What You Should Never Call Love According To Your Sign

We’ve all found ourselves in relationships where, as much as we must, they don’t move forward. It is as if this person is not for us, he does not pay proper attention to us. And, since we are all different, these behaviors affect us in a very personal way, to the point where they can destroy us as people. For this reason, in this article, we want to talk to you a little about those relationships that are harmful to you, those that you must flee from to preserve your essence, and what you should never call love according to your sign:


Aries, what are we going to tell you? You love to be active at all times; you love to enjoy life. Therefore, a person who wants to lock you up, who makes you feel like a prisoner, is not a person who dies of love for you. Whoever truly loves you will understand your nature and set you free. This special person may or may not share your desire to move and discover new activities, but he will never make you feel like you’re in a cage.


Let’s not fool ourselves. You are stubborn and a bit stubborn. But, these are qualities that make you be a person of your word where they exist, constant and super responsible. Keep in mind, dear Taurus, that whoever loves you will never, ever make you break a word. The person who wants you to leave things for her, betraying your principles, is not a person who loves you. This is not love and you will never be okay in this relationship.


Chat, go out, socialize and discover. This is what you like. You love it. And, above all, spend time with your loved ones. You are direct and concise. You give your opinions without more and it bothers you, a lot, that someone tells you not to do it. The phrase “politically correct” does not go with you. You are sincere to the core. For this reason, a person who loves you will never try to make you a person who only says what others want to hear. If it is love, this person will never be uncomfortable because you give your most sincere opinions.


You are homemade! Let’s face it. And you love spending time with family. There’s no more. You are who you are and you are most proud of it. If this person loves you, he will not force you out; he will not squeeze you to change your essence, your way of being. Although you may have deep feelings for this person, you also need to know when to let go. A person who wants you to go out, that you are only for her, is not a person who shows love for you.


With you, Leo, it’s super clear. They don’t love you when they want to make your shine disappear. When they want to move you to the second or third position. No, you are made to lead, shine, and strengthen those you love so much. We know that you are careful when selecting your partners, but you must also keep in mind that there are many people who are not what they seem. No matter how faithful you are, friend, you should never let anyone turn you off. That’s not love.


Virgo, yours is perfectionism; is to be for others. And you shouldn’t change anything. Keep in mind that love is not based on jealousy or arguments. Anyone who tries to keep you from your goals is not the right person for you; Anyone who wants you to stop being detail-oriented, to stop making your plans, or to stop paying attention to what matters to you, is not a person who loves you. Keep this in mind before falling in love, because you also know that later you have a hard time getting out of love relationships, whether they are toxic or not.


You have a great sense of justice and are eloquent wherever they are. You always know what to say and you love having great control over your life, over your routines, and over those you let into your life. Therefore, even if you feel deeply in love, a person who wants you to make changes in the way you organize your life and your routines, who wants you to focus your attention fully on them, or who makes you put aside your convictions, is not your person. . He does not love you if you must change your essence.


Well, Scorpio, we know that you have a very strong personality; you are a bit cold and vindictive. But, you also hide some very deep feelings. You are not one of those who best express feelings and emotions, but you do know how to show how you feel when you want to. For this reason, that person who requires your affection, who forces you to open up more, who feels that he does not let you breathe or be yourself, with all your complexity, is not a person who loves you.


Keep in mind, Sagi, that anyone who wants to lock you up, who wants to change this love for life that you have, and who wants you to put aside what gives you so much vitality, is not a person who loves you. Someone who really loves you will set you free. He will share with you more or less, but never in life will he give you a choice between your social life, your love of life, and his.


You have great emotional intelligence and you know how to see things very well before they happen. You focus on your work, your routines, and your care. However, you also know how to treat this person you love so much with love and affection. However, what will happen when you feel less important at work because you spend your hours on other things? Or, when you can’t keep up with your training routines, for example, or those that make you feel good. Bring out your intelligence and intuition and recognize that this person who “loves you” so much only wants to change the way you are. That, my friend, does not love.


Yours is to be independent and have your space. You love to innovate and you care, in your own way, for others. You love to lend a hand when needed, but without neglecting your own needs. You know well that love is understanding and agreement; never stop being you. That person who wants to invade your space, who wants all your hours, will not do you any good. Remember that it must be you, above all.


Pisces, you love with all your heart and it is not difficult for you to adapt to your partner. Not bad at all as long as this happens within limits. You are quite a romantic and a dreamer; You go in search of true love. But, a person who does not take her part in the relationship, who walks away from you at the slightest, or who comes in and out of your life, is not a person who loves you. It is not, nor will it ever be your true love.


What You Should Never Call Love According To Your Sign

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