What You Should Have Learned From Your Past Relationships

With each relationship, we learn. With some, we learn what we should not do again, and with others what we do have to do (and never do). We come to the life of each person with desire and enthusiasm. Sometimes it lasts longer and sometimes less. When a relationship ends, in addition to assuming it and moving on, you have to pick up learning. If not, the same mistakes can be made again. Let’s see what each sign should have learned from their past relationships. And let love return! so that we can show how good students we are.

What you should have learned from your past relationships :


Aries, your explosive personality, and that strong character lead you to seek love relationships that are the same: explosive. For you, when there are chemistry and attraction, everything explodes. You feel touched by a magic wand and your illusion overflows. Your heart beats a thousand from the first moments. The plans you want to make with that person crowd into your head. You think almost faster than you act. If it doesn’t work later, it’s time to start over.

But something you have learned: that if you want lasting relationships, you need to go step by step, building the foundations of that relationship day by day. That you should give the relationship time, and not want everything NOW from minute one. Like good wines. The champagne is also very rich, it is explosive, there are many bubbles, it makes noise but if you don’t drink it quickly, it runs out of gas, warm … And you want wine, right?


Taurus, you like the way you are and you are always looking for people similar to you. You want relationships with a future. For this reason, people who seek only to enjoy at the moment, who do not want to think about anything else, are not very fond of you. You don’t like those people who always say carpe diem (live in the moment). No, you want many moments, not just one. And that’s why you look for your ideal person calmly, or you don’t look for her, you wait for her. You know it will come. Sometimes it comes and stays, sometimes it goes. And you think you know why. You have learned it.

You have learned that you need someone like you who is looking for what you are, but that there also has to be a spark, passion, attraction… Because when these ingredients are missing, the relationship is missing a leg. And a good comfortable chair has to have all its legs, just like a relationship. Now you know that relationships that seem perfect, maybe it’s just the outside.


Gemini, what you should have learned from your past relationships is that loving someone is sometimes not enough to have a future relationship. In addition to loving someone, you have to love them deeply. And that is reciprocal. We all want a nice relationship with someone, you just like everyone else. But you may make the wrong choice: either people who don’t suit you in your life, or who don’t deserve you, or people who want to be with you, but you don’t, and you don’t know how to say NO to them. In love, there should be no excuses. And you have learned that you cannot stay with someone because of pain, or stubbornness, or excuses. You deserve someone special, not anyone who wastes your time. You have learned it and you have engraved them well in your head.


Cancer, when you commit, you do it 100%, without filters. That is why sometimes you run the risk of committing yourself to people who are not the right ones or perhaps it is you who is not prepared to start anything serious. What you’ve learned from your past relationships is that you can’t jump right into a new story without thinking about it. Or with other people from the past in mind, or without knowing exactly what you want at the time.

You have learned that before giving yourself, which is what you know how to do, you have to know well who that person and if you want to give yourself to them. You have learned that you have to think before you act. As easy as that.


Leo, when you wear, you wear, when you fall in love you want to shout it to the four winds, show the world to your partner, enjoy with her going everywhere, showing off your love and your relationship. What you should have learned from your past relationships is that sometimes it’s the details that matter; affection and complicity matter on a daily basis. Outside is a world that you can enjoy with your partner from time to time. But that’s for a few moments.

You should have learned that as much as someone promises you paradise TODAY, if they can’t make you a little happy every day, you won’t want them by your side. You want gifts every day, not just Christmas and birthdays. And you have learned that the beauty of your relationship are the moments you have in your privacy.


Virgo, you can’t stand lies and sometimes you are the only one who lies to yourself. You are deceiving yourself when you think that a relationship, because it has been wonderful, always deserves a second chance. Don’t kid yourself, it was worth it then, maybe not anymore. It is normal that you feel sorry that something that was good is over, that a person you loved leaves your life. But you’ve learned that what doesn’t work, doesn’t work. It can be patched, but over time it will fail again. Because the engine is broken, which is what makes things flow. You have finally learned to leave a relationship when it is over, to let it go forever. Nothing is worth lengthening because suffering also lengthens.


