When we go out with someone and we really like them, we want it to last. And we don’t want it to get spoiled for the world. Sometimes, knowing something more about who we like helps us not to make mistakes, the kind that seem unimportant but ultimately do. And to think that we could have avoided them will make us head butt against the wall. If you go out with someone, ask them their sign as soon as possible, know what it is like and don’t even think about it … What you should NEVER do when you go out with the signs:

🖤 ​​If you go out with Aries … don’t even think about it

  • Be very possessive because your Aries will want to run away like a soul carried by the devil. Swallow your jealousy and show him a lot of confidence, in addition to wanting to tie him up goes against his sense of independence, which he treasures as one of his great virtues. And of which he is very proud.
  • Lying to him, no matter how small and very pious your lie is. Lies and mysteries make Aries very insecure. This sign is very direct and clear, and that is how he / she likes to be with him / her. The opposite is to open a gap that can become a gulf between the two.
  • Forget about the dates of your relationship or his birthday, or details of that wonderful trip you made. Aries has a very good memory, plus that little childish ego that likes these displays of interest.

🖤 ​​If you go out with Taurus … don’t even think about it

  • Make you jealous. You will make the big mistake of your life. It is not a smart strategy to practice with the sign of the bull. Because, not only will you not be able to disturb him and make him more interested, but you will make him feel insecure and will wake up a ghost that he fights every day. And since you have been together for a short time, he still thinks about being with you and prefers to look for someone with whom he feels calmer.
  • Betray your trust. Taurus takes his time to start his relationships, and when he is in one of them, it is his wonderful treasure. If you do anything that leads him to think that he was wrong choosing you, he will enter a loop with very negative effects for you.
  • Be someone very wasteful and do not force him into plans that involve spending a lot of money foolishly. Taurus likes quality, but choosing well and in things that last a long time and are well compensated. He likes home plans and to go out, think of something that is really worth it, for your Taurus to enjoy but without thinking that everything has been a useless expense.

🖤 ​​If you go out with Geminis … don’t even think about it

  • Do not do everything possible so that your relationship is entertaining, not very routine, with stimulating plans outside the home or with lively home evenings that are not always the same. And you leave the moments of seriousness for when there are real problems. With Gemini, if you get very serious you will put him on alert.
  • Try to tie him up, or burden him, or put limits on him or scold him for whether he has done this or that. If he goes out with you, it is because he found you to be free, fun and independent. If you suddenly change and want to take away freedom, you will enter swampy terrain. The first for wanting to hold him, the second for having deceived him into believing that you were another type of person. Leave it to its own devices, and it will always be by your side. Moving and their living space are essential for your Gemini.
  • Letting go If you feel the ghost of jealousy at any point, do your best to push it away. Geminis have a lot of social life, people who are looking for you and plans to go to. Either you trust and join his life, or you will be left behind and he will separate you from his life.

🖤 ​​If you go out with Cancer … don’t even think about it

  • Hurt his sensitivity because he will lock himself in his shell tightly. It is your way of protecting yourself from what hurts you. And with you it will hurt twice as much, because it is assumed that others hurt him, but if he does, his partner suffers much more. Try to fix it as soon as possible, because Cancer greatly values ​​repentance. Don’t let the ball get big on the inside.
  • Pass from their family or friends, because your Cancer is very theirs, and if you do not love them, they will take it personally. Watch the comments you make about it, as someone does not like it very much, you will notice how it cools, and of course, it will make you pay in some way.
  • Forcing him to show you his feelings in public or forgetting the dates of your relationship, because they are details that he does not like a hair.

🖤 ​​If you go out with Leo … don’t even think about it

  • Lying to him, whatever it is. Leo is a very sincere and open sign, and lies and falsehoods annoy him a lot. As well as catching him in a bad moment, it will magnify the matter and it will become a serious problem for you. Learn to manage these tensions so that they do not go overboard and become the beginning of the end.
  • Leave him in evidence in front of others because you will be directly attacking his ego. Your Leo not only takes humiliation badly but when he has an audience, he feels a fury inside and he will be willing to be alone with you to let you know (and pay for) what you have done to him.
  • Being unloving or failing to show what you feel, with words, deeds, details or whatever comes to mind. It needs them and it is also fair because you will never miss this sign so dedicated in relationships.

🖤  If you go out with Virgo … don’t even think about it

  • Pressure him to make your relationship go much faster. Virgo is someone who needs to lead their times, so it is best not to force the type of relationship you want with him / her. You may not see him get angry when you pressure him but you can assure that inside he will be slowing down and will even take a few steps back.
  • Make a scene or overwhelm him with recriminations, asking for explanations and forcing him to a clear position. Virgo is an earth sign and apart from being stubborn, his love life is filtered mentally, he needs to think about what he wants, when and how, and he does not tolerate being accused of something that he does not think he has done wrong.
  • Thinking that he is cold and that dates do not matter to him, or your appearance or the way you see life. Virgo looks at everything, is critical of everything and always believes that something could be improved. Don’t make it easy for him and let him really think about it. It is better to surprise him to be able to like him more every day.

