What You Can’t Stand In A Relationship According To Your Sign

Having a relationship should not be to look down or shut up what hurts us. Love is not what they tell us in the movies, falling into unconditionality can lead us to live in a circle so toxic that it takes years to let go. You have to be careful with idealization, it is not good to believe in a dependent affection just so that your partner does not get angry. There are very clear differences between tolerance and abuse. Of course, the signs know this very well. This is what you can’t stand in a relationship based on your sign:


You are the type of couple that has unstoppable energy, you like to feel the adrenaline rush on the soles of your feet and not stop when you want something. Hence, it is practically impossible for you to stay next to someone who does not have light. You cannot share your days with a person who seeks to calm you down, who does not let you love, travel, explore everything around you. You cannot stand someone so cold and manipulated r, at the first sign you leave. It is hard to realize that there are couples who say they love you and at the same time it bothers them to see you so happy. There is no Aries, run away before you finish crying in a corner.


You are a forward-thinking person, you do not always have things under your control, but you try twice as hard when they are not turning out the way you want. The truth is that it is difficult for you to leave something in half, you are very responsible and you work a lot for your dreams. Without a doubt, the person you can’t tolerate is the one who makes you feel guilty all the time. It’s hard enough dealing with your insecurities, for someone else to come and unload theirs on you. You are not willing to endure being tiptoed and then kissed on the forehead. You have learned that your love is valuable and that you do not deserve to waste your time with someone who does not have a fixed course and just wants to sink you into their mediocrity.


Gemini, you are the type of partner who does not save anything, for what? As long as you can say what you feel, be it good or bad, it is a relief. Of course, you are not perfect and you know it, your character is very changeable and you do not like to stay in a place where monotony rules. What you absolutely do not tolerate is being next to someone to whom you have to beg for words. It is very exasperating that you cannot share with your partner because he seems not to be interested. Worse still, when you are an open book and he seems like the perfect stranger you share a moment with. You do not want to live that boredom, you want a lover, but also an accomplice. If you don’t have it, you better go.


There are loves that have the gift of entering so deeply into your heart and mind, that when you least realize it they are already manipulating you in a very cruel way. It is very painful to discover that the person in whom you placed all your trust does not value you one bit and his goal is only to minimize each of your emotions. You do not plan to see an abuser every day, if he makes you feel so little you know that you do not have to be by his side. The last thing you want to do is deal with negative comments and hear that everything he does is for your good. No Cancer, love is not suffering, please do not get used to tears.


When you have a relationship you know no limits, you give yourself one hundred percent body and soul. For this reason, you are very demanding when it comes to loving, you do not think to invest every last drop of your essence, is someone who gives you half love. What you can’t stand is being with a partner who is only willing to see you at times, you are their last option and they look for you when boredom knocks on their door. You don’t like knowing that your partner isn’t trying one bit to make you happy. What you are looking for is to feel loved, respected, and listened to. You are not here to settle and pretend nothing is wrong. That lack of empathy accelerates the goodbye, you will hardly stay long by his side.


Your aspirations know no barriers, you like to do everything in your power to work hard and achieve success. You are the type of couple who inspires, who always wants to learn, and is not afraid of the new. Without a doubt, Virgo, your standards are high and for the same reason, you hope to be next to someone who truly loves you. Being with a person who does not intend to be better in any area of ​​his life, really makes you feel uncomfortable because it makes you lazy, and deep down you do not consider him to be someone you trust to build a future project. You can’t stand being with a partner that you have to be pulling on everything. It is not your responsibility to find the motivation, so bye-bye.


For you, the world is synonymous with opportunities, meeting people, venturing into the unknown, and not giving up when a dream comes to your head. You have that spirit that always wants to know more, the one that questions and dares. Your kind side also helps you, because you like to put yourself in the shoes of others and when you can help you move anything to make it so. That is the reason why you cannot bear to be with a partner who puts superficiality first, your heart is humanitarian, and being with someone who does not understand that part of you will only hinder your walk. You don’t want someone to judge you or downplay your initiatives. For that, you better stay with your singleness.


When it comes to love you are quite selective, that person may have the profile of perfection, but you do not think to let yourself go to the first one, you like to investigate and go further. You are not willing to share your entire life with someone who does not know the meaning of loyalty. What you can’t stand is being with a partner who lies all the time. It is very frustrating to find that you are not genuine to others and that leaves you feeling confused all the time. Nobody sees your Scorpio face, sometimes you already know the truth, but you are waiting for me to have the guts to say it. You want a clean partner, who has no secrets. Someone you can take refuge with after a bad day.


You like to break even with your own plans, there is something inside you that loves to feel the adrenaline of the unknown and you love that life surprises you at every step. That is why you cannot be with a partner who wants to have you within four walls. You can’t stand being with someone who hates traveling, having fun, and doesn’t take days lightly. You want to travel the world and you would like your partner to make you strong by the hand in each decision instead of criticizing. You want someone who will listen to you, who will not be scared of your goals, and applaud each of your dreams. The couple does not break your illusions, they support them, that simple.


You are very thorough with everything that happens in your life. Honestly, you don’t allow just anyone to come in and alter what has cost you so much to build. You like things straight ahead and wasting time in a relationship that doesn’t benefit you at all is not your thing. What you will never bear in a relationship is staying with someone who accelerates you, who wants you to do things by halves just because he has already despaired. You have your times well established and you distrust anyone who does not respect your way of being. You are open to changes, as long as it is for the well-being of both of you. However, you are not going to stay with someone who wants you to be their puppet.


Come on, for no one is it a novelty that you enjoy seeing the world from your rebellious side. You are an open-minded person who is always ready for whatever shocks life has in store for you. There is something in you that is carried away like a wave of the sea and that does not think to lower its guard easily in its beliefs. You like to be like that, not very traditional and very fanatic. That is why you are not going to bear staying with someone close, who all the time judges your walk and wants you to conform to their ideals. You are not here to follow anyone, much less a love that does not understand you. If that person isn’t ready to break out of their own shell and embrace their fears, they just have nothing to do with you.


You are noble, intelligent, but you also realize at first when someone does not share your way of seeing life. In your heart, there is a lot of goodness, charm, and happiness. You know that the person who loves you respects that, otherwise it is not love. You could not stay with someone who is not humble, who is not interested in the compassion that runs through your veins. You can’t stand cold hearts that all they want to do is break you and make you feel like you’re wrong all the time. Of course, you understand that not all people are prepared for so much affection, but that is not why you are going to continue by their side. The insensitive don’t deserve a seat in your life. It is better to say goodbye in time before the feelings get stronger.


What You Can't Stand In A Relationship According To Your Sign

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