What To Expect From The Full Moon In August Aquarius

What To Expect From The Full Moon In August Aquarius

Each of us has a unique and authentic part, that wants to find its place in the world, that wants to have a leading role and that they bet on it. The Full Moon in Aquarius comes to illuminate our most rebellious and strange side, and make us shine with our peculiarities without fear. This Moon will help us to understand each other a little better, and to realize that, in the end, we are all human beings and we are together in what we call life. Surely you are wondering what to expect from the Full Moon in Aquarius in August …

This Full Moon is also called a blue Full Moon. Not because it’s going to look blue or anything like that. It is so-called when there are two Full Moons in the same month or, as in this case, when there are four Full Moons in the same season. A third of the four is called blue. In this season (summer in the northern hemisphere, winter in the south) there is still another pending Full Moon.

We come to a closing moment after these astrological events: the previous Full Moon in Aquarius, and the New Moon in Leo. Now, with this last Full Moon in Aquarius, a cycle is closed in which the sky has asked us to review and change our relationship with the world. Aquarius brings us a very mental, objective and intelligent energy. From the Full Moon we can merge with that of Leo, which is much more passionate, born directly from the heart. This will propel us towards much-needed changes that we have needed to make for a long time, that come from within us and that we will now know how to translate in the most appropriate way.

And of course, be prepared so that you may find it difficult to sleep, you are nervous or have difficulty concentrating. Help yourself by doing sports during the day, dancing or burning a lot of energy.


For you, Aries Wanting to take care of yourself and looking for a routine that makes you happier is going to be the key, the Full Moon in Aquarius will help you with this. From now on you will notice that it will be easier for you to make the changes you need, and when you are in doubt about what to do, simply throw the question into the universe and give it a little time, without anxiety. The answer will come to you for sure, in the form of dreams or with some strange coincidence. Do not look the other way and trust your intuition and that unconscious mind, because it will guide you, especially the night of the Full Moon. In addition, with the return of the Aquarian energy, you will understand things that could seem a little strange before, you will simply have a more open mind and this can help you a lot on a day-to-day basis. So let yourself go, because changes are coming that are very good for you, Aries.


Taurus, it’s time to let your hair down a bit and let all your creativity come out. Get a bit out of the norm, out of fashion, and let your inner SELF express itself as it pleases. You have enough taste to set a trend without the need for others to impose it on you. In addition, getting creative will help you a lot to try to connect with new people and better understand those who are already in your life, especially in your family circle. The Full Moon in Aquarius will bring you new people in your life, they may not be there to be your new best friends, but they will help you see reality from other points of view, and they can drive you to materialize your desires. It is important that you are open to change, and that you are sure of how much you are worth.


The Full Moon in Gemini will bring you a very great need to search for answers in your life, and the best way to find them is by asking yourself the right questions. Once you find those questions, just let yourself go, because you will feel the answers within you. And yes, traveling would help you a lot, so it may be that the Moon brings you a little trip, or some contact with another culture or philosophy. Also, if you want to do that search for answers with your closest friends or siblings, do not hesitate. They will also greatly enrich your way of seeing things. A very powerful cycle is closing and you need a solid base to start a new one, right? Well, that base is you. So trust yourself and all the wisdom you have inside.


Another moon that comes to drive you a little crazy, Cancer, but you are used to it. You are very affected by the changes of the Moon and that now it is full gives you an energy overload that is sometimes difficult to cope with. But don’t worry, try to channel it to a place that excites you, a project, and that way it won’t get out of hand. The Full Moon in Aquarius brings you the possibility of closing some very deep cycle that you have been dragging for a long time, something mysterious that only you can fully know. The key is to trust, you already did everything you could, and it will come to light, it cannot be hidden anymore. In addition, you may have an issue related to money that is finally closed, and do not be scared if on the one hand you lose, because on the other it will come to you. You just give it time.


The Full Moon in Aquarius will help you realize who is finally going to stay by your side. This month you have been more Leo than ever, and now that you recognize who you are you are not going to put on a costume, you are going to be yourself. This will make you finish closing a cycle with some people and start a new one with others. Above all, it will make you reflect on that person with whom you spend the most time, your partner. And if you don’t have it, the Moon will probably put an option right in front of you, so that you can value if you are interested, yes, now from the perspective of knowing yourself a little better and having your ideas clearer. Remember also that the Moon is wise, and listen to her, if she says that something ends, reflect before sinking, because perhaps it is an opportunity for something much better to come to your life.


