What Your Ex Misses About You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Your Ex Misses About You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When a relationship ends, it’s natural to want to be missed or remembered by your ex. Do you want to find out what your ex misses about you? Discover the answers with the help of your zodiac sign.

You may still be wondering if your ex regrets breaking up with you and that deep down he wishes you were still in his life.

why does your ex miss you?

These are the questions that come to mind when you wonder if your ex misses you or not.

You may never know why your ex is missing you or thinking about you without asking, but if you want to avoid this awkward situation, astrology can help. 

According to your zodiac sign, this is what your ex still misses about you:

1. Capricorn  

Your ex-boyfriend regrets letting you go as you are everything anyone could wish for in a partner. You are stable, responsible, and understanding. Everyone else doesn’t seem worth the trouble compared to you.

What your ex misses about you; You showed him that with dedication and hard work anything is possible. Despite this, you even have a funny side to you. Everything seems easier and now that you’re gone he’s starting to miss you and how he took you for granted.

2. Aquarius

Your ex misses you because you made him appreciate who he is and always encouraged him to be himself even when others would find him weird.

You helped him feel comfortable in his own skin and express his true self. It didn’t matter if others would judge him, you would always stand by him and support him.

3. Pisces

It’s the way you live life with enthusiasm and how you taught him to explore things in new and fascinating ways.

He knows he will never find anyone as kind and generous as you and he misses you, even more when he thinks of all the wonderful times you had together. He wants to scream because his life has become so boring and mundane without you.

4. Aries

Your ex misses the way you made things interesting and fun.

In fact, no matter how happy he is, he subconsciously worries that his life will become monotonous without you. When your ex looks at your posts and realizes that everything you post is so positive, they’re afraid they’re missing out.

5. Taurus 

Your ex misses feeling safe, secure, and genuinely loved by you. You wrapped him in the blanket of your love and made sure he was happy and comfortable.

He misses how you were always his advocate and how you always stood behind them no matter how difficult the situation got.

6. Gemini

Wondering what your ex misses about you? It’s your unique way of life. You made him see ordinary things in new ways and encouraged him to think outside the box.

You taught him to see things from a new perspective and gave him the ability to understand and value other people’s opinions. So whenever he is looking for love, he tries to find parts of you in his future partner.

7. Cancer

The truth is, your ex misses the compassionate way you treated them. You made him feel fulfilled.

No one loves like a Cancer because you have the most intense feelings of any zodiac sign and love with all your heart. He will miss you, even more, when he is faced with an overwhelming situation since you took such good care of him and attended to his needs.

8. Leo 

Your ex will always remember how much value you placed on his thoughts and how you did everything you could to make sure he was okay and happy. You made him feel valued and as if his opinion mattered—not just to you, but to the world at large.

Since you gave him so much care, he will probably regret ending a relationship with you. 

9. Virgo

Your ex will always remember how you made their life better. You brought order to a chaotic situation. You didn’t just take care of his day-to-day problems; you also brought out the best in him and convinced him that he can achieve anything.

You gave him the kind of support that enabled him to perform while also giving him the confidence to handle any problems that came before him.

10. Libra

As a lover, you are charming, loving, and attentive. So it’s understandable that your ex might miss the way you made them feel comfortable and how being around you taught them social skills. He will miss the feeling of being able to be who he is and never being criticized.

11. Scorpio

Your ex will miss the way you live your life with such passion. You don’t do things half-heartedly; you put your heart and soul into almost everything you record.

Your ex will remember their intense romantic desires and the skills you taught them. Being with you hasn’t always been easy, but your ex has never felt so alive.

12. Sagittarius

Most of the time when your ex misses you, he’ll remember all the times you made him laugh until he couldn’t take it anymore.

How you turned each of his small achievements into a big celebration. You were so good at encouraging him to try new things and visit unfamiliar places like you opened the world to him.


What Your Ex Misses About You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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