Throughout the year you can spend thousands of things that will make our personalities transform and mature. It is true that many times we feel that something has to change, but we do not find the key. Grab paper and pen and take note, then you will discover what it is that you have to change before the end of this year according to your zodiac sign.


ARIES: Aries, you are an innate seeker of objectives. You are always trying to set big goals and achieve them. That’s great, but it’s important that you lower your feet to the ground and be realistic. Nobody is telling you to lower the bar, but stop hitting yourself again and again when things don’t work out for you. It’s time to leave disappointment in 2019 and start a new year full of happiness.

Lately you have always been disappointed because they have not managed to achieve all the objectives that you have set for yourself, you think you should have done more and thanks to this thought you will never be able to appreciate all the good you have achieved, which is not little. You must change your attitude and find a balance between your ambition and your laziness, do it before the end of the year because if you do not continue dragging it for a long time …

TAURUS: Taurus, you will always be the ideal person for others, you are that person who can be trusted 100% and everyone knows it. You love helping others with all their problems, and sometimes even, unwittingly, neglect yours to solve others’ problems first.

You are still the generous and caring person you are, but to start the year well, you must change your thinking and make sure you take time for yourself. You don’t always have the solution for all problems, stop turning your head and focus on working for yourself, take care of your mental health and once you do you can help others, as you always have.

GEMINI : Gemini, you have always been a social butterfly, you have a gift from people and you have no difficulty adapting to the situations that arise in your life. You are the life of the party, but you can’t always be and that is wearing you out. This year you have been jumping from one place to another, you have not stopped interacting with people, taking risks and it is time to change your attitude.

Gemini, it’s time for you to stop a few seconds and dig deep inside. Search deep inside and find out what it is that you desire so much. You know you are missing something, but you don’t find it, the key is inside. Change your attitude and act before the end of the year because if you do not continue like this for a long season …

CANCER: Cancer, you are a very sentimental person and sometimes you can overcome all your emotions, but sometimes you don’t … You cling to broken relationships, past relationships, you cling to everything that made you happy in your moment and you don’t enjoy the present. Your sensitive nature will not allow you to turn the page so easily. It is time for you to leave everything toxic in 2019 and start the new year on the right foot.

Cancer, you don’t deserve to be stuck in the past, you have many things to live and you have to do it NOW! You must change your thinking and give all that love you have to people with are worthy of it. You deserve to leave everything behind and keep moving forward, a life full of opportunities awaits you, but don’t wait any longer and eliminate everything that makes you so bad, the countdown has already begun …

LEO: Leo, you love absorbing all the attention, you love being the center of attention and you can’t stand the idea of ​​a world that doesn’t admire your presence. You prefer to be in the center of attention because it is where you are most comfortable. Thanks to this, your ego is feeding and on many occasions that takes its toll.

It is time for you to release a little energy and leave a bit of self-centeredness in 2019. You have seen firsthand how your ego can cause you real problems. Leo, you must learn to live a little on the sidelines before the end of the year. You can shine equally without being so self-centered, you know, but you can’t find the key. You can still keep your personality powerful, modest and humble, you are just in time, but you must find your balance.

VIRGO: Virgo, you’re too perfectionist, but it’s not something you don’t know. You miss the feeling of doing things without problems or just what happens is not good enough for you and that is why you are so perfectionist with everything you do. To have a year full of good vibes you have to leave all this aside.

Virgo, nothing is perfect, including you. You always try to do all the best you can, but you must change that mentality. You need to stop pressing yourself so much and start a new life. Stop punishing yourself and being so critical of yourself. You do things better than you think, learn to value yourself before the end of the year because you deserve it. You deserve to end the year with a good taste.

LIBRA: Libra, you are always willing to please everyone. You are a happy and lucky person most of the time, but you also have your downtime, moments in which no one appears in your search. Libra, apart from making sure that everyone around you is well placed and satisfied, you must make sure you are.

It is time to leave that bad habit in 2019 and start a new year with good and new vibes. You must work hard to find the key and start looking more for yourself. Stop worrying about things you can’t solve and worry about your mental health. Take the time you need to know yourself better, but don’t fall asleep either because the countdown has already begun …

SCORPIO: Scorpio, you are a great mystery to most people and this has been played in your favor most of the time. You have very sure the idea that everyone wants to catch you and you always question the motives of each person who enters your life, without even giving them a fair chance to prove that what they feel for you is true.

Scorpio, leave the idea that everyone will hurt you and start enjoying the opportunities that life can present you. You must stumble upon something incredible to let your heart open completely and that is closer than you think, so you must start trusting others and stop being afraid. Not everyone who approaches you does it to hurt you.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius, your passion for travel is very good because it makes you open your mind to meet new cultures, but sometimes it also brings you problems. You hate to feel trapped and it is very difficult to keep you entertained with something. You miss the motivation you had for life. You know that traveling is a way to escape your problems and that is what you must change before the end of the year.

You will do incredible things throughout your life, but you will only do it if you face your problems. Sagittarius, you must concentrate on the here and now and stop thinking about what is to come, you must live the present with its pros and cons. Sagi, you have to mature a little before the countdown reaches 0 if you really want 2020 to be your year.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn, you have the ability to convince everyone, including yourself, that everything is fine. You have the reputation of being a cold person, but regardless of that, you have the ability to turn gray days into pink, especially when you’re crumbling inside. You know that, if it weren’t for this, in most of the battles you have had throughout your life, you would surely have fallen.

It is time for you to quit that habit and leave it in 2019. It is good that you be cautious and try to make your days happy. Capricorn, let yourself be helped and ask for guidance from all those people you love, do it before the end of the year because you have many pending issues, stop being so proud and share a little of your feelings with others, you will appreciate it …

AQUARIUS: Aquarius, you have an incredible ability to sustain the truth. You are an honest and true person, you always look for the good in people, especially when no one else is able to find anything good. You have to give everything to people who would betray you in the blink of an eye. It is a vicious cycle that you cannot get far enough to see a larger picture of what is actually happening.

Aquarius, it’s time to say goodbye to it’s habit and leave it in 2019. You must change this in order to continue being true to yourself and to the authentic people in your life. Start allowing your valuable judgment to begin to shine this year. It’s time to eliminate all the poison in your life …

PISCES: Pisces, you have serious difficulties to receive criticism, even when they come from a place as safe as the words of your loved ones. You take things too seriously and assume that someone is attacking you when they are simply offering you advice …

It’s time to change your attitude and have a slightly thicker skin. Leave that lack of confidence in yourself in 2019 and start a 2020 safely. You are worth much more than you think and you could get much more potential if you accept the criticism in a healthier way. Put aside the bad vibes and spread to people your desire to dream. Follow the advice of the people you love most and do what you have to do to be more wonderful than you already are.