What Your Love Life Will Be like in the Year 2020, According to Your Chinese Zodiac


The new year is approaching and so are some new changes in your life. But perhaps one of the more pertinent questions on your mind is, “What direction is my relationship going to take?” or “How is my relationship going to fare in 2020?” Well, based on your Chinese zodiac, here are your answers:

1. Rat

Your charms and seductive nature, whether it’s physical or intellectual, goes a long way in explaining why people fall head over heels for you, especially your partner. But you also have great nurturing qualities. In 2020, starting or expanding your family with your partner might just deepen the bond you have with them. Additionally, you might even find your partner starting to appreciate everything you do without buckling under the pressure.

2. Ox

Usually, you are the one showering love and attention on your partner and your loyalty to them ensures their reciprocation. However, in 2020, you might find that the tables have been turned. You may be at the receiving end of love, care and affection. Your partner might take on more of your tasks and burdens to ease yours, giving you the time to engage in some much-needed self-care.

3. Tiger

Your beauty reflects in your passion, something that your partner loves about you. But for a while now, you might be feeling stuck with your partner not wanting to explore new things. In 2020, you might just see that change. The zest you have for life could entice your partner to join you on those adventures you take. It’ll help create beautiful, new memories that will keep you warm on rainy days and possibly even bring back the spark between you two.

4. Rabbit

Your elegant yet somewhat shy self might have stopped you from revealing your feelings to your partner, even if you’ve been with them for a long time. However, 2020 will see some changes in that. You may find yourself starting to speak up more often and letting your partner know exactly what you need from the relationship. You need to focus on your happiness now and if your partner truly loves you, they’ll support that.

5. Dragon

For a while now, you might have kept your heart guarded because you’ve been through so much pain and you just can’t go through any more of it. So you leave your heart locked up, even if you find someone who seems to be worthy of opening it up again. Well, in 2020, you could truly let it soar again as you might just have found the right person who will value that heart you give them. You might even find that letting go of that control could allow you to truly enjoy your relationship.

6. Snake

Though you might not feel it all the time, to your partner, you might be their inspiration. They see that you bring out the better side of them and love being around you for that reason. But in 2020, you might find that instead of being someone they admire, you want them to see you as an equal. And your partner may just surprise you by treating you with the respect and dignity you truly deserve.

7. Horse

As a passionate and loving partner, there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for your partner and they love that. However, in 2020, it might be time to ensure that you receive the same attention from your partner. You deserve to have your passion reciprocated. If you find that they aren’t doing so, you might want to sit down and have an open conversation with them about your needs. You may just see your partner making more of an effort this year to bring a change in the way they see you in the relationship.

8. Goat

When it comes to your relationship, you tend to take on the role of peacekeeper and do your best to keep your partner happy. But should it be at the risk of your peace and happiness? In 2020, you may see a shift in dynamics with your partner taking on your role to bring the spark back into your bond. It could help deepen the connection between you two and increase the love two-fold.

9. Monkey

Your bright and loving spirit is probably what drew your partner to you in the first place. You are the type of person to inspire them to move out of their comfort zone and enjoy life the way you do. However, in 2020, you might find yourself wanting to ground yourself a bit and enjoy the smaller things in life with your partner. You might even think about taking the next few steps in your relationship to make it stronger before deciding to embark on an adventure with them.

10. Rooster

Having been through some difficult times in your relationships, it can be hard to open up to your partner even if you’ve spent years together. But in 2020, you may find yourself wanting to do more and making your relationship with them more meaningful, honest, and open. Your partner may notice your efforts and try to reciprocate so that the love between you two is longer-lasting and stronger.

11. Dog

Somehow, you might have found yourself being in tune with the emotions and moods of your partner, even if you didn’t realize it at first. So you did your best to ensure that they felt love and warmth from you, something they could come home to. But in 2020, that could change a bit. You might feel that you need to be reassured and comforted that this affection and love aren’t all one-sided and you deserve to know whether your partner truly cares about you or not.

12. Pig

Loyal, charming, loving and s*xy, you enjoy making your partner happy and spending time with them. For you, it’s the simple and small things that truly touch your heart. But at the core of it, you need to trust that your partner is honest with you. In 2020, you may have to sit down with them and have a proper heart-to-heart about the needs you have with regard to your relationship. If they respond favorably, then it could be a sign that they are truly invested in you the way you are in them.


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