What will fate hold for you in 2020? Your zodiac tells you.


There will be a stir in 2020 for you. Your feelings and perseverance will be put to the test. Friendships and your love relationship will fluctuate, and the people you care about in your life will burden you from time to time.

Your connection is facing a tough test. But if you master them, then things will get better, because already in the summer of 2020, better times will be right for you.


The year 2020 will be exhausting for you. There are many things ahead of you and your days will hardly have a spare minute left. At first you will have your difficulties, but soon find your way around. An intense flow will take you and drag you along and you’ll feel like rushing through your everyday life on a fast-paced wave.

Be careful not to spend too much. Do not put yourself under pressure just because the whole world seems to be doing it! Watch out and take the time you need.


You can expect a lot of good in the year 2020. Your change and your successes will blow you away! Be curious about what is wonderful in front of you and enjoy this great time. But beware: Do not be cocky and do not think too much about it.

You know how fast everything can change if you do not appreciate what you have. So enjoy your luck and share it with others. Make the most of it, because by the end of the year everything will settle down again.


The year 2020 will challenge you. Be curious, because this year will show you its ups and downs. First of all, everything in your life seems to go awry and you will be close to despair. Hold on, your suffering will come to an end!

For at a certain point this year, everything will change and turn to the good. Then the big luck is waiting for you and you will be very happy about how it came after all.


Do not be afraid of the new year! I know that you want everything to stay the same. This security gives you a grip. But do not cling to her too much this year because it will do you good for things to change.

Not everything is going wonderfully so far in your life and you are missing something to your happiness. It will be different now: 2020 is your year of love and you will find your great happiness. Look forward to it, it will be amazing!


It’s going to be an exciting year for you in 2020, and you too are in for a treat. Be prepared for some challenges that you will have to master first. Your relationships are being put through their paces and you will have to part with some. But ultimately, everything will happen for your own good, and you will see that in retrospect.

You also have a job to do professionally: It will not always be easy to handle your supervisor. Remember you at this time and what’s important to you, then you can do it too.


You will be required to do a lot this year. Stay strong and endure this hard time. In the beginning everything will seem very stressful and one task will chase the next one.

However, if you have fought your way through and do not lose faith in the good, you will survive it unscathed and emerge stronger from it. Your change will be positive if you do not lose your good mood.


2020 will be your year! Now the chance has come to show what is in you. You carry a deep and big potential in you and that would like to get out and show for a long time. Now the time has come. You will be able to live your destiny and pursue your passion.

This will give you a boost and push you. Do not lose sight of your goal in this time, but stay tuned. Then great things await you!


It will be a special year 2020 for you, because you will meet a person who will strongly influence you. It may be that you do not realize it at the moment of the meeting, but in retrospect you will feel your change clearly.

Generally, this year is a year of relationships for you. Use your energy to make them grow and invest in your friendships. Also in terms of love something will happen.


This year you should be very careful to use your mind to make important decisions. You will notice that spontaneous ideas or impulses can get you into trouble and refrain from doing things out of gut feeling. That will be good for you, because that way you prevent worse.

If you take a sensible course of action, then it will look good for you in the second half of the year. Stick to this purpose and the year will end pleasantly.


Your ability to be mutable will bring you luck this year. Because you are going to break new ground and that requires not only all your courage, but also your willingness to adapt to new circumstances.

You will master this task excellently and so your change for this year will be a good one, from which you can draw out a lot. You will get on with yourself and complete the year with great satisfaction.


It is up to you to spend the year in peace and quiet. But you have to focus on yourself and find your inner center. Try to incorporate relaxation exercises into your everyday life and learn to meditate.

Then you will find yourself and that will ground you. If you rest in you, then this year nothing can hurt you. Big and small storms in your life will pass you by and you will go out of them greatly if your base is right.

2020 will bring an exciting time for all of us, with plenty of change. Look forward to all the good that awaits you and do not shrink from the challenges that will get in your way. Do not worry, in the end the year will be a success for you and you will look back on it and be happy about how it all came about.

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