What your partner fears most in a relationship with you, according to their zodiac sign

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits and is something most of us strive for in life. The truth, though, is that we are all a bit insecure to some extent and no one is really completely satisfied with themselves. In other words, even the most confident person has secret fears, and those fears are most visible when it comes to love.

Each zodiac sign has a certain type of fear that can be felt in relation to relationships and romance. Find out what your partner fears most in a relationship, according to their zodiac sign:

1. Capricorn

Of course, Capricorns are the defenders of the weak and the oppressed, and what they fear most is being silenced. The Capricorn wants to have a say. So don’t even think about excluding him. Should such a situation arise where Capricorns are not heard, they will become even louder and more in the spotlight. The Capricorn fears most of all that they will not have a say – and this is especially true when it comes to their partnership.

2. Aquarius

This zodiac sign fears not having a choice. If you are to be in a relationship with an Aquarius it would be beneficial if you understand this: An Aquarius doesn’t want you to make any decisions for them. That would be the worst that could happen to him in a relationship.   He wants to have a say and, above all, keep his freedom. He doesn’t want to fear that his choice will be taken away from him.

3. Pisces

Those born under the sign of Pisces have an ingrained fear – and that is the fear of rejection. Although we all have this fear to some extent, the fish seems to be extremely consumed by this fear. His fear manifests itself in crying and sometimes in passive-aggressive behavior. He always tries to be attractive in order to avoid rejection from his partner – no matter in what form – at all costs. Often, however, the Pisces removes itself from the relationship by rejecting itself.

4. Aries

Aries are afraid of being caught red-handed and convicted for their actions. As strong and fierce as these people are, they are also quite nervous and they secretly hope to get away with their bad behavior. If they are alerted, it creates immense conflict within them because they do not like to be caught. They will live a very long, hard time in fear because they fear that every wrong step they have taken will be exposed and that they will subsequently face it.

5. Taurus

This sign wants to love with all its heart, but it also knows what brings such intense love to it – namely, intense vulnerability. It fears being vulnerable and being weakened by love. Although Taurus knows that being fully involved in something can be the greatest experience of their life, on the other hand they are so cautious that they cannot fall in love as this in itself makes them very vulnerable. Taurus takes lessons from the past to heart and this increases his fear of affection in the future.

6. Gemini

Choices are what the twin fears. If Gemini is in a relationship and faces a tough decision, they will put off that decision for as long as possible in the hope that it might just go away. Something as big as maybe getting married or even getting a divorce stresses the Gemini immensely and he is most afraid of the big decisions that can come with a relationship. 

7. Cancer

As a cancer, your biggest fear is the lack of security. The problem here is that the Cancer is so preoccupied with it that it automatically attracts unsafe situations. With all this mental power that he brings up for his fear, he unconsciously creates stressful circumstances that he has to navigate through. Cancer is happy when loved and cared for, but worries about the bitter ending throughout the process of their relationship.

8. Leo

Leo’s greatest fear is being forgotten or ignored. And most lions are afraid of not being anything special. Being a Leo and feeling average is like a curse to that person, even if it sounds childish. If you see a Leo overdoing it, it’s because he’s having a neurotic moment that made him think he might have been forgotten. Anyway, he wants to be your hero and wants you to believe in him.

9. Virgo

The cold virgin is also afraid of something in love. She is afraid of being disappointed – mostly from herself, but also from her partner. It’s not that Virgos just strive for perfection in their relationships, but that they have experienced losses in the past and it has hurt them. Unfortunately, the problems of the past never really leave them and they use this pain to project scenarios onto their everyday lives. These scenes eventually become real for her and create feelings of fear. 

10. Libra

Libra is very afraid of losing control. Because they are naturally kind and compassionate, she ends up giving up much of her own freedom for others. She almost wears you down with her kindness and gives too much. This puts her into a deep phase of introspection in which she constantly wonders if her life is still hers at all.

11. Scorpio

The Scorpio fears stagnation in relationships. Scorpios are people who are great doers. They fight for their rights and will do what is necessary to create a good life for themselves. However, if a Scorpio cannot bring about change, they will suffer. Boredom is also widespread among the Scorpio. However, he will feel very uncomfortable and anxious if he does not manage to get the relationship going. 

12. Sagittarius

The fear of interfering is high on the Sagittarius list. Sagittarius will move away from any situation that makes them feel like an idiot. His need for special recognition is indeed demanding. That is why his greatest fear is to take someone for granted even though he plays an important role in his life or to be taken for granted himself. 


What your partner fears most in a relationship with you, according to their zodiac sign

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