Next Monday the 14th, the last eclipse of 2020 will take place. It has been a very strong year on an astrological level and little by little we are coming out of it. This month of December is loaded with important movements. We not only have this solar eclipse, but also the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Planets that soon after will both enter Aquarius. All of this marks not only the end of 2020 but also the beginning of 2021, so this month will be crucial in many ways.

This is what the last eclipse of the year will bring to your life according to your zodiac sign:

This time it is a solar eclipse that happens in the sign Sagittarius. Solar eclipses happen on New Moon. It happens when the Sun and the Moon align with the Earth. This will not be visible in Spain, but it will in many Latin American countries. New Moon solar eclipses bring many changes to our life, they mark a great start to something new. During the next few days, there are vibes in the environment that invite us to start new projects, to change our routine, to look for what we lack in our lives.

This eclipse will be something very powerful, it is very serious. We are going to let go of our old self, to change completely and be reborn as completely different people. After 2020 that we have lived, this eclipse is going to make us rethink many things.

For world astrology, this eclipse together with the conjunction will influence a lot. The vibes change completely. We began to see hope where there was nothing. There will be many advances in matters that we already considered lost. It is time to trust what is to come.


Despite being a very intense moment, Aries, it may all be a bit confusing for you. The best thing you can do is relax, let yourself go, and not make decisions that can affect you in the long term. Eclipses have a very dangerous double edge… Taking the right path now is a great challenge. If you are not prepared to be wrong, better keep your mouth closed and your hands still. It is the perfect time to reflect, Aries, to look within and see what has gone wrong on your part in 2020. The eclipse brings a personal journey to what is most within you. It sounds mystical but it is. There are times when you all get away from all stimuli and focus on yourself.


What you need to do now is set realistic goals for yourself. It is the perfect time to set new plans and new goals. Look only for your future and no one else’s. Do not follow any one’s advice, much less now. You may have to make an extra effort these days so that the tensions in your home do not increase. Put your pride and stubbornness aside if you don’t want this to end badly. The energy of this eclipse may be a little different than what you are used to, Taurus, and you will feel somewhat confused. Therefore, avoid making decisions related to an investment. This is not the time to spend your money on something that you do not know if will give you rewards in the future …


This solar eclipse in Sagittarius has a lot of power over you, Gemini, especially in your relationships. There may be some tensions with your partner. Tensions that, if not addressed at the moment, will be a big problem in the future. Don’t divert your attention to topics that are not that important. You have to focus on your relationships. It is a crucial moment for them. This eclipse is going to get you started. Time to get back in shape, Gemini, to get your back off the couch and get back to that routine. Don’t make Christmas an excuse. The more you ignore it and the longer you take to deal with it, the more problems it can bring you in the future.


Due to the eclipse, your routine may be interrupted by something you have been waiting for for a long time. Don’t be afraid to face that just because you have to put your routine aside. Don’t be like that, Cancer. This eclipse brings a breath of fresh air into your life, above all, professional. You have to start trusting yourself and your skills a little more. Remember to always keep your feet on the earth. It is time to commit to starting a new routine, to reorganize your schedule. Now you have totally different goals and it is important that you find time for everything. This eclipse brings very good opportunities for you, Cancer, if you are looking for a new job or if you feel that the world has not valued you well enough lately.


The strong energy of this eclipse can spark some sparks in your relationships. It is important that you re-establish limits. You have to remember which ones are yours and you also have to respect your partner’s limits. It is the perfect time to work on respect between the two of you. On the other hand, if you do not have partners, this eclipse inspires you to release something that you have been saving for a long time. It may be an explanation that you owe to someone or simply an idea that has been hanging around your mind for weeks. Get to work on it before it’s too late before 2020 is over. Remember, Leo, these days it is better not to make decisions that could affect your bank account.


This eclipse will help you more than anything to start to heal healthy wounds from your past. The only thing, Virgo, is that you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and face unfamiliar situations. It is a time to look within, to see everything that has failed, to see all the wounds and start to heal them. Leave your rebellious side and stand up to see what it takes for you to heal as well as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to let someone help you out. This eclipse awakens your sensitive and sentimental side. Thanks to this, you will get closer to a person who in your past and in your childhood was very important to you. This eclipse brings forgiveness from someone who is very important to you.


If you feel the need to start something from scratch, you’d better wait a couple of days. The energy of the eclipse is too intense and you may get too excited about something and not know how to act in the right way. It’s okay, Libra, you just have to be patient. It is important to keep your feet on the ground, clarify your ideas, and then act. This eclipse brings into your life a strong connection with a person who is very important to you. Your words have more potential than you can imagine. Although it is not a good time to make decisions, it is a good time to work on your relationships. In fact, these days you are going to receive news from someone who you thought had already forgotten you. Someone who will make you very excited.


These days, Scorpios, before signing something or making an important decision, pay a lot of attention to that fine print that almost no one sees. Don’t let anyone take the least advantage of you. If you have to distrust, distrust. Your bank account can be seriously affected if you don’t act carefully these days. Control your expenses and income to the maximum. It is the perfect time to see where you have failed and change your habits. This eclipse asks you to be very attentive about your expenses. It is going to open your eyes a lot, Scorpio, and to teach you a very important lesson … You know that the richest is not the one who has the most, but the one who wishes the least.


This solar eclipse takes place in your sign, Sagittarius, that is why you will notice its effects more than anyone. Your body is asking you for a change. You are in a kind of existential crisis and you need to invest more minutes of your time in yourself. You may be in the crosshairs of many people these days. You will feel judged by people who do not know everything that is behind your actions. You have to fight so that it doesn’t affect you too much. The best thing you can do these days is turn off your phone and disconnect all your social networks. Focus on yourself, clarify your ideas, and specify what you want to do now.


Thanks to this eclipse, you will remember that it is important to stop and also have time to rest properly. You can’t be as productive as you’d like if you sleep 8 hours a day. Take advantage of these days to rest as necessary. You don’t have to make excuses, just completely disconnect from your responsibilities and force yourself to do nothing. Don’t feel guilty. If you do not know how to stop when necessary, you will begin to notice how it begins to take its toll on your health. Attention, Capricorn, with the eclipse tries to avoid unnecessary expenses. It can affect your mental stability at a time as critical as this.


These days, you will feel quite insecure. It’s okay, Aquarius, it’s normal. This eclipse asks you to learn more than ever about your folks. You need a little more love and attention and they are the only ones who can give it to you. It is the perfect time to remind yourself that there are many more people who support you than you think. You are not alone, Aquarius, ignore your darkest thoughts. This eclipse will help you a lot to reconnect with people who you thought no longer mattered to you. If there are relationships that have been neglected during 2020, now is the time to rekindle them.


Stop trying to rule everything that happens around you, Pisces. This eclipse asks you to leave the doors open to all the opportunities that arise around you. In the coming days, one door will close forever, but another will open to welcome you to something new. Don’t be afraid to face the unknown. If you want changes in your life, you will have to leave your fears behind. There will be very heavy changes in your work. Changes that will throw you off balance at times, but at the end of the day, it is what you need, Pisces. Don’t let your biggest fears keep you from achieving your goals, much less now.


What Will The Last Eclipse Of The Year Bring To Your Life


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