What you regret most when looking back at 2020, according to your zodiac sign.

What you regret most when looking back at 2020, according to your zodiac sign.


You regret very much that you lost touch with someone who really meant a lot to you. You expected a lot more from this person and were bitterly disappointed, but looking back at 2020, you wish it hadn’t broken up as it did.


Looking back at 2020, you regret spending so much money on things that weren’t really of use to you. For the new year 2021, you plan to stop being so easily tempted by advertisements or offers to buy and to set aside more for the “bad days”.


Looking back at 2020, you can think of a certain person who you shouldn’t have put up with so much. This person was very disrespectful to you and in retrospect, you did not react hard enough to show this person his limits. But you are also at peace with yourself because this person is no longer part of your life.


Looking back at 2020, a time comes to mind when you weren’t feeling too good emotionally, and you regret that you didn’t open up to certain people beforehand to talk about your situation because it would have been you Spared grief and nerves. In the New Year, you make it up to yourself not to let yourself be dragged into such emotionally dramatic situations by no longer locking yourself in at home and trying to endure it alone. 


Looking back on 2020, you regret why you haven’t shown the important people around you even more how important they are to you. Because the year 2020 has shown us all that spending time together is not a matter of course and that one should appreciate the physical closeness of the other much more.


Looking back on 2020, you notice your own vices (smoking / drinking / spending a lot of time on social media/junk food) and how badly they are dragging your life down and you regret why you did so little in the past year get rid of these vices.


Looking back on 2020, a certain person comes to mind, someone you shouldn’t have “dumped” like that because if you’re honest, this person doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. You are a closed and often undecided person who can hurt other people who like you.


Looking back at 2020, you, unfortunately, have to admit to yourself that you have met someone great, but may have been too scared or closed to take the chance to get closer to someone with whom it could have been something really serious. 


Looking back on 2020 you realize that you have spent way too much time on social networks and have not done much (which is also due to the global situation) but nevertheless, you could have gone out more often and did not really do it and you regret that now at the end of 2020.


Looking back at 2020, you only notice how much and how hard you worked in the past year 2020 and how little rest you allowed yourself. And when you haven’t been to work, you have family and friends there and that is now becoming clear to you. In the new year 2021, you want to take more time for yourself and relax.


Looking back on 2020, it becomes clear to you how little you have occupied yourself with your own dreams and goals and how much time you have “wasted” with senseless time and energy wasters. You will most certainly want to change that in the New Year.


Looking back at 2020, you notice that you didn’t leave the house often in 2020 unless you went to work/school, which is now not only due to the pandemic. You are considered a dreamer and like to live in your imagination and that becomes noticeable when someone wants to get you out of the house because that rarely works. In the New Year, you will want to change that and do more outdoors.


What you regret most when looking back at 2020, according to your zodiac sign.

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