What Your Regenting Planet Says About You Even If You Try To Silence It

It is true, we cannot cover the sun with a finger, our essence desperately cries out to be present and tell the world what it is made of. Our zodiac sign says a lot about our personality, but have you ever thought about what your ruling planet says about youEven if you try to shut it up, it is our energy, the way we face every situation in life. How calm or desperate we are, even meticulous. Perhaps there are many things that you do not like because even the planets are not perfect. However, they help our character to be forged and we do not lower our guard in the middle of the road. What your ruling planet says about you even if you try to keep it quiet:


To you, Aries, it is Mars who takes you strong by the hand. Thanks to him you have this crazy instinct that you don’t think much before acting, because you like to listen to your heart. Mars, wake up your impulsive side, but that does not mean that you go through life without thinking about the consequences. On the contrary, it is your determined part, the one that enjoys being a leader and is not afraid to take the initiative. It is the planet that has the spirit of war, ambition, and a lot of passion. Yes, I’m not going to lie to you, your bad temper has a lot to do with Mars, but it’s not such a worrying thing, let’s say it passes quickly. In addition, it helps you not to tie yourself, to let go and accept things as they happened. There is nothing that can stop you if Mars is with you.


You are known to be one of the smartest, bravest, and most persevering signs of the zodiac. However, few talk about what is behind that barrier that Taurus regularly shows. He is much more than a stubborn being and to describe him as a cold personality is one of the most absurd mistakes I have seen. Taurus has Venus on his side, the planet of love, the one who invites us to seek harmony, the one who is attracted to beauty, and the one who honors art. It is a sign with a beautiful heart, once you are on his list of important people, he just won’t let go of your hand. He is the one who is not afraid of deep connections, he wants loyalty, commitment, and something long-term. Taurus, is a delicate soul, he may not go around showing love to everyone, but when he does he wastes it to the four winds.


They say that Geminis are never still, that they always want more, that there is no final number on their list of acquaintances. The truth is, you can’t blame him for all that dynamism that runs through your pores. Since it is Mercury who guides his steps, that is, he has the gift of communication, the world is not closed to him in any situation, he likes to fight for his goals. It is also known that Mercury is the one who honors the intellect, it is that of souls with an open mind, but always on the side of logic. If you ever wondered where the curiosity you have for everything comes from and how you always look for another answer; it is thanks to your planet. Mercury, has a unique taste for ruling, for making clear what he expects from life, he does not settle for anything, he is just like a Gemini.


Emotional, rapturous, intense, there are many ways they want to describe a Cancer as overblown, but only they know how hard it is for them to deal with the whirlwind of emotions that hits their mind. It is the Moon who bathes him in his personality, hence his unexpected moods come from, those that seem not to understand reasons and can hurt sensibilities. Because Cancer will be everything the world wants, but being a liar is not given to him, he prefers to say things honestly and upfront. The truth is that I do not recommend doubting the intuition of a Cancer, because they really know what they are doing, it is the special connection they have with the Moon, which warns them when danger is near. It is thanks to her that you can become so empathetic and protective, only another Cancer understands it.


Influential, radiant, fun, unforgettable, it is more than clear that every Leo that appears in your path leaves an indelible mark. Many argue that it is ego, but it is simply a sign that you have enough self-esteem to recognize and appreciate your qualities. This is because the Sun illuminates your entire life. That is, it makes you focus on your goals, feel confident, energetic, and don’t accept anyone’s refusal. It is not ego, it is simply that you know you are here to do your best. Leos want their basic needs and a little more, what’s wrong with that? In the end, every effort always has a reward. In addition, Leo does not look only for his benefits, he is also kind enough to help others. When a Leo pledges loyalty to you, they will be there to applaud your every achievement. If he can help you, he will.


What unites a Gemini and a Virgo, nothing less than the force of Mercury. In the case of Virgo, it helps you stay firm in all your decisions. He is the one who increases his intellect and reminds him that any slight misstep may be the reason why his castle falls apart. Virgo may not be so sociable, but when he has to say something he does not beat around the bush, he likes to put his cards on the table and he has enough pants to do it. It is a sign that always sets goals, does not allow anyone to interfere with its plans and that determination comes from Mercury. His firmness is so great that he does not want to waste his time on things that do not benefit him at all. Sometimes you don’t know what you want, but you do know what you don’t want.