🖤 If you go out with Libra … don’t even think about it

  • Pressure you to make decisions about your relationship. Better take them and make him participate to see what he thinks. In your mind you will have already thought several things, but you need time to be clear about your position. So you will know what they like and want but with a strategy more in line with their way of being. Libra is indecisive by nature, forcing him to be different from his essence is like wanting the sun to shine at night.
  • Abusing arguments with him / her because they do not like them and they quickly put him / her on guard. Your Libra hates conflicts and arguments and without it there are people around, even more so. Remember how diplomatic he is, and try to resolve matters in private and without continual confrontations.
  • Neglecting your appearance. Don’t think of this topic as frivolous. Think better that Libra has a very accentuated sense of aesthetics and needs to have in front of something beautiful, or at least not too ugly, details with good taste, good manners …

🖤 If you go out with Scorpio … don’t even think about it

  • Make him jealous because you will be about to burn yourself with fire. Scorpio is jealous by nature, or possessive, call it what you want. But in his nature there is a mixture of passion, sensitivity and fear that make him put on guard against the fear of losing you or that you could hurt him. And once it breaks out, it is difficult to foresee the consequences of what will happen.
  • To make it very easy for him, he prefers a little resistance in order to better savor the victory of the conquest. Also, if you see something too simple, you lose interest and are indifferent. You will have to play between passing and not arriving, but that will give even more excitement to go out with your Scorpio.
  • Face him / her to win because it will be a mistake. It is not that you have to agree with him in everything, but you do have to recognize the power he has, which is obvious. Nor do you want to control all their movements. Scorpio likes to have the feeling that he / she is the one who is in charge of everything, and of course, of the conquest as well.

🖤 If you go out with Sagittarius … don’t even think about it

  • Name your relationship. Forget asking him all the time who you are, where you are going or when there will be a wedding. Maybe when you realize it, you will have started to run. Or it will have been unfaithful to you. Anything to put distance between you.
  • Wanting to cut off his freedom, because he is someone free and because he likes people who are also free. Your Sagittarius will be there whenever you need it but not for any nonsense or because you want to have it at your feet. Make your decisions and in any case, make him participate but do not expect him to solve your life or ask you for your opinion on how to lead his.
  • Manipulate him or want to dominate him, taking him to your field. Neither directly nor subtly. Not only will he realize it but he will go into a rage when he sees what you want to do, for the lie, the falsehood and for having tricked him into thinking that you were another type of person.

🖤 If you go out with Capricorn … don’t even think about it

  • Accelerate the development of your relationship sooner than your Capricorn wants. This sign needs to be in control, and the times. It has clear ideas and even clearer objectives and that means that it starts relationships with whoever it wants, when it wants and for what it wants.
  • Do not take into account their way of being, because Capricorn is complex in love matters. On an emotional level he is slow and insecure and needs to overcome many barriers and fears. She is not into frivolous relationships, summer loves, or one-night stands. Even if I have them sometime, of course.
  • Joking at you how seriously he takes life. If he has chosen you, he will have appreciated that you are someone serious and who can be trusted. Do not come to him later with superficialities or meddling with his rigorous way of acting or seeing life. And less with his way of loving, deep, committed and responsible. And less with his intelligence and his deep conversations.

🖤 If you go out with Aquarius … don’t even think about it

  • Try to accelerate your relationship towards commitment shortly after meeting you. Aquarius is someone who prefers to interact with many people, fool around, experiment, play love and be free. When he goes to a deeper level it is because he has thought about it and wants to bet but without being clear about it. Do not overwhelm her or ask her to clear up at the first change because she still goes backwards.
  • Plan each of the movements of your relationship. Better be creative and think of original plans, and if they are improvised and powerful you will love them. And if he wants to go to his ball at certain times, respect him, without setting up little scenes or trying to control his every move. Your freedom is paramount.
  • Avoid deep conversations or get into intellectual topics because you will be losing a lot of points for your Aquarius. If he is with you it is because he found you interesting, do not make him believe that he was wrong. Try to make each day think that you are worth it.

🖤 If you go out with Pisces … don’t even think about it

  • Fall in love with a way of being very crazy and romantic, and at the first change, become someone realistic, needing to put the points on the i’s and define your relationship as if it were an employment contract.
  • To blame him for his changeable way of being. Pisces knows that he moves through life in a very ethereal way but it is like that and he likes to be respected and, above all, understood. Do not speak to him in too harsh ways, or spend the day telling him to face reality, because he neither wants to nor can. He likes his dreams, but he is also a dreamer by nature. If you don’t like the way it is, don’t try to change it. Change yourself, your Pisces will think.
  • Being inflexible, impatient, insensitive, and pushy. Give him security, hug him when he has emotional ups and downs or mood swings and, above all, when they have hurt him.


What You Should Never Do When You Exit With The Signs

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