What Your Soul Screams At You When You Can No Longer With Anxiety

It is very difficult to deal with our anxious “ I ”, the one that is always telling you to take a step back or everything will end badly. Sometimes you can look perfect on the outside, smile, and pretend nothing is wrong, but internally you struggle with a lot of thoughts that fill you with insecurities. It is as if an alert button is turned on 24 hours a day, I do not wish it on anyone. Anxiety lies to you, tells you that you are not enough, that you are alone, that they do not love you. Do not believe him, take a moment and come back to you, so that you realize how much you are worth. It’s okay to listen because this is what your soul screams when you can no longer handle anxiety, but do not get hooked, because they are monsters in your head that want to make you doubt. Remember that you are not everything they say.


Aries, what happens to you when anxiety is present is that you feel desperate, an inexplicable fear makes you doubt everything and everyone. What frustrates you the most is that you don’t really know where it comes from, it just fills you with worry and you think of the worst. It is the uncertainty that keeps you from moving forward, the one that makes you imagine the worst scenarios. It hurts to realize that you can’t protect yourself from your thoughts, and that’s when you want it all to end. Your soul is telling you to stop, that things will not always turn out the way you want, that you must give yourself the opportunity to flow, to let life put each piece in its place. Do not be so hard on yourself, do not criticize yourself, better focus on that you already took an important step, maybe not at the pace you wanted, but you kept moving forward, and that matters more.


For you Taurus, anxiety is synonymous with having a pitched battle during the early mornings, it is you trying to bring down insomnia. Suddenly, you see yourself there, turning between the sheets, wiping the sweat from your body, thinking about everything and nothing. Your mind does not leave you, it is cruel, it seems that it waits for the day to end to remind you of everything you did not achieve. It’s like trying to stop a train without success. It is your stubborn part, the one that wants to have a perfect life, the one that judges its mistakes, the one that does not recognize every achievement. Deep down you know that you have many things to be happy about, but something prevents you from smiling at all. Maybe your soul just wants you to pause, to give yourself time to thank, to enjoy the little things, of loving your loved ones. You’re not crazy about comfort, you don’t need risk to make sure you’re on the right track. You’re doing it right.


Gemini and anxiety, a complicated situation that knows no rules and that always seeks to go to the extreme side. That is, the way your soul screams at you that it can’t take it anymore is when you become compulsive in everything. Suddenly, find an escape valve in food, drink, love, shopping, the goal is to satisfy that emptiness that prevents you from moving forward. It is time for you to stop Gemini, because you are discharging too much energy in what is not worth it, in what in the end fills you with wounds. That does not heal your anxiety, on the contrary, it increases it. Your soul wants you to not go so fast, to take the time to meet true friends, to the people who do love you, to those who are always there when your world falls apart. You do not have to be there for everyone, that is not a way to show love, that is synonymous with wearing yourself out, not putting yourself as a priority. Now it’s your turn, it’s your turn, what do you want? What do you like? Where do you no longer want to be? Listen to yourself Gemini.


Why are you punishing yourself for Cancer? Anxiety becomes your worst enemy because it aims to break you down, make you sink, and when you let it pervade there comes a point where you just can’t stop. Cancer, for you anxiety is to stop eating, stop living together, you move away until the simple act of breathing becomes complicated. It is as if a part of you is frozen, you are but you are not, you lose yourself in your own world. It is because you have been taking care of others for so long that your soul is simply already exhausted. The worst of all is that there is a part of you that wants to receive everything that it gives, but when you realize that it is not possible, everything falls apart. You have to know that most people do not have your level of empathy and that does not mean that they do not like you, it is just that they will not act as you expect. What your soul wants is for you to set limits, to be loved for who you are and not for what you do for others. 


A moment out of control. Leo, your anxiety is like an unexpected hurricane, you experience a racing heartbeat, uncontrollable breathing, sweaty hands, and panic that runs through you from head to toe. You go from being quiet to asking yourself over and over again, what the hell is going on? There is something in you that tells you that danger is approaching and although you try to concentrate you cannot. Relax, take a deep breath and drink some water. Go for a walk, clear your mind, so you can hear what your soul is really telling you. You know that you are a brilliant, independent sign, but you don’t have to be adored all the time, there are people who flatly can’t with you and that’s fine. That does not make you less important, assuming it makes you free yourself, embrace your self-esteem and start doing things for yourself., not to please anyone else. You are here to be happy, please do not get distracted by people who are not worth it.


Virgo, you are the one who experiences anxiety like when you are desperately looking for something and you are sure that you left it somewhere, but it is not there. It’s that feeling that tortures, like when you think you left the water running and went to work. Your anxiety does not respect time, place, or anything, it simply comes to your thoughts and tells you that something is missing, it makes you feel very uncomfortable and nervous. So, all you want is to end the day, go home and hope that tomorrow everything is better. Your soul needs a rest, it can no longer with so much negativity, you have become too hard on yourself, You do not forgive yourself anything and you demand double of yourself. Your mind is receiving too much toxicity from you, it seems that the more painful what you think of yourself, the better. No Virgo, you are not perfect and it is okay, that is how you should love yourself. So many love you and it is time that you start to believe it.


