nothing to happen and that does not mean that he wants marriage, it means that he likes to enjoy deeply. Experiencing new things is one of his favorite hobbies. Aquarius makes you feel refreshed, free, creative, and daring in home.


When An Aquarius Man Loves You, He Makes You Run Your Lipstick And Not The Mascara

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