Libra, putting others ahead of you says of you that you are a generous, kind, dedicated, and loyal person. It continues to be so because there are already enough people who go only to him. The world needs people like you. In a relationship, your way of giving yourself is also wonderful, but it allows your partner to take advantage of your generous way of being. As well as being one of those people who think that you give them footing to do with you what they want … they will do it and they will take advantage of everything they can. What you have learned from your past relationships is that you are first, during the relationship it is a matter of two, and if it ends you should care about yourself. You have learned it well but repeat it to yourself: you, you, and you.


Scorpio, if you have been in love, you know what you have suffered when the relationship is over. For you falling in love is not silly. When you bet on someone, you want it to be a relationship, intense, loving, and passionate. And when a relationship is over, you cling to it tooth and nail. You don’t want to let her go, you refuse. It was YOUR LIFE that story. You don’t even mind suffering, you are strong to bear whatever it takes, less losing that person.

You have learned from your past relationships that there are relationships and people that are not worth fighting for, and time has shown you. Fighting like this is in vain. Because it wasn’t a good relationship. You have learned that some people can go through your life but not all are destined to stay. They are from your present but they do not have to be part of your future. You have learned that you should not hold onto those relationships or those people. You have learned that your strength has to be not to hold someone but to let them go.


Sagittarius, your spontaneous and free way of loving, leads you to look for people who are also very independent and free. When you meet these types of people, you jump into happy and lively relationships, just like the two of you. You do many things, together and separately, and if neither interferes in the life of the other, you get relationships that flow in time. Until they run out.

What you’ve learned from your past relationships is that spending time together and making lots of plans together doesn’t make a relationship authentic. You have learned that you need to know that that person cares about you and that they matter to you. May his happiness fill you and his problems worry you. And vice versa. You have learned that if there are only hobbies in common and a similar idea of ​​life, it is not enough. That serves to have good times, love is something more than that. And you do want love, and you want it with all the ingredients.


Capricorn, it is difficult for you to trust people but when you do, you are faithful and loyal until death. The same thing happens to you in relationships. It is difficult for you to start but then you surrender with all your being. And if that person manages to pass all your tests, you give them your heart without asking another question. But sometimes it doesn’t work out. And why you know it because you have learned it well from your past relationships. And is that sometimes, you get so excited when you meet someone special, that you get nervous. And you jump in bypassing it too soon (the desire and the high are stronger than your caution).

That is why you have learned that with how demanding you are, the first thing is to make sure of how that person is, and when he shows that he is good and good to you, then it is possible that he is also a good love for you. And that you have a good relationship.


Aquarius, the same thing always happens to you when you fall in love. First, you put limits and brakes. You don’t like to lose your independence. You do not want to suffer, or life situations that do not suit you. Later, when you are already surrendered to the person and to love, you go to the opposite extreme. And you launch into a passion without measure that even dislodges the other person. What you have learned from the past is that you should not be afraid to fall in love. Neither before nor ever.

You have learned that if you love yourself, love cannot come into your life to make you feel inferior or out of place. You have learned that you have to feel safe from the beginning when you meet people. And enjoy the relationship little by little, without running, without stopping … go out first, boyfriends later, meet friends and family much later … none of that about wanting to go live together at the first change. If it is a good relationship, there will be time for everything.


Pisces, you like being in love so much that when it happens to you, you fall apart in the other person’s arms. You accept everything he says and wants because for your love is dedication and generosity. All of that is fine but you know it makes you weak. Because it puts you in the hands of that person who could take advantage of your intense way of loving. Or he may not value you, which is what has happened to you many times.

What you should have learned from your past relationships is that you are stronger than you think. Before, during, and after the relationship. Before a relationship, you have to feel strong and hold your head high, asking for love but being cautious and mature. During the relationship, you should continue to feel strong and set limits. And if it ends, you suffer like everyone else but you will continue to be strong. Because that’s life. And relationships may end but you have to keep having yourself.


What You Should Have Learned From Your Past Relationships


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