Selective, dreamy, and fair. That is Libra, a sign that can be very generous and charming, but it is not a fool who is going to allow itself to be manipulated by the first that appears in its path. Although it is Venus, who governs it, it is not always the sugar candy of the story. Venus highlights her beauty not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. Libra, becomes a magnet for anyone, truly appreciating him becomes a perfect work of art. In addition, it gives him that empathic part, the gift of always putting himself in the place of others, it is what makes him win the hearts of people. Libra, don’t pretend, if you are part of his circle, you can be sure that he will be there to wipe your tears, but also to pull your ears from time to time. He is one of the best counselors in the zodiac. Without a doubt, having it by your side is a relief.


Imagine being a Scorpio, born with the gift of the emotional, the spiritual, the mystical, and the impetuous. Honestly, tell me, what would you do instead? It is not easy to deal with so much, but … it doesn’t stop there, because it also has the energy of two planets: Pluto and Mars. Although it is clearly Pluto who has the most power over him. We are talking about the planet that honors rebirth, darkness, to that of which most do not dare to speak. That is why Scorpio can change his mood in the blink of an eye, he cannot always deal with all the thoughts that appear in his mind. In addition, you want to go deep into everything, you do not want to stay with the superficial, you need to go to the root. In the same way, Pluto encourages him to put too much pressure until he gets what he wants, in the end, it is the planet of self-awareness, the one that embraces intensity. And well, Mars, also adds a bit of his anger and aggressiveness, it is the passionate side of Scorpio that few can control.


The sign of the wings that know no end, that of those who dare, that of those who are not willing to settle for a world that others created, always wants something more. That is Sagittarius, who has a thirst for triumph, but not because of the ego because it gives him peace to break his fears. It is thanks to Jupiter that he never gives up, because it is the planet of expansion, of growth, which is linked to traveling the world. Sagittarius has that unique touch when it comes to speaking, he likes to get carried away in a philosophical way, just like Jupiter. That is why he always has an optimistic attitude, in which freedom is the front door. Jupiter does not let Sagittarius feel comfortable in a place where he is not happy. On the contrary, it fills him with energy so that he dares to leave loves that are not worth it, people who talk behind his back, and relatives who only hinder him. Jupiter leads you to self-discovery.


My, my, now I understand where this Capricorn way of so straight coming from. A sign that when something is proposed there is nothing in this world that makes it distracted, it can really become so disciplined that it scares. This is thanks to its ruling planet, Saturn, which represents restrictions, limits, the courage to follow the rules regardless of whether you are looking at yourself or not… That’s where Capri’s strict personality comes from, the one who always puts work as a priority and who uses her inflexible side when someone wants to go against her. Capricorns are so tough that they don’t even have mercy on themselves, they demand each other at every step and punish themselves as if it were the end of the world. Sometimes, Capri, you have to lower two lines to your starts, remind yourself that you are a structured sign and as long as you trust yourself everything will work out.


The sign they describe as distant, the one that prefers to guard its emotions before giving someone the power to destroy it. However, Aquarius is blessed by the strength of two planets: Uranus and Saturn. Of course, it is Uranus that defines his personality the most, that is, from him comes this innovative part, the one that can be rebellious and loves technology. In the same way, it invites you to shake hands with others, to care for those who need it. It is the planet that has a creative side and the courage to dive into all those areas that scare others, they are not afraid to change course quickly. For its part, Saturn also influences its qualities. He is the one who increases his desire to expand, to learn everything unknown, and to focus when necessary. It may seem that Aquarius is always wandering around in his world, but he knows very well what he is doing and thanks to Uranus and Saturn he finds the balance.


Another lucky sign is to receive the force of two planets in Pisces. It has Neptune and a bit of Jupiter on its sideThanks to them we can see a creative, artistic, sensitive, nature-loving, and dreamer Pisces. Neptune, is your main planet, the one that awakens your intuitive side, your dreams hide there, all those illusions that you share with few. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to have a unique connection with the Earth, your emotions keep pace with your roots. Neptune brings out the best in Pisces, highlighting his intelligence, the way he shines, and his ability to reflect. Of course, Jupiter also does a bit. It is thanks to him that he does not lose his spiritual side, the optimism to do things differently even though he often feels fear. It is the planet of tolerance, of new experiences, and the one that allows Pisces to open up to the world with all its essence.


What Your Regenting Planet Says About You Even If You Try To Silence It

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