What True Love really means

Love means being sick with worry when the partner is traveling alone by car at night. 

Love means being nervous when you look at each other in the eye and your bodies touch each other even if you are together for years.

Love means shouting at your partner when he did something stupid because for God’s sake you could not imagine a life without him.

True love means lying awake all night, turning in bed and looking for your partner’s proximity when he’s not around.

Love means remembering details and remembering the stories your partner has told you. Remember the names of your co-workers and the boss’s name, and it will be easier for your partner to follow the next time he tells you something.

Love means spending hours, days and weeks in various online shops just to find the perfect Christmas present for your sweetheart. 

Love means to stop at McDonald’s parking lot and call your sweetheart because you can not go home without bringing something with him.

Love means checking the hump on the back of your sweetheart and making a diagnosis as to whether he really needs a doctor or not.


Love means not having a say with friends because you and your sweetheart have not yet had time to watch the latest movie in the cinema. 

Love means getting up early in the morning because your darling needs to work and you still want to spend time with him.

Love means talking openly about problems and difficulties in the relationship, even if you have had a bad day and do not want to talk at all.

Love means to stop drinking alcohol because your darling is already drinking the fourth beer and you have to take responsibility for the evening. 

Love means reserving a table in your favorite restaurant and spontaneously inviting your partner for lunch.

Love means visiting the partner’s family over the holidays without complaining. Next time you visit your family.

Love means to remind each other of important things. He gets a birthday card for your mom, a bottle of wine for the girlfriend, a toy for the nephew – though you should think about these things.

Love means staying calm and choosing the right words before you speak them out. Even if you are pissed, you do not want to say anything wrong and hurt him unnecessarily. 

Love means canceling friends’ invitation to the concert because your sweetheart and you want to go together.

Love means helping your partner scrape the ice off the windshield and clean the exit with the shovel, even though it’s below zero degrees.

Love means resisting the urge to eat the last piece of his favorite chocolate because you know he has kept this little piece to himself. 

Love means to be a team. To be best friends. Be a partner in crime.

Love means that you are exactly where you should be.




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