What’s Most Scary About Your Sign

What’s Most Scary About Your Sign

All zodiac signs have positive and super fun aspects but they also have a dark side that you have to accept. It is possible that many signs of the Zodiac do not consciously identify with these traits, but the truth is that they are there for the vast majority, they are valid for the Solar, Lunar, and Ascendant signs. We show you the scariest thing about your zodiac sign, ready?


The scariest thing about Aries is undoubtedly the decisions he makes madly and without thinking. He does what he wants at all times and of course, he sounds very good and very nice. The problem comes when you live with more people and your decisions affect them. Because no, Aries in that sense does not look out for others, he acts based on what he feels and what he wants to do. He is one of those who believes that if you do what you feel you are never wrong, but what about the rest? If you know Aries you will also know his point of selfishness, perhaps not even intentional, but it is a point that is and will be in greater or lesser intensity. And it can be very scary.


Although it is already a typical topic, the stubbornness of Taurus can lead to behaviors that are scary. And when he is spiteful he can do things that he later regrets. The Bull has many difficulties to let go, to let go, and much more if he still wants to have it. Sometimes he gets a bit pushy, he gets something into his head and won’t stop until he tries again and again, although sometimes it’s even a bit heavy. He always seems to be on the lookout and that is sometimes tiring and a little scary. Obviously, not all Taurus are busy doing something like this, many turn the page but after stalking a lot.


Despite that facade of good vibes and joy, Geminis can become the best actor or actress of the moment. Yes, she has an amazing ability to act, dramatize situations, to deceive. He is a master of lies although this does not mean that all Geminis are liars. But he knows how to do it perfectly. Sometimes he even he doesn’t even know that he is lying. He has created such an atmosphere around him that he ends up believing that what he says is totally real. They create their own truth and carry it through to the end. It is true that not all Geminis use that duality to turn the truth around, but many do. And it can be creepy.


The scariest thing about the Crab is his obsession. Cancers who have ever reached this point know very well how bad things can get when they become obsessed with something or someone. And if that person betrays them or they feel betrayed themselves, they don’t respond.

They suffer a lot, sometimes too much, they can imagine things that are not and want to make the others see that they are wrong. It can be very humiliating for Cancer and going into that circle at the end is super destructive. Cancer can be completely messed and still he can continue to hurt himself. It’s terrible.


Leo looks for admiration no matter what, and the problem is that in the worst case, he doesn’t really care how to get it. Although he is apparently a very generous person, it is true that this generosity is often camouflaged in selfishness because he is generous only so that in the end you end up doing what he wants or to take you where he wants to go. Although he may not seem like it, Leo will always put himself first, above all else, and that is often scary…


You may not have seen anything yet but Virgo’s fantasies in bed are creepy. It is true that many times we see this sign as a modest sign, shy, a bit boring and even bland… But nothing to see. He hides many things, especially those related to his fantasies. One day he may break free and tell you all of them, or he may keep repressing them some more. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with it. Neither in one thing nor in another.


Libra is a curious soul, looking for what makes people act the way they act, and sometimes gets into really dark worlds. He becomes obsessed with the behavior of some people and therefore searches for disturbing articles and videos. It is capable of storing data and information about macabre characters or telling certain little-known things about episodes or dramatic seasons of our history. Or maybe he’ll shut up and never mention the need to know what has been, what is and what will be on the dark side of history.


Scorpio is a sign ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, death, rebirth… And it’s not surprising that many natives of this sign are obsessed with death and with everything that often surrounds this. You may be attracted to certain things that are a bit macabre or that the rest of the world sees as such. Sometimes, you think too long about what your death or that of your loved ones will be like, you imagine hundreds of scenarios and you can also suffer for it. They are thoughts that come to your mind and that you cannot always have controlled. In the end, one gets used to it but for the rest, it can be terrifying…


Sagittarius will not complicate existence, if his feelings towards someone are too strong, he will not hesitate to escape, to run away, to leave when before there. He sometimes gives the feeling that he doesn’t give a mess about how the rest feel, and the problem is that it’s not only a feeling, it’s also a fact. Sagi will not like to stay longer to understand someone’s emotions, that responsibility does not belong to them, even if that person is someone very important. He doesn’t feel like dealing with problems that aren’t his. Sagi is in another lot and that can be terrifying. Especially when the problem is serious.


Capri doesn’t want anyone to get in her way, and she’ll do anything to make it so. If you get in the way, be prepared for anything. ANYTHING. When Capri feels that you are trying to mess up his life, he can fantasize about making yours a living hell. Sometimes you don’t even want to annoy him, just that by fate or chance, you have achieved things that could have bothered him. Well, there he too will be thinking of revenge. And one of the cruelest. To the relief of many, the vast majority of Capricorns never become that mobster they dream of at that moment.


Aquarius can be a person completely emotionally detached from the rest. It is true that he suffers like anyone else with some things but perhaps not with those that the world expects. He can shrink his heart to see an abandoned puppy or one that has been made to suffer but then he would be able to kill that person who has done it with his own hands. His sensitivity is selective, and so is his sense of justice. He is very intelligent and has impressive skills, he knows how to make you feel like the worst mess on the planet. And he will do it if necessary. IF YOU THINK IT IS NECESSARY.


Pisces is and always will be THE VICTIM of everything. It is possible that any Piscean reading this will obviously say that this is not true, but it is clear that anyone who is not a Piscean and has dealt with them will certainly favor this statement. The creepy thing about Little Fish is undoubtedly the way of turning everything upside down, the way he has of continuing in that role of the victim even though they were the creators of the conflict or the drama. He will always turn the tables so that the rest feel bad for what he has done, even if they have not done anything. Terrible.


What's Most Scary About Your Sign

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