What You Wear And What The Solar Eclipse In Gemini Brings You

What You Wear And What The Solar Eclipse In Gemini Brings You

We are still in the eclipse season and on the 10th we will have a very powerful solar in Gemini. He is willing to change our way of relating, learning, and communicating. Formerly, the energy of eclipses was feared, due to their great intensity, the magic of the Sun and the Moon facing each other to explode everything that is no longer worth us in life. Don’t panic if you notice that your mind is eclipsing a bit, just try to relax, breathe and observe how you feel. Your internal computer will shut down to restart later with more force. Do you want to know what the solar eclipse in Gemini takes and what brings you?

The eclipse will occur when the New Moon covers the Sun, our entire emotional and unconscious world, turning off our consciousness, our Self for a few moments. Get ready for a jolt, below you can read how it will affect you more specifically according to your sign.


The eclipse can bring you a small crisis, not understanding very well who you really are, or why you do what you do, but don’t worry, don’t try to rationalize anything. A new vision of life is ready for you. A different philosophy, without dogmatism, your own way. If these days you need to cry, do it Aries, you know it is very good for you, but try to do it from the tranquility, that we know each other. It gives you to explode and you wipe out everything that comes your way. On the day of the eclipse, propose to be alone for a while, relax and from there release everything you need. Perhaps you are no longer the same as before and that hurts you, but you are changing to evolve to something better, it is necessary. The eclipse takes away part of your old self, but it also brings you a new you.


Taurus, stop worrying about what people think of you, or what people who know nothing about your life are saying. What the solar eclipse takes and what brings you in Gemini, Taurus.It is time to break all the expectations that have been placed on you, even that you have set yourself. It is not bad not to know who you really are, you have your whole life to find out. Now is the time to really look at yourself, the eclipse gives you the chance to be alone for a while and look within. And maybe it scares you to discover that you are not really what you thought, but breathe, it is an opportunity to abandon everything that does not serve you and start again. So cheer up, because you may notice a little emotional storm, but the rain is necessary for new flowers to grow. The eclipse will take something related to what you thought you came to do in the world, and it will bring you another new idea.


The eclipse will turn off your Gemini mind , for a moment, and when you restart it perhaps some of the ideas you had will no longer serve you. It is time to take control of your life and choose new paths, but for this you cannot be attached to the old ones, so the eclipse comes to help you, even if it hurts a little. You need new ways to communicate, to think. You may feel that you are not able to make yourself understood and this frustrates you, but it will only be a season. Take the opportunity to give yourself space, Gemini, to take care of yourself, be alone listening to your music and, if necessary, cry everything that you have not cried lately. To close cycles, to come back with more force.


The eclipse takes your entire unconscious world to the extreme, Cancer. This is what the solar eclipse takes and what brings you in Gemini. There are many subjects that you have turned your back on for too long, things that you don’t even realize. And it is time to breathe deeply and heal all those emotions, because otherwise you are going to explode. It is about yourself and facing what you carry inside.

Despite how important family is to you, sometimes you can’t understand them, and all your frustrations fall on the people closest to you. Family are also very close friends, the people we live with … The eclipse brings you the opportunity to improve the way you communicate with them, perhaps it will be a bit tense for a few days since it is difficult to get rid of old habits, but rest assured that it will be for the better Cancer. The old is no longer useful to you, if you keep clinging you will suffer much more and you will not be able to be yourself in your best version.


It’s time to have fun in different ways Leo, something is hurting you, the eclipse comes to teach you that you are at a self-destructive point and that does not lead to anything good. You know that you shine Leo, that you have a very artistic potential, and that there is something inside you that needs to get to know itself again. Maybe you have to change the vision you have of yourself, you may feel that the eclipse makes a part of you disappear and this scares you. But this happens for the better Leo. Even if it hurts, scares and your deepest emotions get out of control, the storm will pass and you will find a new way of being yourself, a new life. The life you deserve for so long.


