Are you rather white wine, red, rosé or sparkling? Do you prefer light and delicate wines or more full-bodied and tasty? Do you crave for fruity, sweet or spicy aromas? Discover immediately what type of wine is made for you according to your astrological sign … We are waiting for you to drink!

1. Aries: red wine of character

For this astrological sign of character, he needs wine in his image: robust and powerful! He will find his happiness with a spicy wine like the Spanish wine Ribera del Duero. With notes of liquorice, black fruits and a hint of vanilla, it will only succumb to its aromas …

2. Taurus: a powerful red wine

It is well known, Taurus is the Epicurean of the Zodiac. And inevitably, wine tasting is one of the favourite moments of sharing! For this sign, it takes a powerful wine to the nose and mouth to satisfy all its senses. And to do this, what better than a good Bordeaux?

3. Gemini: a bold white wine

Gemini likes light but generous wines. Because it is full and fleshy, pinot gris will seduce him for his balance. The good news? He who loves sweets and savoury food will be delighted to learn that it is an ideal wine to accompany this type of dish!

4. Cancer: a light white wine

Wine yes but especially not tannic! Indeed, Cancer prefers light and refreshing wines. The Riesling of Alsace will be, for him, a safe bet. With its floral and delicate notes, this white wine can quickly become its best ally!

5. Leo: champagne and nothing else!

No way to drink anything for this astrological sign! Indeed Leo swears by the bubbles. You understand, champagne is his favourite beverage and all occasions are good to get a good bottle …

6. Virgo: a fruity white wine

As for the rest, the Virgin has her little habits regarding the choice of wine. And since she does not like to change, she always opts for a classic that she never tires. Be that as it may, she prefers white wine to red and is attracted by wines with floral and citrus aromas like Tariquet.

7. Libra: a sparkling white wine

Sociable and bubbly, Libra will be charmed by the conviviality of the sparkling Italian wine: the Prosecco. Her fine bubbles bring her the festive side she loves so much. And because she is a fan of cocktails, she can even use it to make a Spritz!

8. Scorpion: a complex red wine

It’s no secret that Scorpio can not do it halfway. With wine, it’s the same! To satisfy this excessive sign, you need a wine that is both complex and full-bodied. It will be charmed by the wines of Côtes du Rhône whose aromas can vary between a truffle, cocoa, violet, liquorice, red fruits …

9. Sagittarius: a wine from the end of the world!

Even if he is tempted to taste everything (like rice wine in Asia for example) during his adventures on the other side of the world, Sagittarius has a preference for wine. These are Australian Shiraz. With its exotic flavours, it is a real taste trip that offers this type of wine!

10. Capricorn: a prestigious red wine

Conventional like no other astrological sign, Capricorn loves great classics. And he does not hesitate to put the price when he wants to have fun! Because for him, nothing beats a good meal accompanied by a great Bordeaux wine like a Saint-Émilion …

11. Aquarius: a fruity rosé

For this extravert and revelling sign, a rosé wine like Côte de Provence will do the trick! In any case, Aquarius is the type to choose its wine from small local producers. Those who are not known and in which we can discover real small treasures …

12. Pisces: a fluffy white wine

For this most nostalgic sign, you need a sweet and mellow white wine. And if the wine is sweet (and therefore sweeter) like a Sauterne, it’s even better! It must be said, its sweetness binds it to childhood and is ideal to begin to form its palate to other wines …



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