For you, Virgo, it is a time of changes, everywhere things begin to change and you can only relax and let yourself go. Because all opposition will only make you lose energy. In this situation, the Full Moon in Aquarius gives you the possibility to flow in a very original way in these changes, to bring out a unique part of you that can be victorious in any situation. It will help you with your relationships if you are able to stop seeing black or white things for a moment. Just trust your hunches and analyze the situation by really seeing what you have in front of you, which will be illuminated by the Moon so that there are no doubts. If you finally discover that something is not letting you be who you really are, you better remove it from your life.


Now is the time to put into practice everything you have learned in the last month. You know, a little better who you are and what you deserve in your life, so now it’s your turn to flirt with the world and have fun. The Full Moon in Aquarius is going to bring you some strange situation in which you feel romantic than ever. So do not be afraid and rediscover that part of you with a person that is really worth it. On the other hand, you will feel that your relationship with the world flows better, perhaps because now you understand that there is beauty in things that previously did not attract your attention because they were too rare. You understand them better, and that reaches your big heart, they open a hole there and make you be a different person.


The Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates a new look at your family environment, changes and surprises that help close a cycle and that can sometimes be a bit painful if you have not dealt with them before. Change is in the air, and now you have the necessary tools to face it, even if it costs you, Scorpio. You will feel an overload of energy and surely you will give things a lot of turns, but in the end, if you don’t do something, life will. In return you will have much more energy available to find your place in the world, a new way to go out to achieve your goals. The very mental energy of Aquarius is an opportunity to put your inner world in order, and it is as if a jug of fresh water was thrown at you. You are sure to find innovative solutions to everything that is happening to you.


The Full Moon in Aquarius will be the point and end moment to a painful situation that you are having with siblings or very close friends. This needs to happen in order to move forward, to change for the better. Although the change may not seem very big at first glance, it actually will be. And now your mentality has changed Sagi, it has been a very busy year and it is clear that you are not the same, you are starting to be your best version. Now you are open to other crazier ideas, but also more visionary, which can lead to a total change in your life. But you need to keep discovering who you are, and how you can help others without losing your essence. It is complicated, but the energy of the Moon will help you see the way.


Capri Finally with this Full Moon in Aquarius you will discover if you have been valuing what you really deserve, and if you have not, the Moon will give you the opportunity to do it once and for all. If you already know a little better who you are and what is special about you, why do you keep looking down on yourself? This can even lead to money problems. So if you have not yet convinced yourself of how much you are worth, look inside yourself, deep down, even if it scares you. Meditate, collect yourself for a few hours and enter that world that only you can enter, find your strength and reintroduce yourself with that mystery that characterizes you. If you lose a job or money, don’t beat yourself up, perhaps it is necessary to find another way to earn a living that is more in tune with your Higher Self. And when you find it,


The Full Moon in Aquarius takes you to the end of a stage, in which you have been struggling between who you are and what they want you to be. It has been very tiring and it will still be exhausting for a while longer. But you are already clear that you can shine in any situation, and that you are much more special than you thought. That is why you will experience feeling determined and determined. You have to finish making the decision whether to listen to others or yourself. And from now on, your relationships will change, because you will not be so afraid of being different. It is the moment to feel full, to shine like the moon and that your thought takes you to the top. It is your moment, Aquarius, enjoy and take advantage of the energy.


Pisces, it is a wonderful time to realize what is really happening with your life. You will need to concentrate and observe very well everything that surrounds you in the day-to-day, your habits, your way of taking care of yourself, of working … The answer will not come to you just like that. The important thing is that you ask the right questions, and then be attentive to changes or even messages in your dreams. You may discover that your purpose in life is much greater than you had thought, and that in a way, the world needs you to do your bit, not be a selfish person who only thinks of their benefit. Remember that to change that world, you first have to change yourself and your environment.


What To Expect From The Full Moon In August Aquarius

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