what you should never say about which zodiac sign

Everyone has different no-gos on dates: some don’t want to hear about their ex, others don’t discuss future plans. But even when you’ve seen someone for a long time, there are certain things that would rather remain unsaid.

Each sign of the zodiac has different sentences to which it reacts allergically. You can find out which you should avoid on your date in the horoscope .

1. Aries: “You are so distant”

Aries have a strong social streak and usually have close friends. As the newcomer, you can feel a bit like an outsider, even if the zodiac sign tries to integrate you. But that has nothing to do with the fact that the Aries distance himself from you – he reacts particularly intensely to this accusation because he does everything to create a friendly atmosphere.

2. Taurus: “You don’t care about me”

A healthy, long relationship is particularly important to the down-to-earth zodiac sign. That is why it is also ready to invest a lot. If he is then accused the bull would not be interested in his treasure enough, he shows a completely different side. He finds such a reproach quite unfair when he tries so hard.

3. Twins: “You’re wasting my time”

It is not common for twins to get involved in something serious. When the time comes, they need a little longer to really warm up and kick off the relationship fashion. While the zodiac knows that indecision can be annoying, the “You’re wasting my time” comment puts so much pressure on them that they might turn their back on the relationship. Instead, you need a little patience with twins – but it pays off.

4. Cancer: “I don’t trust you”

The cancer is absolute dating material. How you are doing and that you have a stable relationship is very important to him. However, the sensitive zodiac sign sometimes also has social fears and questions how the people around it actually feel about it. So if it hears that it is not trustworthy, it crawls into its shell.

5. Leo: “You are asking too much of me”

Lions know exactly what they want from their partners. You have high standards, but also try to make room for the other. If they are criticized for their expectations, it can be quite hurtful. And they might wonder if they don’t deserve better …

6. Virgo: “You don’t really know me”

Very important for the Virgo in a relationship: Getting to know the partner properly. The zodiac sign wants to know everything about you because, in their opinion, that’s what closeness is all about. If they then say they don’t know much about their partner, they quickly distance themselves from you and question the whole relationship.

7. Libra: “You are a people-pleaser”

Diplomacy is arguably Libra’s greatest strength . And, yes, it is very important to her what other people think of her. But if this is chalked up by your date, this strength turns into a weakness and hits the zodiac hard. Instead, it is a talent to find good solutions for everyone and to think along with them.

8. Scorpio: “You are crazy”

Aside from the fact that ‘crazy’ is an ableist word anyway, Scorpio’s passion shouldn’t be sold as a problem. Being able to be particularly happy about some things and being able to put all of your energy into them is what defines the zodiac sign. If his / her partner can’t appreciate this, it may not be a perfect match.

9. Sagittarius: “You are fake”

As an adventurous zodiac sign, it is not easy for Sagittarius to fully engage in a relationship. Let alone share your feelings with someone else. It just takes a little time for him to feel really comfortable with someone. If he is then accused of being wrong, that discourages him from opening up.

10. Capricorn: “You are not loyal”

Hardly any other zodiac sign puts as much energy and time into a relationship as Capricorn . He has a lot of staying power and does not let difficult phases unsettle him. This is why he is particularly frustrated when the partner accuses him of not being loyal. What more can he do to prove you wrong?

11. Aquarius: “You are selfish”

The Aquarius proves that you can have both: an urge independent and to be free, but also think a lot about other people. Just because they need a little space for themselves doesn’t mean they care less about how others are doing. When accused of selfishness, he feels that he cannot have a relationship without giving up on himself.

12. Pisces: “You are overreacting”

If you date a fish , they’ll probably do whatever it takes to keep you safe . But he is also a sensitive soul and can quickly be overwhelmed by disputes and discussions. But then telling him that he is exaggerating makes him feel that his emotions are not legitimate. Just because you would react differently, however, does not automatically mean the better reaction. 


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