What You Should Know About The Pink Full Moon In Libra According To Your Sign

What You Should Know About The Pink Full Moon In Libra According To Your Sign

Hold on because curves are coming. This Saturday the 16th in the sky a super Full Moon will shine that will transform us all. There are going to be some very romantic vibes in the air. It’s called the Pink Full Moon, not because you’ll be able to see pink. Do not flatter yourselves… The reason is that it coincides with the flowering of a plant that has that color. This Moon happens in Libra, a sign that is associated with social life, love, balance, and peace of mind. It is going to give a little calm in this Aries season in which everything is going to the fullest. Here you are going to read what you should know about the Pink Full Moon in Libra according to your sign :

This pink Full Moon is going to make us see everything in pink, forgive the redundancy. It will be easier to see things from another point of view. It will also bring a lot of emotional intensity and strong approaches to love. You have to take advantage of the energy of this Full Moon to find balance, since astrologically in the coming months there will be movements of great intensity, such as eclipses. Now is the time to wipe the slate clean, to forgive and ask for permission, to be honest about those gaps in our lives.


Under the light of this pink Full Moon, your relationships are going to shine. You will be able to realize what is missing in your heart. You have to find the balance. Sometimes you feel guilty about spending too much time at work or other times you feel more guilty about neglecting your responsibilities and spending too much time with your people. Balance that scale. You will realize that it is time to leave something that does not serve you and that only steals your time. In love, you are going to be super direct. This Full Moon happens in your season and it will give you the necessary impulse to confess your feelings to a certain person, Aries.


It’s up to you to start being more honest with yourself and not let anyone else continue to take advantage of you. Stop your feelings, open your eyes and realize the reality. Taurus friend, REALIZE. Analyze what that person does for you and what you do for them. If the beads don’t come out even, make changes. You have to balance. You don’t want to lose anyone, but no more looking like the fool who always does everything for others. This Full Moon will also make you open your eyes and realize that it is time to invest more time in what makes you happy, in that hobby that you have abandoned for a long time.


This pink Full Moon is going to make everything clearer to you than you already had it. Especially in love, Gemini. It is possible that a conversation that you have been having for a long time with a person will come up. You are not afraid because you are sure of your feelings. Mind you, you’re not going to be the fool who stays quiet. This Full Moon makes you be honest with yourself, but also with others. There are many things that are still in the pipeline that you have to drop to make room. Starting this Saturday you will realize that everything has a meaning, that everything has been for a reason…


You already know that with the Full Moons you go crazy, Cancer. This pink Full Moon in Libra will make you very emotionally intense and super romantic. So much so that you yourself will look super cloying with others. But you want to enjoy a little love. You will put aside your responsibilities, your work, and your load to spend more time with your people. That can wait for later. You feel that you are failing many people for not being by your side and you want to show them that you are still there, even if you are not 100%. It is important that you plan to do something away from home, away from those situations that overwhelm you so much lately. This Full Moon comes to give you a break, trust.


It’s time to clarify your feelings, Leo, and to leave the past once behind. Either you focus on the present or you will never turn the page. You have to make a decision before it’s too late, you have to take risks, and what better way to do it than under this incredible pink Full Moon in Libra. Take the opportunity to communicate, to talk about your feelings, to open up once and for all with that person who you know deserves an explanation. In addition, this Full Moon awakens your more sociable side again and that will come in handy to get out of your bubble a bit and break with that negative routine that you were beginning to lead.


With this pink Full Moon, Virgo, it’s the perfect time to manifest all those work-related dreams you have in mind. For you, the important thing now is not money, it is personal fulfillment. Obviously, you wouldn’t mind getting a raise or finding a job that pays you what you deserve, but it’s better to find something that values ​​you for what you’re worth. This Full Moon will help you see in yourself the virtues that you are not able to see but others are. Also take the opportunity to treat yourself because you deserve it, Virgo. Buy yourself flowers or treat yourself to a meal at your favorite restaurant. There is nothing that makes you happier.


Who is the one who will shine this Saturday 16? Who is now the star? It is clear that you, Libra. This incredible pink Full Moon happens in your sign and the truth that makes you feel complete and above all, sure of yourself. The power that you are going to have these days is incredible. It is important that you channel that energy well and that you do not invest it in others, but that you invest it more in yourself, in what makes you happy. You are always aware of the feelings and needs of others, but, Libra, when are you aware of yourself? You focus so much on what’s going on around you that you never pay attention to what’s going on inside you. This Full Moon has a lot to do with love. And yes, you may receive a message that makes you die of love. But try to focus on yourself, and hug your heart as it deserves.


Despite the emotional intensity that this pink Full Moon can bring, Scorpio, it is time to seek inner peace and seek some more alone time. There is too much stress in your life and too many open fronts that do not stop weighing you down and stressing you out. This Saturday try to be with yourself. If you can, turn off your social media, turn off your phone, and just meditate. Take a bath, light some candles, grab one of your favorite books and give yourself that little treat. You need to disconnect, you cannot continue accumulating hours of rest and sleep. This Full Moon will also connect you much more with your mystical side and with your intuition.


Your attention with this pink Full Moon is directed to your social life, Sagi. You feel that there are problems to be solved with a certain person. You don’t want bad vibes with anyone, you want to get away from the drama for a while because it doesn’t suit you. To do this, you have to talk things over and try to listen to the other person. It is important that you channel this powerful energy of the Full Moon well. Being in the sign of Libra will help you a lot to find peace and not create any drama. You have to talk about things from the heart, with respect, and listen to what others have to tell you. With this Full Moon, it is time to accept the complicated lessons that you have had to live in recent years. Nothing can be done now, Sagi, just keep moving forward.


With this pink Full Moon, your priority is to rest and spend more time with your family. You don’t want bad vibes or absurd discussions and therefore, you are going to have to mediate between two people who are not having a good relationship lately. It’s time to sit down, talk to them, and force them to take an ultimatum. But this Full Moon is not only about others, but also about yourself. You’re going to open your eyes to realize that you can’t keep spending so much time on responsibilities that aren’t going to get you anywhere. It’s time to focus on the little things that make you happy. You have to make a change of schedules in your calendar.


It’s time to go big, Aquarius, to get out of your dreams and take action. You are a sign that spends a lot of time dreaming and little time acting to make those dreams come true. Leave fantasies aside and make your reality come closer and closer to everything you dream of. Trust the universe, it has new news for you. In your relationships, this pink Full Moon asks you to be more flexible. You are so independent that you usually don’t let anyone give you advice, or even give you their opinion about what you are doing. Open your mind a little to what others can tell you, it can help you.


With this Full Moon, the atmosphere is super romantic, Pisces, and it seems that you are daydreaming. You feel in your sauce, to such an extent that you can get not distinguish the fine line between reality and fiction. Remember that it is important to keep your feet on the ground and be aware of everything that is happening at all times. This Full Moon is also going to bring to light truths that may be somewhat hard for you. If it bothers you, keep it a secret and you’ll bring it out when you’re ready. It’s okay, Pisces. But the best thing is that you accept it from the beginning. It is better not to hide anything and not have to worry about being found out, then you will feel truly free.


What You Should Know About The Pink Full Moon In Libra According To Your Sign

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