In the middle of a pandemic, it is almost impossible to find the love of your life. It’s very difficult to date when you can’t even leave your house. CO-VID has completely changed our lives and also the way we relate. We can no longer meet people like we used to. We still have the Internet and social networks, but it is not the same … Each sign faces this situation in a different way.

This is what you hate about love in times of pandemic according to your sign :


You are capable of flirting in any way, Aries. You don’t mind downloading Tinder and starting to meet people there. But it is already starting to bore you that everything is always the same. You hate that everything has to happen over the phone. You need to date in-person to see the real chemistry between the two of you. It’s okay to meet someone and have a conversation online, but it’s not for you. Aries, you need to touch with your hands, look with your eyes, smell with your nose. You need to live the whole experience and not half.


You are a bit of a traditional person, Taurus. Therefore, you do not quite find your place in the dating applications. The thing you hate most about love in times of pandemic is that you can’t naturally meet people. The exits you did before are not the same as the ones you do now. The supermarket is not a place to find love, but … who knows? You feel a bit lazy having to start a conversation with a stranger on a screen. You are more than face to face. To go to a concert and find someone with the same tastes as you. To meet up with your friends and they will introduce you to people. And with the pandemic, that cannot be …


You are having too much willpower, Gemini, not to break the restrictions and do what you want. What you hate the most about love in times of CO-VID is being forced to take things easy. You are an expert in flirting through social networks, applications, whatever. Nothing seems like an impediment to you. You are able to start talking with anyone. You are like that and it is what you get. But what you can’t stand is not being able to do everything you would like. You can’t keep up with the rhythm that you like to have in relationships and that bothers you. You want to do things to your own ball, follow your impulses, but you can’t. That’s what you hate the most.


Although like everyone else, it bothers you a bit to have to stay at home, deep down, it’s something that you don’t care about. You are quite a home person. You need to have their peace of mind and their tranquility and you only find it when you are at home. What happens, Cancer is that when it comes to relating to others, you cannot have that physical contact that you like so much. You miss that affection that was there before the pandemic. This does not only happen with your crush but also with the people you love, with your friends, with your family. What you hate the most about love in times of pandemic is not being able to give a proper hug. You are responsible and even if you want to die, you are going to comply with the rules, right, Cancer?


It’s killing you inside not being able to have the freedom to make all the plans you like. You are a person who is always from here to there and who likes to do things surrounded by people you love. In a relationship, Leo, something super important for you is being able to make plans together, being able to escape the routine, get away from everything and have much more time to get to know each other. You hate with all your might not being able to make travel or getaway plans with your partner. You can’t even dream or imagine what the next crazy thing you will do together will be. The truth hurts a lot, Leo, because you don’t know when you’ll be able to resume that rhythm of life again. For you love is an escape route and that has been broken a bit …


Your life right now is pure monotony. You are a lover of routine, but this is already reaching unwanted limits. What you hate the most about love in times of pandemic, Virgo, is that since nothing happens in your life, you cannot have interesting conversations with your partner or with the person you like. Everything is so dull right now that you can’t offer much more to others either. And, on the contrary, others cannot offer it to you either. Many times, it frustrates you to feel that you have nothing to say, but then you remember that we are all the same. Look, Virgo, this is the perfect time to talk about other things that you would never imagine. Every cloud has a silver lining.


It hurts a lot not being able to meet new people. You don’t mind starting a conversation with someone via Instagram, but you are in a moment where you need something face to face, something that you know is being real. What you hate, Libra is feeling frustrated and thinking that the pandemic has robbed you of a lot of opportunities. That perhaps, if it had not been for all this, you would have already found love or you would have already been able to take a big step in your relationship. You keep thinking about everything that could have been and was not Libra. Your mind turns a thousand times and that is the problem. You spend too much time locked up and think more than you should. What you hate about love right now is that you can’t be yourself, you can’t feel romantic and go out and take over the world.


Before the pandemic, you were in your sauce and felt that you could enjoy your love life as much as you wanted. If you have a partner, what you hate the most about love is not having as much affection as before to be able to do whatever you want. Now everything is different, it is not like before and that frustrates you. But if you don’t have a partner, you will feel much more frustrated, Scorpio. Everything has changed so much. You can’t do what you want with your love life. You have to be much more careful. You have even become much more selective. You hate not having the same opportunities you had before to meet people or just get affection. You need this to end soon, Scorpio …


You are trying to be on the right track. Although you are very given to breaking the rules, this time you want to be responsible and not commit crazy things that put your health and the health of yours at risk. What you hate the most about love in CO-VID times, Sagi is not having the freedom you used to have to do whatever you wanted. Now you feel much more tied, especially if you have a partner. There are times when you feel like you can’t be yourself and it bothers you, Sagittarius. Thanks to the pandemic, you are giving yourself or have realized many things. Time to look at the positives. As much as you hate it, you actually have some great learnings this year.


You hate the pandemic because the feeling of loneliness is greater than you could imagine, Capri. As a general rule, you are a person who likes to spend time alone and be with yourself. It’s not that you hate interacting with others, but that you also like to enjoy your solitude. But this year, you’ve had too much time to be alone and you’re already getting tired. That’s what you hate the most about love in times of a global pandemic, Capri, not being able to do anything to combat that feeling of constant loneliness. It is becoming increasingly difficult for you to pretend that you are fine alone and that you do not want a relationship. As the days go by, you are more convinced that a little company would not hurt.


For you, it is very important to have contact beyond a simple screen, Aquarius. You can be very shy, but you would rather have a face-to-face relationship than over the phone. What you hate the most about love right now is not being able to kiss, not being able to physically see that person, not being able to talk face to face to analyze if it is really worth it or not. Experience tells you that everyone changes and it is not the same as what is shown on WhatsApp or on social networks. Your illusions and your expectations always play tricks on you and you don’t want that to happen again. And now with the restrictions, you feel like people can cheat on you as they please and you’re not liking anything.


You are a person who analyzes a lot how others behave when they are with you. And that cannot be done through a screen, Pisces. You are guided by your intuition, but she cannot do her job well without physical cues. What you hate most about love in times of a pandemic is not being able to really know if the person you like has feelings for them, if they really care about you. It’s so easy to pretend when you’re not in front of that person Pisces and that’s what you hate. You cannot trust the same as before and that is affecting your relationships a lot. Whether you have a partner or if you just like someone, you cannot trust that person if you do not spend almost time with them physically …

What You Hate About Love In Times Of Pandemic According To Your Sign

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