You need to claim what is yours and no one else’s. You can’t take it anymore, you want your feelings to be respected and above all valued. You deserve to feel that security and stability that endures so much for a few moments. Aries, make an effort to clarify your feelings. The April 1 New Moon has given you the strength and courage you had lost, now you can fix whatever you don’t like in your relationships. Keep what’s good and get rid of what you don’t like anymore. Your love life will change, but it will be for the better. We can speak of a total renovation…


Think about what you can change here and now, and leave the past and the future where they are. Focus as much as possible on the opportunities at your fingertips, your love life can’t keep making those time jumps and dramatic turns and you know it. Don’t silence everything that’s going on inside you, don’t make this mistake. You have the green light to do what you have wanted to do for so long, your intuition is telling you to do it. Don’t give up at the last moment, a lot of things are done out of love and in the end, your body is crying out for a lot of pleasure and why not? Give it to him….


You will face a great challenge, a possible goodbye and a somewhat strange welcome. Don’t be surprised, Gemini, your life has always been something of a garden of extravagant and crazy creatures. Love is going to be a little chaotic in April, but what’s wrong with that? A little excitement to this boring life doesn’t hurt. You feel like you crave other things and your desires are lagging a bit. Instead of being frustrated and looking gloomy, turn to the wonderful tool called dialogue. Speak and say what you think, what you want, what you feel and what you are not going to allow in your love life…


Deep down you feel a lot, but the truth is you don’t really know how to explain it all. It’s weird, but you understand yourself perfectly. This is very good, the main thing is that you are sure of your feelings. The rest, Cancer, as we shall see, you must first establish order in your heart and then do everything else. You have realized the excess of generosity you have had this month, and you do not want the same thing to happen again in April. Try to improve this situation and do not allow your generosity to be the “object or complement” most desired by others, because that is enough. Whoever really loves you is going to have to start fighting and wiggling their ass again to regain your trust.


Think about how you want to see yourself from now on. Leave the past behind you once and for all. Stop thinking so much about what’s next, what was, what could be, or what’s to come. Stop thinking so much, Leo, act now. Here and now. This is the perfect time to declare how you feel, that fireball that is in your throat will go away when you really let yourself be carried away by this intense love that you feel. As the month goes by, you will want to love and be loved more and more and that is something very beautiful and very pure, Leo, don’t act like everything doesn’t matter to you because it doesn’t. didn’t matter to you…


The best stories are the unplanned ones, right? Well, the same thing happens with love. In April, you are going to devote a lot of effort so that your self-esteem does not remain in last place. You want to love without limits, with strength and passion, but you want to do it always remembering who you are and what you deserve. The past has given you great lessons, now is the time to act and you know it. Make sure you’re with the right company and don’t worry about not being in the right place right now. Time will put everything in its place, Virgo, the most important thing is that you know the quality of heart with which you want to reach the end of the world and nothing more.


You have to realize how important it is to know what to say no in time, of course, but you also have to learn how to say YES without being so scared. You miss great opportunities to be very happy because of fear. This fear that wakes you up at night and stops you in some of your adventures. That old, retrograde fear that comes when you feel freer. You know what fear we’re talking about, and it can’t go on like this. In April, you have to execute that ultimatum that you’ve had in mind for a few days. Be radical, think of yourself, put yourself first, and begin to exterminate any small trace of fear, past or darkness that still exists in your life…


In the field of love, he has some nice surprises in store for you. Some are very good, and some are a little contradictory, but nothing bad, don’t worry. Beware of very radical extremes, Scorpio, in April it will be all or nothing if you continue at this pace. Before you jump into deep drama, you need to think about this question: are you satisfied with what you have or do you want something different? It is very important that you ask yourself this question, it is the only way to resolve these internal doubts. Show how you feel and what you want, whether it’s to your crush or your partner, it doesn’t matter, the best thing is that you clarify your intentions and priorities.


There is a reason for this insomnia you have late at night. What kind of reason is that? It’s clear: love. He is the one who does not let you think clearly. It is the one that wakes you up at night and makes you doubt even in the moments of greatest clarity. Love is coming very strongly (again) into your life and you are going to have to do something about it. Don’t blame yourself if you don’t feel the same about someone in particular, you have to let go and check if you are with the right person or if on the contrary you lose a huge opportunity with someone different. If you are not ready to take big steps in April, nothing happens, everything will come when it needs to…


Now you really know what kind of romantic relationship you deserve. Now you have understood a lot and in April you will receive several surprises. You have to bet on new paths or dynamics so that your relationship does not get bogged down in the same old one. You have to get out of this kind of routine that you have always had, if you are sure of what you feel, don’t think about it too much. Take action now, do what you need to do now, and put into practice all the lessons you’ve learned over the past month. The time to embrace a new beginning or a positive change has come. Now is the time.


You should spend a little more time with the people who give you life. You have to be on fire with what you’ve created, Aquarius, you can’t go through everything. You had to take on a big challenge and everything went well. So why are you still missing? Why are you silent/or not sharing how you feel? For love to be real and healthy, you have to bet on sincerity and you know it. Even if you feel horrible laziness, you must speak and tell what happened to you during this past time. April is a good month, you’ll see, but first you have to be aware of the life you lead…


Let love find you. Let love surprise you and take care of you. Let others worry about you, Pisces, it’s time to get that care you crave. In April, many things will change and they will be very positive for you. You have the intuition of strange things (feelings that are very difficult to describe in words) and perhaps they are nervous, because you know that very big changes are going to happen in your life. Be sure to say YES to the best opportunities, don’t get carried away by other people’s opinions. Your love life is going to be a big protagonist, let your soul find that hope in true love


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