They say disappointment doesn’t end you, but it teaches you. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not. However, the pain is the same, discovering that a person betrays you, that you trusted, that you had a completely different perception, can become the worst of duels. You do not stay but to be resilient, to face and learn, it is the only way we grow. This is what you have to do to disappoint each sign. 

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The sign that honors risk, Aries takes everything very seriously, it is the one that surrenders impulsively in an affective relationship, which is why it likes commitment. If a friend, partner or anyone else is not willing to give the same, they simply do not plan to continue investing their time in something that is not worth it. Aries wants passion and excitement in their life. 


It is clear that Taurus is synonymous with perfection, he is the one who plans at all times, he likes to follow strategies because he loves stability. That is the reason why they tend to be a bit possessive in their relationships, whether you are part of their life or not, they don’t understand gray. If they see that you are inconsistent, that you alter their mental and emotional stability, they simply walk away.


Gemini is the most beautiful duality walking, they are the one who prefers things head-on and without turning them around, they don’t like appearances, decorating situations is something that really bothers them. They have a very intense side, in which theywant real bonds,people who really contribute to them in all areas of their life. Of those who inspire, applaud their victories and are there when they need a hand.


Cancer is a waste of love, he is the one who gives everything to see who he loves smile. He is the person who always makes you feel safe, he is like a kiss on the forehead after a bad day. If somethingdisappoints him, it is when he discovers that they were pretending love, he cannot bear hypocrisy and is disappointed in such matters. Cancer does not want to force you to be by their side, if you feel that way it is better that you leave.


Leo breathes attention, he is the sign that enjoys the looks, the applause, he wants recognition and, therefore, when he has a relationship, he becomes very demanding. Although he is a very strong person, hedoes not know how to deal with rejection. For Leo, the fact that you put it at the end of your schedule says it all. He is not one of those who begs, simply if he does not feel loved he leaves.


Virgo is a being so focused on his own life that it is difficult to determine what can disappoint him. He is a very demanding person, his worst critic and, sometimes, he forgets it and it is like that with others as well. They do not tolerate people who have no aspirations, who are conformists and who are not there to grow together. Virgo wants companies that contribute, if they remain it is better to say goodbye. 


Libra is the one who is in search of balance all the time. It is the person who puts aside prejudices, fears and everything that interferes to give a partial opinion. Libra is justice, equality and empathy . What disappoints him is having to discover that someone he adores only intends to criticize, one of those negative people who all do is make your day bitter.


Scorpio is intelligence from the side you see it, it is the one who overcomes the fear of danger and is not afraid of the consequences. A sign that he has learned with strong ups and downs, but always with his head held high. Something that they cannot stand is people who do not practice loyalty, detest betrayal and not being able to control situations. Scorpio is unforgiving, once he decides to get you out of his life, don’t waste time trying to find reconciliation.


Sagittarius is the person who thirsts for freedom in each of his steps. The one who likes to honor his philosophical side is the one who runs away from ties, thanks to Jupiter who is always on the move. That is why they struggle to break with the routine. He is disappointed when they start blackmailing him, using the link to order him things. Sagittarius leaves when they try to put him in a cage.


Capricorn is the force that never stops, he is the one who thirsts for ambition, wants to excel, works hard to achieve what he wants. It is the force that keeps you on your feet and the closer you are to success, the better. However, he is disappointed when they try to quench his desire, his brilliance and minimize his achievements . They are realistic, they do not want to be idolized, but if there is no support they leave.


The sign that wishes with all its heart that everything around it heals, is the one who allows itself to be carried away by its humanitarian side, it does not bear injustice, racism, cruelty or any other type of abuse. Aquarius is supportive, he puts himself in your shoes and can share your pain. He is disappointed when they commit any of these acts , which he considers unforgivable no matter how much he loves the person.

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Pisces is synonymous with selflessness, it is the person who will give you a hand no matter who you are. They have the gift of sensitivity, capable of understanding anyone and if we add to that that he is very compassionate, he becomes a wonderful person. Yet he is disappointed in the cruelty, the mean way people can be. Pisces doesn’t want anyone with these ideas in their life.


What You Have To Do To Disappoint Each Sign


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