Your anxiety does not warn, but it is reflected in the tears that appear out of nowhere. Suddenly, your thoughts make you travel to the past, that you blame yourself for things that are not your responsibility. It’s okay to sob once in a while, to be caught off guard by melancholy, but it’s not fair to your mental, physical, and emotional health for it to become a habit. What your soul wants is that you do not fool yourself, that you do not pretend that everything is fine when it is not. Like everyone else, you are also wrong, you also feel that the world is coming on you. But you keep everything to yourself, that there comes a time when those emotions turn into a contained cry. Allow yourself to cry in time, get angry, scream, but don’t save anything. Just as you care for others, it is also good that you take refuge in them.


Scorpio, your anxiety is so unique that it is present in the strangest way. It is through self-sabotage that you tell yourself that you can’t take it anymore. It seems that you have become an expert in ruining everything good that knocks on your door as if you do not deserve such a blessing. It is obvious that running away from your emotions will not solve anything, only sink more. Walking around and half eating, half enjoying, half feeling, is not life. If something is not filling you, do not get used to it, start from the root, it will hurt for a while, but then you will regain your smile. Your soul wants you to take the time to be alone so that you can discover your true essence. Ask yourself since when did you decide to walk around as if you were a machine, what is it that stole you, or is it stealing your energy? No one should normalize bitterness in their life, least of all you who have such a valuable and pure heart, capable of making anyone fall in love. Trust yourself more and don’t get carried away by others.


Blessed is that person who has the sensitivity to detect when a Sagittarius can no longer handle anxiety because he is really an expert at disguising his emotions. Forget it, you will not notice it in the way he speaks or acts, he simply takes refuge in his body. When your muscles can’t take it anymore when you feel tired from everything and nothing when life starts to get too heavy. Your mind is so cunning that it can make you believe the worst, especially when the lows are present. What your soul wants is for you to enjoy the moments, not to be in a hurry, to want more and more, because the most important thing is getting out of hand. You are not prioritizing yourself, you are losing yourself in an image that only exists in your head. If you pretend that everything is fine, hardly someone will put themselves in your place to help you. You are the captain of your ship, do not forget it, but it is fine if someone decides to accompany you on the journey.


Come on, it’s not that Capricorn is exactly the most outgoing person in the zodiac, but when you feel at peace with people, you can be a lot of fun, you like to enjoy the moment. However, when anxiety is present, you really become very quiet, you take refuge in your thoughts and you do not care about anything else. Usually, you are someone who does not have a hard time dealing with loneliness, but in those moments you forget everything in an exaggerated way. Capricorn, your soul wants you to wonder if it is really worth all that you are losing. There are times when you focus so much on meeting certain goals that you put everything aside, but… the worst comes when things don’t go as planned, and that’s when you don’t forgive yourself for a mistake. You have a hard time assuming that the castle will not always be perfect and you blame yourself for no reason. Remember that everything is temporary, even the bad days, that do not have to define you, you are much more than a losing streak. Assume what happened and look for a new direction, there is no more.


A volcano on fire, that’s how you are Aquarius when anxiety visits you unexpectedly. It seems that there is an emotional lack of control inside you, you would like to be calm, but your desperation to show that everything is fine leads you to do the opposite. So, you become the expert on appearances. You fake everything, the kisses, the hugs, the desire to be with someone, but… inside you can’t take it anymore, you’re drowning, you can’t find a way out and you just want a little understanding. Say it! Nobody expects you to be perfect, it’s okay to fall apart. After? Aquarius, read well, there is no after, now is when you can download everything that does not let you advance. You have no idea of ​​the people who do want to see you shine, trust a little more, because they will not leave you alone. Your soul wants you to listen to yourself, to value yourself, not to hide, because sadness also serves to move forward. 


Pisces and fantasy. When anxiety comes to your world it shakes you so much that you forget the present, it is there but it is not there. He is so desperate to find calm that he ends up creating an alternate world, in which dreams, love, and peace rule. In the end, that’s all you want, but it’s hard for you to say. You help others so much because that’s the way your soul screams that it wants some support too. You are here Pisces, don’t let your thoughts decide who you are. You’ve come a long way, you do it every day, but you also deserve to do nothing for a whole day. Simply focus on who you are, your passions, your hobbies, the way you treat others. You have the power, you just need to start acting. Maybe at first, it costs you too much, you don’t want to change overnight. But how about you take a notebook and write down the new step you take every day? Trust me, it will change your life.


What Your Soul Screams At You When You Can No Longer With Anxiety

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