I’ve always said that I would never let anyone abuse me in a relationship – I’ve always said that I would never tolerate it.

I adhered to my own standards of respect, which I deserved. The only thing I did not know was how quickly bad things can happen without realizing it.

What I did not realize is that abuse is not just limited to the physical.

Now I know that it is not normal to be lied to constantly, to constantly live on eggshells, to be constantly afraid to say or do something wrong.

Living in a state of anxiety just because the partner is a psycho.

I was constantly told that everything is my fault. I was treated badly because he felt bad.

I lived in a state where I did not know what would happen when I woke up the next morning. Will you still love me? Which negative side of you will I meet today?

You gave me your love in a moment and took it away in the next breath.

You knew that I most wanted your love, and that’s why you used it to your advantage. It was like a sick game for you, and you had the greatest fun hanging your love on a string so I could catch it.

Now that everything is said and done, I want to thank you. Seriously, thank you, with all my heart.

Some people think that it is strange. Why would you want to thank the person who caused you some of the worst pain in your life?

Because without this terrible, venomous, extremely one-sided relationship, I would never have found my strength. I would never have found my voice. And I never realized it was abuse.

It took me a long time to see it, but you finally opened my eyes, and for that I thank you.

What we had was not normal, it was not healthy, and I’ll never tolerate that again. Abuse, in whatever form, no matter how big or small is something nobody should tolerate.

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