Virgo beware of losing the ability to be tolerant with others, with people who are not as orderly as you. The eclipse tells you what you can change, but you are usually too inflexible. It is the fear of the new. You tell yourself many things that may not make sense anymore, such as that there is only one good way to earn money, or that you are not worth enough, or that you can only take care of yourself in a certain way. Virgo, let yourself go where life is leading you, life will push you anyway and if you hold on, the traffic will hurt you more. The day of the eclipse take a moment to be with yourself and ask yourself what you feel, cry all you need and do not try to control your life, flow and release the things that have already expired.


Your true self, the deepest one, needs to communicate, but the way you used before is no longer worth it, that’s why the eclipse comes to disrupt your whole world, and can make it more difficult to understand you with the people around you, and with the world in general. This is what the solar eclipse takes and what brings you in Gemini. Perhaps you have the feeling that nothing is flowing to you, that no one understands you and even you yourself do not understand anything. You have to start taking care of the details, learn to listen to your emotions and quiet your mind a little so that later you can go out into the world with more force than ever. Your mind needs to stop and the eclipse is going to force you yes or yes.


Listen to Scorpio, because life asks you to attend, not only to what happens to you, but to the people you really love. He wants you to communicate, but see what others need. This eclipse will help you silence the thousands of voices and attend to those that are really important in your life. But please, do it, because there are people who really need you, and they are the ones who always listen to you. The communication will be more affection, less mental and you have experience in understanding emotions without having to rationalize everything, so, after breathing and calming your own, help your friends to spend a little while in the darkness that the eclipse brings. And try to understand your family, do not assume that you know everything, perhaps something will make you radically change your opinion about them.


Sagi, if you normally have trouble communicating with your extreme sincerity, the eclipse can play very bad tricks on you. So try to be more in contact with yourself, with your body, with your emotions, instead of being aware of others, try to be more alone these days. It will help you find a new way to express yourself, to create things, and if you think that you are not artistic at all, you should give yourself a chance and let go of the idea that you cannot do certain things. Perhaps life is not how you think it is, and connecting with your inner child can help you for the shock that the eclipse will bring you, where you will not be very sure who you are or what you have come to the world for. Relax Sagi, you get out of all of them, and changes are necessary to move forward.


Enough with your Capri self-demand, in all areas of your life, including love for others and self-love. The eclipse comes to take that idea out of your head that tells you that you are never enough or that you do not deserve something good. It is time to change many things that no longer serve you and you continue to cling to them, and since it is not the time to get mental, simply let the universe show you and for once trust, pay attention to it, and do a general cleaning of your life . Capri will be painful, nobody can take that away from you, but it will be worth it. If you do not take charge of letting go of what is no longer valid, life will take it from you by force and it will be worse. Give yourself time to be alone and let your emotions come out and you can observe them. Then wipe away your tears and move forward harder than ever.


Aquarius, maybe it’s time to rethink if you really have the relationships you deserve. You have told yourself that to be happy with someone you need certain things, but … what if you really only need to be true to what you feel? L or that takes and what brings you the solar eclipse in Gemini,Aquarius is everything that no longer works, so if you don’t close your eyes and look away, you will realize all the possibilities that life offers you. You can advance alone, or you can do it with someone, the important thing is that you do not get caught in an idea of ​​how it should be. You can feel a crisis that you will not know how to explain, do not try to make anyone understand you because it is not the time, it will come later. But you can listen to others without judging them, perhaps they will help to change a certain way of thinking that no longer does you good.


Pisces, with your great ability to connect to the spiritual world, many times you completely put it aside. You are more attentive to what is happening around you and you are a little scared to look at what is happening inside your heart. The eclipse in Gemini gives you the opportunity to silence the voices of others for a while and enter your inner world. Communication is turned off, you can relax and see what is true in you. This can bring you a transformation, a very important revelation that you have needed for a long time. And maybe you have to deal with your darkest part, with what is inside that you do not like, with your desire and with the emotions that all this brings you. It’s a bit scary, but that’s you too, be brave Pisces.


What You Wear And What The Solar Eclipse In Gemini Brings You

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