How do you usually behave after a breakup? Do you pretend everything is fine?

Are you looking to get back with your ex or you break all links with him?

Tell me your astrological sign, and I’ll tell you what kind of ex-girlfriend you are exactly.


Your ex never knew how to appreciate you and your value when you were together.

However, once they see you’re gone for good, they suddenly realize how special and unique you are.

Of course, when that happens, they start to regret losing you, but it’s too late to recover.


If you belong to this sign, you do not like giving second chances.

Once you’re done with a guy, you do not intend to go back with him.

What’s great about you is that you really know what it’s like to cut all the bridges.


Gemini is the opposite of Taurus. As far back as you can remember, you’ve always been stuck in vicious circles of breaking up and reconciling with the same guy.

You simply do not know how to go out of business, and the worst is that these reconciliations after breakup cause you more harm than the breakup itself.


When it comes to this astrological sign, he is one of those people who never easily accept a break.

Your heart is torn and you have the impression that your life will stop. However, that does not mean that you are the type to beg your ex to come back.


The last thing you will allow your ex is to see your pain. Instead, you accept your sorrow with grace, dignity and pride.

Even when you tear yourself inside, no one can see your suffering.


If you are Virgo, you are without a doubt the obsessive ex-girlfriend.

You do not necessarily call your ex all the time, but you certainly spend a lot of time harassing him.

It’s not that you want him to come back – you just have the uncontrollable need to know as much as he can about him, thinking it will give you some control over things.


You are a girl who claims to want to stay friends with her ex.

Even when they hurt you and break your heart, you claim that everything is fine and you do your best to act as an adult.

Yes, it’s a mature thing to do, but remember that you do not have to stay on good terms with someone who has hurt you.


Scorpions are the queens of revenge. You do not intend to let this guy get away with it after all he did to you.

Instead, you want revenge, but what you do not see is that this desire for revenge only hurts you and no one else.


If you belong to this sign, you usually have what it takes to leave the past in the past.

You block your ex’s number, and you delete it from all your social networks.

This guy has no place in your life and he certainly does not deserve one in your head.


After the shock and the initial mourning, you force yourself to look at things from a more optimistic point of view.

You know that you will never lose the man that should be yours, so you accept everything that has happened.

Instead of seeing your breakup as the end of the world, you begin to see it as the best thing that can happen to you, and you’re looking for ways to use it to your advantage.


Even if you do not see it at the beginning, after a while, you start to appreciate your breakup.

Your own space and your free time are in your hands, and you see it as an opportunity to work on improving yourself, knowing that there is no better revenge.


You are the kind of ex-girlfriend who is struggling to recover from a breakup.

However, what’s worse is that you literally put your life on hold, patiently waiting for your ex to come back crawling, even if you know he’s already turned the page.

Never losing hope is one thing, but having unrealistic expectations is something completely different.



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