What Type Of Mother Or Father Are You According To Your Sign?

What Type Of Mother Or Father Are You According To Your Sign?


You are the mother or father who always has a thousand ideas in mind, being restless is part of your nature and you worry too much. However, you are very funny, you breathe creativity and a lot of energy, which makes the little ones want to always be with you. You have a very competitive side which leads you to support them in everything, you want them to fight for their dreams and you are the first to tell them that you believe in them and that you feel very proud. Clearly, your character is one of the weapons to pick up, there are times when they don’t need to do much for you to explore. However, the best they can do is give you your space, because you let go, you are not the one who holds a grudge. Ultimately, your love is unconditional.


You are the mom or dad who always wins the trust. Maybe you are not one of those who drape yourself, your hugs are counted, but in them, there is no lie, you love belly and you would be capable of anything to see your children happy. A very smart sign, which is why they are always running to listen to your advice. In addition, family problems do not take them into the game, on the contrary, for you, it is sacred to be by their side. No doubt you are the one showing off your kids, you love to talk about their accomplishments and their hard work on their projects. You like to break away from the routine and go on a memorable walk in which they put all the love and energy of the family to the test. You like that sort of thing.


Although at first glance, many may think that your role as a father or mother is relaxed. The reality is, you have a strict side that doesn’t play games. When it comes to setting an example, you are the first to make it clear that responsibilities matter and that lies are not welcome in your home. As long as they’re clear about it, you can be the sweetest of all, mean, funny, affectionate, impulsive. There are times when you also forget the rules and do a lot of crazy things that leave pretty marks on your kids. You like to do unforeseen events that make children’s hearts beat faster. Fortunately, you are a very understanding person, your mind is not closed and it helps your children’s walk and everything they discover every day.


You can’t help it, you are the father or the mother, who wants to know everything about their children, not to harass or dominate them, it’s just that you have the gift of protection. You don’t miss a single detail, it’s like you have a sixth sense alerting you when they are sad, angry, cold, or hot. You’re the one who isn’t afraid to make a fool of yourself just to see a smile on your face. You like to put yourself in their shoes and give them all the love you can. Your kids never need a hug or a caress. Even less a bedtime story. However, there are times when you overdo it a bit and become their shadow, it is important that you give them a little freedom, you will see that they can do it on their own. You gave them the best lessons,


Leo as a mom or dad is really a danger to other parents because it seems like he doesn’t have a single flaw and doesn’t even point out that everything is going well, he just likes his essence to do its best. thing. They are very intelligent, loving, and impulsive parents. It becomes a great pillar for children, as they earn their admiration and teach them that there are no impossibilities, they can achieve whatever they are about to do. The bad thing is that there are times when you have to drop your energy two lines because that can be too much pressure on them. Remember, they don’t always have to do a thousand things, it’s worth doing nothing every now and then. You are a creative person and you always listen to your heart, no doubt your children inherit it.


An exemplary father and mother. You are really not a sign that takes her to walk in this world of play, let alone when it comes to educating children. The first thing you communicate is your values, you know that without them it’s not a good idea to go through life. For you, honesty, love, and perseverance are key to everything. You support your little ones, but you won’t let them forget who the authority figure is at home. The rules are golden and you must follow them. What you want is for them to grow up to be independent, courageous, and very respectable beings. You know that learning is a daily process and for the same reason, you enjoy teaching them about life itself, about other cultures, traditions, and little-known corners.


You are the mom or the dad, who always finds a balance in everything. Libra, in your house envy, is not well received, and if you have to put up with another to shine you instill it. You are no less fond of conflicts and between siblings. What you consider valuable goes beyond having good grades in school, you want to raise caring, caring, and empathetic human beings. You like to teach them about the diversity in the world and how much they should respect their neighbor. Without a doubt, you are great to listen to them, although you can be strict, you have a knack for putting yourself in their shoes and understanding them. Also, you don’t agree with using aggression to correct,


Wow, they’re experts at cover-ups when it comes to showing off their sweet side. A Scorpio as a mother or father usually faces the world in a very steadfast way, without getting into nonsense, you look at him and think it’s really scary to be his son. However, at home they are the most tender, they find the balance between discipline and pleasure. They like to be respected but are not afraid of them. Only the children of a Scorpio know that they can become the finest company because their strength is so incredible that they make you want to do whatever comes to your mind. There may be times when they are somewhat in control, they don’t want their offspring to end up in the wrong arms, and they can be tough, but trust that they are doing it for your good.


Crazy parents, this is how they treat parenthood. It is truly a privilege to see how they guide you every step of the way. They love adventures, break the rules, and escape all the chaos of reality. They are free souls and they are convinced that this is the best way to raise, respecting the essence of their children and encouraging them to do what they want in life. Sagittarius as a mom or dad is all about you never being bored, they are great and their jokes are a relief to the soul. They have a unique bond with nature and animals, all of this is passed on to their children and makes them value every moment of life. When they get angry, they are very temperamental, they don’t keep anything, but they don’t last long in this state.


As a mom or dad, you can see the discipline for miles. You really don’t like living in a messy space, you want us to breathe rules and it has nothing to do with your sense of humor, there are times for everything but when you gotta hold on, you are very firm, you want your children to be yours and for good manners to be noticed. Without a doubt, you believe that there is no need to hurt anyone, the best way to instill values ​​is love and motivation. You fight every day to give them the best, you don’t care what you have to do, but you will do what you can to provide them with the tools to make their dreams come true. Your advice is sound and essential in everything your children do.


An Aquarius like father or mother means calm for the little ones, someone who is able to put himself in their shoes and who does not torment them with absurd rules. Aquarius, knows that there is time for everything and the least they want is to have perfect children, but they are happy. He likes his little ones to be themselves, charming, independent, that they like sport, the arts, whatever comes to their mind. You really like telling them curious facts that arouse their desire to explore and that they understand that they don’t have to be satisfied with what they are taught at school. With you, the children are happy, fearless and they don’t care if they fall, because the important thing is that they get up. Over the years you create a unique bond with your children, you become an old friend, the best,


As a father or mother you are a refuge for your children, you really like to give your time to them, my dear and you have this urge to protect their footsteps. Your dreamy and noble side motivates them to be better people, you teach them that judging goes nowhere and feelings matter. Sometimes you can be a little cold because you have to work on yourself to be okay with them, but in the end, they get it. You like to motivate them to develop their imaginations, it is very rewarding to see how only they visualize a good life and trust that it is possible. You are an expert when it comes to playing games, breaking the routine, and just valuing every moment by your side. To you, there is nothing more important than your children.

What Type Of Mother Or Father Are You According To Your Sign?

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