We reached the last full moon of the year. And do you think it will pass without making noise? 2020 says goodbye with a full moon full of emotions. The full moon in Cancer, perfect to share with those we love the most, be at home with the family, call our best friends … After this year 2020, in which so many things have changed, it is better that we have a safe place and cozy where to rest, do you know which is yours? But it also brings us an emotional journey that you will not escape from. Get ready for a busy end of the year, it’s time to close a six-month cycle. The harvest is coming! And also, he has been making contact with our beloved Chiron, who will make us delve into those wounds that never close. Are you ready? All this in a day and a half. The Moon will leave Gemini to enter Cancer on the 29th and will leave on the 31st towards Leo. Our emotional world moves to the rhythm of the Earth’s satellite and it is better to be aware of this to take advantage of every energy and not be overwhelmed. That’s why we bring you details to keep an eye on for each sign, relax and enjoy your emotional roller coaster.


For once Aries, take a breath before jumping to the first provocation. Think that it is time to be with those we love. Is it worth losing your patience? Focus on your love for them, and enjoy the moments. Are there things to talk about? Well, approach the issue from the calm, and propose to listen to each one, give them their space and pay attention. The innocence of your eyes means that you do not lack friends, but they also like to be taken into account. Maybe you drown in your own emotions, drink a little water, and let yourself be, but do not pay it with those who love you the most.


Relax, surround yourself in a sky blue atmosphere, and get comfortable to enjoy the Moon in Cancer. Small moments with your loved ones are also a pleasure. If it can be surrounded by nature, so much the better.

And the emotions? May they be welcome to strengthen ties, take stock of the year and motivate you for the one to come.

Probably not everything is cotton clouds on that day, nothing happens in Taurus. You already know that you have something that appears from time to time to make you more vulnerable than you would like, a little affair that, in one way or another, repeats itself. But this moon tells you to feel it, and live that emotion no matter how unpleasant it is.


An energy shot comes to you to help you go inward. Find within yourself the Gemini who does not usually come out, your true self who knows the way that suits you to achieve your goals. What are you feeling right now?

Look at everything you have achieved this year, the final test is coming but you are going to overcome it by far, you have grown a lot internally. Trust yourself and lean on the people who love you. Give yourself Gemini love, peace, and allow yourself a few moments.


The Moon will fill you with power! But with great power comes great responsibility as we already know. You have the ability to harmonize your family, you know and understand each one, you have a radar to know what they feel. It helps the signs that do not get along so well with their emotions or do not finish finding their own home.

On the other hand, pay attention, because many good things are finally going to materialize. You deserve them Cancer, but first, you have to let go of other things that worry you, and unfortunately, you cannot change. The past leaves us experiences and learnings, but it cannot condition our present and be a burden. You are much brighter Cancer.


The transit of the Moon by a water sign as strong as Cancer is going to destabilize you a lot. Your fire can explode when it comes in contact with the oxygen of this emotional tide.

When you see the tsunami coming, stop for a second. Breathe and try to downplay it. Think about where you can rest and have some time for yourself. Connect with your lion or lioness who cares about others, who takes care of his pride.

Don’t be spiteful Leo, it’s not worth it. You shine more when you help and protect your loved ones, not when you seek attention by staging a scene, which hurts you, leaving you without energy for what really matters.


You have the opportunity to make your life more flexible, this is going to be good for you and it will remove some problems of tension (physical and emotional), “pains” that you drag from the rigidity of your personality.

The Moon brings you movement, experiencing the emotional world that sometimes goes unnoticed.

You will have a lot of contact with home, the warmth of the people around you. And that will also make you realize relationships that no longer make sense, or on the contrary, others that are here to stay.

Trust yourself, in what you have learned this year. Don’t let melancholy gain ground, redirect that energy into something more creative.


You tend to look for something unique in every relationship, so it’s not difficult for you to connect with people. Because in the end, we all have something special that deserves to be heard. People value very much that you are able to see how beautiful there is in them and the moon on the 30th will allow you to delve into more subtle issues. Try this time to give yourself space as well, to what you feel. The Moon can help you make some of those decisions that you can’t see clearly. The answer is already within you. Be brave and look yourself in the face, this is a new beginning.


This moon brings you the opportunity to connect with others and do it in depth. Do you know that sometimes you scare a little? You will have already noticed. Scorpio is synonymous with passion and mystery. And not all signs are comfortable with this. But you know that you have a lot to offer, that your cold and hard case hides a huge heart. Love can take you to your brighter side and with the full moon helping you, you can enter 2021 completely renewed. You are water, as this moon, you are better at thinking little and feeling a lot.

Your family, your friends, will appreciate that gesture of affection that comes from the depths. They have a lot to give you, and you have a lot to give them.


There is a perfect time to be with the family and you, Sagittarius, have the ability to always destroy up with your comments. We know that you do it without realizing it, and without malicious intent. But with this moon, you have the opportunity to reflect for a few seconds before saying something. Connect with the person in front of you, the moon will help you with that. Let yourself feel Sagi, you will see how pleasant it is, another world to discover.

Take care of the present. From your house, from your people, from your finances. And leave once and for all the past that does not let you fly forward like the arrow you throw, that does not let you express yourself as you are. Close your eyes and feel.


Don’t go to the dark side, don’t drop Capri. The situation may scare or overwhelm you, but your discipline and knowing how to be will keep you afloat. You tend to be a bit pessimistic, or realistic as you say, and that is often what makes you

be on earth. But remember that sometimes things need to break to start over. And the radical changes are positive.

The emotions of this moon float in the environment. Take the opportunity to rethink whether you are in an environment where you are really happy.

Trust yourself. Love yourself and take care of yourself.


What is home to you? Do you question some time?

Aquarius you are free, you do not have to enter into the conventionality of what home and family mean for the other signs. Find out what it is for you. After this very different year, it is good that you find a place to go to feel comfortable, relax, and let yourself flow. It can be physical and mental. Harmonize with the energy of the full moon in cancer to reach your heart.

This Moon can also help you deepen a relationship. Aquarius, you have many friends, but how many are affection? Dare to be yourself with someone, and at the same time to know that person. Worry about how he is, offer him something very sincere. Just because you are free does not mean that you cannot commit. Your freedom is much bigger than that.


You will be comfortable on this Moon, Pisces. You know how to move through the waters of emotion and feelings. Take advantage of the energy to connect even more with yourself. Perhaps you will discover a new way of expressing yourself, of reaching out to others. Observe yourself and outline your way of approaching those around you. You will be happy traveling through your inner world, but Chiron affects us all and you will not be able to ignore that wound that always accompanies you. It’s painful to look at, we know, it never heals one hundred percent. Lean on your home, on your ability to see everything from spirituality.


What You Should Do On The Last Full Moon Of The Year

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