Figuratively speaking, the bedroom is the only place you don’t want to be bored, which is why you need an unpredictable lover, someone who will never let monotony slip into your lovemaking…

Your lover should be as confident as you and have at least as much, if not more, appetite because your love preference is “often”.



You need a patient lover and there is nothing wrong with preferring love to casual love.

For you, it is above all necessary to get to know each other, it is like essential preliminaries.

Anticipation is what makes love great and the practice that follows is what makes it perfect.



You are open to what you want and when you want it.

You also like to spice things up from time to time and try something new.

This is why you need a lover who will be as open to his desires as you.

Being able to openly communicate your wants and needs without fear of being judged is half the fun for you.



When it comes to you, love cannot go without each other.

This is why a romantic and dedicated lover is all you will need and want.

You can relax and be yourself only when you are in a committed relationship, which is why your antics under the sheets get better and better as you and your partner get to know you.



Although you can separate love from emotions, you still need a lover who is more than lovely.

You are a true sapphire and if you do not feel an intellectual connection, you know that you are in a bad experience that you would prefer to pass up.

You need an intelligent lover who will know that there is nothing lovelier than a good conversation.

This is how you know if he will be able to fulfill your fantasies.



The truth is that you are practical and although candles and romantic decorations look great in movies, you feel uncomfortable when it becomes a setting for real life.

Emotionally or physically needy partners are not for you. You prefer a lover who keeps things simple and passionate.

You need fireworks in the room, not candles.



You seem so kind and innocent that no one would ever guess your naughty side behind it.

While you are usually undecided in life, when it comes to making love, you know exactly what you want.

A prerequisite for releasing your naughty side is a committed relationship.


Above all, you need a lover who will follow you.

Your love appetite can sometimes become insatiable. You aim to please, but you want us to return the favor.

She’ll be the one to teach you what privacy really means.



Adventure is your second name, and it’s no wonder you need a lover who shares it.

If there is nothing new inside and outside the bedroom, you are bored to death from boredom.

You need someone like you, someone who will always stay alert and spark your interest beyond your borders.


You need a lover who will bring you stability and at the same time be creative enough to show you how to live in the present moment.

Once you are matched with someone like him, you will be able to unlock your most hidden fantasies, try new things and communicate your desires.



You like to be responsible, that’s why you need a partner who will let you pull the strings.

You always have naughty ideas in your head, that’s why your partner will not blame you for taking control.

Alchemy and deep conversations are essential in your eyes and without them, you would not even consider having love with someone.



You are a flirt and you are good at that.

You enjoy conversations that have overtones hidden between the lines, for which you can prepare for what is to come.

You need a lover who will follow you to the most perverse of your desires and who will never cross the borders that you do not want to cross.


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